Kagome walked through the streets of one of the many villages within the Eastern lands. Sesshomaru's cousin Sai had done a wonderful job ruling over the lands as Shippo and Rin grew up and gained experience from the world. Kagome actually wasn't too surprised when she found out the two had fallen in love. Though they had grown close through the bonds of siblingry, the bonds of the heart had found a way to bring them even closer. Sesshomaru had had a few complaints about Shippo mating his daughter, but had realized out of everyone Shippo was the best choice. He could not only protect Rin when she would be too weak to do so, but he would love her unconditionally no matter what. He didn't hold any ill will towards her because she used to be human. In the spring they would hold their mating ceremony and in the fall they would both take over the throne of the Eastern land.

It was odd for Kagome to see so many new faces in the East. Sure she hadn't really known those who had lived there before Kimi's rampage through the place, but she knew the difference.

'It's better than it being empty child.'

Her beast said as she made her way towards the border.

'I know. But I can't help but wonder what my parents would have wanted for me when I took the throne.'

Kagome thought back sadly as the reached the border between her lands and Sesshomaru's. She turned and looked over her shoulder and the expanse of land that was hers, but also her mate's as well.

"Lady Kagome, should you really be out here by yourself in your condition?"

Kagome turned at the sound of her name to see Lord Tao and Lord Stygian step out from the trees to come stand beside her.

"You know better than anyone Tao that I refuse to be locked up like some kind of prized pet."

Kagome said and both Lord Tao and Lord Stygian couldn't help but smile at her comment. The relations between the North, South, and West had never been so strong. The East was still being rebuilt, but was considered as much a part of the others lands as the West. The alliance formed between the four of them was the strongest in all of history. Sesshomaru and Kagome had helped Stygian when a riot in his lands and turned into a war that nearly destroyed half the population. And Kagome and Tao had both gotten closer from the birth of Kagome and Sesshomaru's first born. A daughter named Tia. She was the spitting image of Kagome with Sesshomaru's marks. Tao helped Kagome when she had been confused what to do at first, and since then their bond had been irreversable.

"That is true."

Tao said and Kagome smiled at him.

"Well, tell your mate we said hello when you next see him."

Stygian said and Kagome dipped her head to show she would do so before bidding her farwells to both Lords as they left.

Kagome sighed to herself as the wind picked up slightly and blew her hair about her face. So much had changed since she first entered the feudal era. She'd always thought of it as her home and when she found out it truly was she'd made the decision of not going back to the future. She'd said goodbye to her family on that side and promised to see them when their times met in the future, but not through the use of the well.

"So this is where you ran off to."

Kagome heard Sesshomaru's voice from behind her and smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her agianst him.

"I just wanted to see how things were going."

Kagome said, explaining why she'd escaped from their room in the West.

"Kagome, in your condition you shouldn't be going anywhere by yourself."

Sesshomaru said, his voice showing the concern he felt for her.

"Sesshomaru, you know as well as I that my being pregnant will have no effect on my ability to protect myself."

Kagome said as she turned her head to look up at him. He opened his mouth to argue, but she leaned up and kissed him. Silencing him before he could say anything.

"Besides, who would be foolish enough to attack the great Lord Sesshomaru's pregnant mate?"

She asked as she pulled away. She smiled as she felt his aura swell along with his pride at her words. She shook her head as she turned back to look out over the lands while resting her hand on her bulging stomach. She was pregnant with her and Sesshomaru's second child. She knew the gender, but refused to tell Sesshomaru. She knew he would be happy with whatever it was.

"We will make things right Kagome, as we are doing now. Things just take time."

Sesshomaru said, taking her sudden silence as her being saddened about the loss of her family again. She smiled at him as he laced his fingers with the hand that laid on her stomach, being mindful of his claws.

"I know Sesshomaru, and I am glad to have you with me. Right now, and in the for what is to come."

Kagome said as she leaned into his strong embrace. They would make things right again and their family would grow with the addition of a son to the Taishou name along with Rin and Shippo's children and all those to come. There was no telling what would happen in the future, but she knew that no matter what Sesshomaru would always be there for her, and that, was all she needed.

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