AN: Dang! This is the shortest thing I've ever written! It's pointless, really. But it's something that popped into my head one day, so yesterday I used it as an excuse to take a break from my sad and depressing "The Fractured Soul". This is merely a writing exercise, and it DID get rid of my writers block, so yeah. Hopefully this will at least make SOMEONE laugh. I don't own The Chipmunks, we all know this, so without further ado, here's a tiny tiny little chipmunk sized one-shot.

Alvin Seville stood in front of the mirror, combed his hair for the fifth time that morning, and admired his appearance.
"Oh yeah! Sexy Seville, the ladies can't resist ya." He winked at himself.

"You do realize that in a few years the 'ladies' will think you're way too short for them, right?" his bespectacled brother inquired from his spot on his bed, not even glancing up from his book.

Alvin's expression fell and he looked slightly puzzled for a moment before his signature smirk returned itself to his features. "They can't resist my charm." He said, his voice filled with confidence.

"Oh sure, they think its cute now, but when they want a serious relationship, I highly doubt all those girls you flirt with would give you a second thought." Simon said, now looking up from his book at his older brother.

The red-clad chipmunk just stared at him, dumbfounded.

"On the other hand, most guys don't care if their girlfriend is short.." Simon drifted off, his eyes glued to his brother, waiting for a response.

Said chipmunk didn't see the joking expression in the other's eyes, or he wouldn't have done what he did next.

His jaw dropped and his eyes grew wide. "Brittany's gonna have all the boyfriends she wants and I'll be all alone!" He fell to his knees dramatically. "Forever!" he practically shouted. Simon rolled his eyes.

Alvin shot out the door and ran to the Miller house, missing the smirk, similar to the one he had worn earlier, that painted itself on his brother's face. Simon just chuckled and returned to his book.

He does have a point. Thanks for reading! Hope the shortness didn't put anyone off, I know it would for me.