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"I can't believe she went home like that!"

"Really Inuyasha? Because considering how you acted I think Lady Kagome was being very mature in her decision to go home. Be happy she did, otherwise you'd be in a crater in the ground."

"No one asked you monk."

The Inugroup was resting in Kaede's hut waiting for the return of their miko friend. Shippo crawled over to Sango and curled up in her lap.

"Sango, is Kagome gonna come back soon?"

"I'm sure she'll be-"

"Keh, that stupid girl better hurry back. We still have to find the rest of the jewel shards."

"Don't call Kagome stupid!"

Shippo yelled in Kagome's defense. Inuyasha had changed in the past three years, and it wasn't for the better.

"Oh, and what are you going to do about it shrimp?"

Inuyasha hit Shippo on his head and the eight year old fox kit started to cry. Sango pulled him close to her trying to comfort him.

"Inuyasha don't hit Shippo, he's just a kid."

"Stay out of this Sango."

"Inubaka. Okaa-san's gonna make you sorry for hitting me."

Inuyasha grabbed Shippo by his tail and hung him upside down.

"That wench isn't your mother so don't call her that. And as for making me sorry, what can she do?"


A voice called from outside the hut. Everyone inside smiled at the sound of their friend's voice, but Inuyasha didn't and flattened his ears against his head. He knew that when Kagome seperated his name and made it into two words that he was going to be sat. He let go of Shippo and the fox kit fell to the floor.

'Maybe if I don't hear it it won't work.'

"Okaa-san!" Shippo yelled as he ran towards the entrance to the hut. Kagome walked in and picked Shippo up.

"Hello sweetie, how are you?"

"I'm fine, but my head hurts a little."

Kagome knelt down and Shippo crawled out of her arms. She looked him in the eyes and glared at the red bump starting to form on his head.

"Why does your head hurt baby?"

"Inuyasha hit me after I told him not to call you stu-"

"Shutup runt!"

Inuyasha yelled, interupting Shippo's explanation of earlier.

"Inuyasha! Let him finish."

Kagome snapped at him and Inuyasha fell silent. Kagome turned her attention back to her son.

"He called me what Shippo?"

"Stupid." Shippo finished in a small voice.

"I see. Sango, Miroku is this true?"

Kagome asked her friends. It's not that she didn't believe Shippo, she just wanted confirmation from her friends that Inuaysha had indeed done what Shippo said.

"He did Lady Kagome." Miroku said in a calm voice.

"Hai, he did." Sango said as she slapped Miroku's hand away from her bottom.

Kagome stood up after giving Shippo half a pill of Tylenol to help with the pain in his head from where Inuyasha hit him and glared at Inuyasha. Over the past three years of her being in the Feudal Era Kagome had grown in both physical and spiritual power. They had little over half the jewel and were still searching for the remaining shards. She had been training in her time evertime she went back, and sometimes she'd spar with Sango at night. She could hit a bullseye fifty yards away, she was a ninth degree black belt thanks to her friend Yuri convincing her to enroll in a karate class last summer. She had won the kendo nationals the year before so she was quite skilled with a sword, though she favored using twin katanas. And she had spent almost all her free time with Kaede learning how to use and control her miko powers as well as which herbs and plants could be used for healing, poisoning, and paralyzing people. Kagome had even found a way to heal others with her miko powers. Though because it took a lot out of her she only ever used her powers for that in dire circumstances.


Inuyasha's ears flattened against his head. He knew what was coming.

"Sit boy!"

There was a loud crash from where Inuyasha face planted into the ground, creating a nice Inuyasha shaped crater.

"Inuyasha, I had hoped that over the years you'd have learned to be a little bit nicer to people. I guess I was wrong."

"Wench don't you dare-"



"I'm only going to warn you once Inuyasha so listen close. If you ever hit my son again I'll S.I.T you so hard you'll find youself halfway to China before you even know what's going on. Am I understood?"

Inuyasha picked himself up out of the crater he was in and glared at Kagome. She had changed so much since the first time he'd met her. She was no longer the naive miko who couldn't defend herself. Now she was cautious around strangers, but still treated them kindly as she did everyone. And from recent battles Inuyasha knew very well she could not only defend herself, but also help protect the others.


"Good, now let's go. I sense the presence of a jewel shard towards the West." Kagome said as she picked up her black bag. Her big yellow bag was long gone. It had been melted by the acid from an Ogre demon they had fought for a jewel shard two years ago. Kagome had graduated High School, that's actually why she'd gone back to her time. Her graduation ceremony had been today. She said goodbye to her mother, brother, and grandfather telling them she wouldn't be back till Naraku was dead and the Jewel of Four Souls was gone from the world.

"The West! You want us to go onto my brother's lands? Are you crazy!" Inuyasha yelled as he and everyone else followed their friend outside.

"You don't miss anything do you Inuyasha." Kagome said sarcastically.

Inuyasha glared at her adn she rolled her eyes at him.

"Sango, may I ride with you and Kilala?"

"Of course nee-chan." Sango said as she offered to help Kagome on Kilala's back. The two woman had grown close over the years and now it wasn't strange to hear the two refer to eachother as sisters. Kagome ignored Sango's offered hand and jumped onto Kilala's back. The fire demoness took to the sky and the Inugroup took off towards the Western Lands.

"The shard is in his arm Inuyasha! The arm!"

Kagome yelled at her hanyou friend while fighting off two lesser bear demons who were trying to protect their leader. The Inugroup had just reached the Western lands by the time the sun had set and Kagome had sensed the jewel shard closeby. They went in the direction Kagome said the shard was in and came across three bear youkai. The two small ones immediately attacked them while the bigger one attacked Inuyasha. Kagome threw one of the bear youkai into the forest then quickly purified the other one.


Kagome turned to see the bear youkai she'd thrown into the forest attacking Shippo and Kilala. Kilala transformed and blocked Shippo fromt eh bear youkai's claws, but they raked across the fired demoness' side. She howled out in pain, but didn't move out of the way as the bear youkai's claws came down for a second attack.

"Kilala! Shippo!"

Kagome yelled as she ran towards them.

'I'm not going to make it. I'm not going to make it in time!'

Suddenly everything around Kagome blurred and next thing she knew she was standing between Kilala and the bear youkai. She quickly drew her twin katanas and blocked the bear youkai's claws. She pushed it back and slashed it across the stomach. It reeled back on it's hind legs and howled out in pain. Kagome took that time to kill it. She jumped and sliced through the bear demon's head. It fell to the floor dead. Kagome resheathed her swords and turned to Kilala who was laying on the forest floor, blood flowing from her side.

"Okaa-san! Kilala's hurt."

"I know baby, I know. Stand back." Kagome silently ordered. Shippo did as she asked, and Kagome knelt beside Kilala.

"Okay Kilala, I'm going to heal you but I'm going to need you to trust me."

The only response she got from the fire demoness was a pained mewl. With that Kagome gathered her miko powers in her hands and gently placed them on Kilala's side. The slashes across her side slowly stopped bleeding and started to heal. Once they had turned into small white lines Kagome cut off her powers and dropped her hands.

"There." Kagome said with a smile before blacking out.