Chapter 1: The Vision Started It!

*Modern Time Japan, Translated to English (Not really) A sunny spring day*

"Tsuki, Wake up, you can't die! I love you!" Yelled Kusa, over the rumbling of the ground and crowd of people running in one tremendous mob.

Oops, too far, NOW it is a sunny spring day in Modern Time Japan.

"Oh, Kusa," whispered Tsuki Supaida to herself. "And that is my report on Living Organisms," ended Kusa Moesashi. Kusa walked slowly to his desk in the middle of the classroom, next to a girl named Hashi Nashu. "Stupid Hashi..." muttered Tsuki. First, Tsuki really liked Kusa. But Hashi liked him too. So Tsuki REALLY hated Hashi. "Ok, Hashi, come up to the board and recite your report." Said , the teacher as Hashi pulled out her report. "Good luck," informed Tsuki crossly.


"Sorry Hashi, I guess we'll have to listen to your report after lunch," decided .

"Hi Kusa," said Tsuki as she walked up to Kusa. "Hey," greeted Kusa, smiling. "MOVE," pushed Hashi as she shoved Tsuki aside, making her fall hard onto the ground. "Hey! Hashi! Get away, you hurt her!" exclaimed Kusa. "Ow," mumbled Tsuki, rubbing her elbow that was bleeding badly. Tsuki looked into Kusa's eyes with tears in her eyes. "Oh no, you're bleeding," said Kusa.

"Hi honey," popped Hashi. "Away Hashi. Now Tsuki, lets go to the nurse," informed Kusa as he picked Tsuki up. Tsuki's eyes turned to Hashi, who was lying on the floor rolling around "in pain"

"Aw, Tsuki kicked me! Give her detention!" yelled Hashi, to the teacher. "Tsuki!"

"What did you do to this helpless girl, Tsuki?" asked the counselor.

"Nothing, I was talking to Kusa when Hashi came and pushed me! Then Hashi got on the floor and acted 'in pain' and told on me," explained Tsuki. "Liar!" exclaimed Hashi.

"Detention Tsuki, and no backtalk!" he interrupted as Tsuki was going to say "No, she's lying!" Tsuki gave Hashi the stink eye and went back to lunch.

At home, Tsuki's parents were upset. "Go to bed now," said Tsuki's mother and father.

Tsuki started to see a vision. She saw the clear blue sky. Then a black outline of the crescent moon. Then the moon appeared, but it was black... She then saw the sea turning red. The next scene of her dream, she saw lots of bodies and running people. Wolf like figures were behind the running people. She saw a tree, and two people by it. The girl was bleeding from her stomach and blood was also coming out of her mouth. The boy was crying and screaming, "No! Don't die! Don't Die!" Then Tsuki woke up.

"Oh..." Saturday morning had just begun. She walked outside and saw Kusa, No sign of Hashi. "Stay away from trees," murmured Tsuki as she approached Kusa.

She started to smile and target her blue eyes at Kusa's face and said,"Hi Kusa!" He turned and smiled back at Tsuki. Kusa looked down and closed his eyes. His face went up and he leaned in to kiss her. Tsuki closed her eyes and Kusa's hand reached for her dark brown hair and he clung his lips to Tsuki's soft lips.

"W- What was that?" asked Tsuki. "You just... Well, I guess I just thought of your smile, and fell in love," explained Kusa nervously. Tsuki smiled again and grabbed Kusa's hand. They both thought immediately, I love you.