Azula: Hello peasants. I princess Azula command you all to bow to me.

Zaara: (Sigh Bends a earth cage around Azula) What did I say about being Good?

Killjoy:You said you worked with her on that ?

Toph: Damn fire crotch get that out your panties.

Zaara: Hello Everyone Sorry about that, but I have to take Azula to time out.

Toph: Yeah lets see how that works right Joy?

Killjoy:(Sigh) we will see you all at the end the chapter.


Naruto x Avatar: The last Air bender Crossover

Somewhat Evil Naruto X Ty Lee X Azula X Jun X Suki X katara X Kyoshi Warriors

Some charterers will be aged slightly.

(Take place slightly after the Fall of General Zhao)

We don't own Avatar or Naruto. Wish we did.

(one: A little OOC for Azula, but hey I figure she must have some kind of feelings for Ty Lee)




Demonic speech

Demonic Thought


(On a ship out in the middle of the Fire Nation)

A large black Warship was cruising smoothly through the Fire Nation waters as if a knife though butter. It was the middle of the day with the sun at it's peek and the warriors on the ship at their Maximum level of power. Standing on the deck were numerous Warriors in black armor that was rimmed red and Skull masks/helmet. They practiced the most deadly form of fighting in their world Fire bending.

Of course they didn't have the skills to compare to the girl over looking them. Princess Azula of the Fire Nation Royal Family. Azula at 16 stood at 5'4" with an athletic frame that had firm C-cup breasts, curves that made her a desired young woman and long powerful legs. Her amber eyes looked like they shined with Malice and evil intent that promised pain on any unwanted advances and failure, her black hair was pulled into a top knot with two long bangs framing her face. Azula wore red lipstick that went well with her eyes, a gold Fire Nation princess piece that was custom made just for her hair, wearing a long sleeve maroon shirt with black armor and gold trim sitting over it that went down to her knees as it was made of a flexible steel that only hindered her movements by 3 percent, skin tight red pants that would have given many a good view of her ass had it not been for her armor, and knee high black boots with gold trim going down the middle and around the mouth of the boot.

"Hey Azula how long before we get to our destination. I'm getting board," said a girl next to her.

Azula chuckled. "We should be there soon, but in the mean time we could always 'play' Ty Lee," said Azula

Ty Lee was one of Azula's oldest friends/ servants and most recently sex toy. Ty Lee was a cheerful girl that was only a few months younger then Azula. She stood at the same height as Azula except her form was much more lithe and flexible with her almost E-cup breasts, she had the kindest brown eyes that made one question why she was friends with the fire nation princess. Long brown hair pulled into a single braid that went to the middle of her back. She wore clothes that went well with her fighting style. A mid sleeve pink and red shirt that was tight around her breasts and showed off her tone stomach, tight pants that stopped just under her knees and 4 red flower like parts attached to her waist, and a pair of light shoes.

Azula reach over and cupped Ty Lee's ass making the cheery girl shiver in anticipation. Azula liked to make Ty Lee submit to her almost always turning her into a begging drooling mess before she passes out.

"I'd like that, but can you tell me why we're out here again?" asked Ty lee.

Azula shrugged as she stood. "Follow me," said Azula

Ty Lee did a quick flip upwards and landed on her feet like the master acrobatic she was before she followed after Azula. The walk was quick and they soon found themselves outside of Azula's room. Ty Lee stripped of her clothes and left them in a pile on the floor. Since Azula had a hall to herself it was safe to leave their clothes in the hall although Azula never did. Azula stripped off her Armor and dressed in an open robe and high heels leaving her hair down before walking into the room.

Warning Lemon

As Ty lee followed Azula grabbed her and throw her onto the bed before crawling onto Ty Lee and biting her on her neck leaving a bite mark. Ty Lee moaned as Azula's hands started to roam over her nearly flawless skin. Azula's fingers found Ty Lee's clit and gave it a squeeze. Ty Lee screamed in pleasure as she came hard. Azula sat up and spread her legs giving Ty Lee a good view of her dripping wet pussy.

"Lick my pussy slut," said Azula with a glint of lust in her eyes.

Ty Lee got on her hands and knees and did as told. Her hands snaked around and grabbed Azula's ass making her moan as Ty Lee ate her pussy like a starving Tiger-dillo.

"AH! Your getting much better Ty Lee! OH spirits RIGHT THERE!" yelled Azula as Ty Lee found Azula's sweet spot and start to lick with everything she had hoping to get her Princess off.

Azula shuddered as she came. Ty Lee being the loyal servant/ toy she was drank it all down. Ty Lee sat up and looked at Azula and shivered as Azula still had a look of lust in her eyes. Azula pointed to the table and Ty Lee assumed the position that Azula loved so much. One of her knees was on the table and she was gripping the edge. Azula pulled out a box from under her bed and pulled out a double endear. One of the things her father had drilled into her was that it was acceptable to seek pleasure be it male or female when you had power like they did. Azula herself knew that her father was a bi-sexual and actually preferred to have sex with men, while Azula had yet to sleep with any men, but had had several of her female attenders service her on more then one occasion. She had just taken Ty lee as her primary lover is all.

Azula pushed one end deep inside her pussy and moaned out in pure pleasure from the feeling she was getting. It was often a feeling of complete and utter novaria that she felt when it came to this. She positioned the other end at Ty Lee's tight little ass and shoved it as deep as it would go into Ty Lee. Ty lee fell forward and let out a scream of Pain that many on the ship heard and knew that Azula and Ty Lee would be busy for the rest of the day.

Ty Lee felt the tears falling as Azula started to fuck her Dry ass hole. Ty Lee clawed at the table knowing that it would be some time before Azula was done One time Ty Lee had made the mistake of pissing off Azula so Azula had taken her and practically raped her on the deck of the ship with many men watching and hoping for a chance with the young acrobatic. Azula put a stop to that after a young captain had stuck his little dick inside of Ty Lee's mouth while Azula was experiencing blissful relief. The man lost what made him a man and everyone quickly and from that day forward knew that once Azula considered something hers she wouldent let anyone touch it.

Ty Lee's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came from the brutal pounding of her ass with Azula letting out a scream of pleasure as she finally came. Azula pulled the double ender out and throw it to the side before she cuddled up beside Ty Lee and kissed her on her neck and groped her breasts while her other hand found it's way to Ty lee's honeypot.

"You know that you belong to me right Ty Lee?" asked Azula.

Ty Lee nodded not trusting her voice as a few tears fell from her eyes after the brutal rape of her ass.

Lemon End

Azula smiled and sat on Ty Lee's stomach and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. "That's my girl," said Azula getting up and walking over to her vanity mirror and pulling her hair into a loose ponytail.

Ty Lee sat up and covered herself with the silk sheet as she looked at her Mistress. "Where are we going Azula?" asked Ty Lee as she looked at a map of the Fire nation.

Azula looked at the map and pointed to an Island that was about half a day or more form their current position. "Uzumaki Island," said Azula.

Ty lee gasped and looked at Azula as if she was crazy. "Are you out of your mind! That island is forbidden Azula!" said Ty Lee knowing she would pay for that later.

Azula looked at Ty Lee and let the comment about her sanity slide before standing up. "Yes it is. A Tower sits on that island. The very first Avatar sealed it up almost 2000 years ago and proclaimed that it was the Royal Family's job to watch over it and make sure that what is sealed inside never gets out. My father told me as did his father and so on and so forth. Now here's were we come to the difference!" said Azula pushing Ty lee onto the ground and forcing the tip of her foot into Ty lee's cunt making her scream.

"Power. My family has always feared what was in that tower, but I know that whatever it is is powerful and it needs to be used, wants to be used and if it desires a Master then I shall be that Master," said Azula planning to punish Ty Lee.

All the crew heard for the rest of the Day were Ty lee's screams of Pain and Azula's screams of pleasure.

(Uzumaki Island Next morning)

Azula took her first step on Uzumaki Island and shivered. A Dark presence was in the air and all the soldiers could feel it. Ty Lee who was aura sensitive because of the training she underwent to be a Master of the Paralyzing Palm was almost whimpering.

The sand of the beach was like normal sand, but that's where everything ended. The trees while a normal shade of green appeared dead in a way. On the top of a far off Hill was a Tower. The tower was red and yellow at the top. It also had a strange sign that was the ancient Symbol of the Fire nation.

"I want three guards up front!" said Azula as her stable Master brought over two Mongoose Dragons.

Azula and Ty Lee mounted the Dragons as they slowly made their way though the thick Forest. As they did the dark energy in the area began to get even stronger. Half an hour into the ride Ty Lee fell off her dragon and began to throw up. Ty lee felt like her body was on fire from all the darkness around her!

"Ty Lee!" yelled Azula dismounting her dragon and Helped Ty Lee sit up slightly with her hands on her neck and waist. (1)

Ty lee looked at Azula. "Azula! It's so dark here! Whatever is in there is so dark that there is no light," said Ty Lee barely above a whisper before she passed out.

Azula glared at the tower, before rounding on two guards. "You Two take Ty Lee back to the ship and if there is so much as a bump on her body I will make your deaths SLOW AND VERY, VERY PAINFUL!" said Azula making the two guards nearly piss themselves in fear of the princess.

Azula turned and raised her fist before firing off a blast of Blue flames that made the trees burst into flames. Azula walked forward rage clear in her amber eyes.

(so minutes later)

It took the small group 20 minutes to reach the foot of the tower. Two steel doors blocked the Way, but Azula would not be deterred. Two other fire benders lined up with her and in a triple blast of fire. The blast was strong enough to melt the doors so Azula advanced inside,.

However the second her foot touched the ground inside a massive blast of wind collided with her. Azula covered her face with her arms, but felt the wind rip though her armor, tearing off the left shoulder pad.

Azula looked up as the wind died down. She was trying to figure out what it was, but her stomach was getting warm and her pussy damp. It was no secret that Azula found power intoxicating, but power turned her on greatly, especially when she had power over someone like Ty Lee who was submissive.

Azula started to slowly walk to the stop of the stairs with her guards following her. When they reached the top of the stairs they saw a barred door with four pieces of paper at each corner and one in the center. The cell was about 10 by 10 feet. Inside was a body , it looked like a young man. Her age or maybe a bit older, probably about 6'1", He had blond hair that fell almost to his knees, three whisker like marks on each cheek, tan skin with a build that made Azula unconsciously lick her lips. He wore a black shirt, a black coat with long sleeves and black clouds on it with the high collar turned down, dark blue pants, and black boots. On his chest was another of those paper tags

"What is this?" asked Azula looking around. She looked at the walls and saw an ancient languor she didn't recognize and Azula was good at reading quite a few of the old tongues.

"Looks like a prison of some sort," said the Captain.

Azula narrowed her eyes slightly. "I don't know how, but the paper is the only thing keeping him inside. Take the paper down," said Azula.

While the captain wanted to argue on the foolishness of such a bold move the others had already started to remove the paper. Once the paper the Cell door glowed blue for a minute before it faded into nothingness.

"You are you alive?" asked Azula looking at the boy.

One of the soldiers. "Hey boy The princess is talking to you!" yelled the man holding his lance at the boy.

The boys head was still down. Azula began to get slowly more agitated. She walked forward and unleashed a blast of her famous blue fire at the boy lighting him up like a hellish bond fire. After a full minute of this Azula stopped and looked with a shocked face as the boy was unharmed.

"What the hell!" asked a soldier.

Azula walked forward and placed her hand on the tag. She jumped back as she was shocked. Smoke rose off her hand. She looked back as the tag started to burn off of the boys chest. She flexed it trying to let the pain reside when a hand shot up and grabbed her by her throat. The grip tightened as she was lifted off the ground a good 2 feet.

Azula looked as the boy stood up. She gripped his arm trying to get him to let go. The bangs of his hair covered his eyes. He looked up and Azula gasped. His eyes, his eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue she had ever seen in her life, but behind them was power and strength long forgotten.

"Good Morning. Who are you?" asked The blond so casually that It could alm,ost be assumed that they were having a nice conversation.

Two of the guards charged at the boy before they burst into flames.

Azula began to sweat as the edge's of her vision began to fade to black. "Princess Azula of the Fire Nation," said Azula in a choked sort of way.

The boy dropped Azula. "Are you the one who removed that seal from my chest?" asked the boy.

"A seal? Is that what those pieces of paper were?" thought Azula as she slowly stood up.

"Yes. And let me tell you it's a real pain in the ass when you get those things slapped on you and around you," said the boy popping his joints.

"Yes I did," said Azula coughing slightly.

The boy got to one knee and grabbed Azula's hand before kissing it. Normally anyone who did this would have been burned to a crisp, but Azula felt something stir in her as her cheeks gained a light pink shade to them.

"Then you have my gratitude. I have been trapped here for many years. From this day forward I am your shield, I am your sword. I am your halliard and I am the instrument of your will," said the boy.

Azula looked at him. "If you are to by my instrument then I need a name for you," said Azula.

The boy looked at Azula and smiled. "In the days of old I was born with the name of Naruto. The Yellow Death," said The blond with a grin.


Zaara: (Gives Azula a hard smack on her bare ass) And what do we say?"

Azula: (Growls slightly, but yelps as a hand comes down hard on her rear end) SORRY!

Toph: Wow Hahaha that just too funny!

Killjoy: Hes enjoying that way too much.

Zaara: That was nice besides somebody's been needing to whoop her ass

Toph: Ahhhhh her face is as red as her ass.

Killjoy:Blinks ... are those bunnies one her panties?

Azula: (Face burns red) ENOUGH!


(1) I can see Azula as being somewhat caring to Ty Lee.