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This story will contain extreme lemony goodness, but hopefully not in expense of the plot. There will be drama and some scenes of violence, but no character death.


I awoke to the sound of my phone vibrating. Fuck! My head…

In my hung-over state, I let it go to voicemail as I tried to open my dry crusted lids and take in my surroundings. I felt the warm soft body curled against my side and the events of last night came flooding back to me. I finally slept with Bella Swan after I declared my love for her! My mouth tasted like a sweaty ass crack, the sunlight pouring in through the glass wall was making my head feel like someone ran over it with a steamroller, and my muscles felt like I had been fifteen rounds with the heavy-weight boxing champ, but it was all worth it. I was in bed with my Bella, and damned I wasn't feeling like a cocky son-of-a-bitch as a result. Mine!

Bella's hair was disheveled and she was drooling on my naked chest, but in the mirror, I could she my angel had the most content smile on her face as he mumbled, "Edward…mmmm. Tell Ali I like jasmine." Jasmine? She's dreaming about me, my sister and flowers?

Bella tightened her grip and in her dream state mumbled, "Jasmine Marie Cullen…she looks like her daddy…" Wait a minute! She's not dreaming about flowers, she's dreaming about having my baby!

I felt the urge to answer Mother Nature's call hit me hard, so I reluctantly and quietly extricated myself from my angel's grasp in order to empty my over-full bladder. She groaned as I shifted my position, but I was able to get away without further disturbing her. I quickly took care of business and after washing my hands thoroughly; I returned to the bedroom and fished my cell out of my pants' pocket. I had five missed calls, so I checked my messages while I began to put on a fresh pot of coffee. Two messages were from my mother requesting a lunch date this week and two messages were from Alice demanding that I take good care of the birthday girl and have Bella call as soon as she wakes up. The last was the hospital. My department head wanted to remind me of Monday's procedure being pushed back to the afternoon, so I didn't need to show until after lunch.

I quickly took two Advil for myself and another pair for Bella from the medicine cabinet and after downing my pills I brought Bella's along with a glass of water to the nightstand and eased my way back under the sheets. Bella smiled tenderly as she nuzzled into the warmth of my embrace and I simply reveled in her presence. I said a silent prayer of gratitude for the gift I had enveloped in my arms this morning, and I further begged for many more opportunities to relive this moment in my future.

As Bella tightened her grip on my arms, she wiggled her firm backside against my waist and my reaction was instantaneous. Like a heat-seeking missile, my now prominent erection wedged itself against the warmth of her core, perfectly aligned to sink itself within her depths. Her folds were slick and damp, and she began to press her hips back as she moaned, "Take me, Edward. It feels so gooood…"Fuck!

I was raised as a gentleman, but hearing her moan like that in her sleep and sink herself partially around my engorged manhood pushed me over the edge. I slid one hand down to her sex and began pressing and circling her sensitive nub, while my other cupped her breast, kneading the supple flesh and expertly rolling her peak between my thumb and forefinger, before sinking my cock inside her core. She arched her back as she woke to my ministrations crying out, "Edward! I-oh shit-ungh-so good, baby! Don't stop! I'm-AHHHHH!" Her walls clamped down as I felt her essence gush around me, moistening the insides of her thighs and soaking us both. "So is this what you wanted, my Bella? So tight-so good! Did you want to feel me filling you with my cock you cum all over me?"

Bella moaned, "Oh God, YES! Fuck me harder, Edward! Show me who I belong to, baby!"

I rolled her onto her stomach and pushed her knees underneath her as I grasped her hips, lifting them until she was on all fours. I warned her, "Brace yourself, my angel!" Bella reached out with one hand and grasped the headboard, while reaching back to hold my hand with the other. I thrust smoothly and filled her to the hilt in one motion. She moaned while I grunted at the feel of her warmth encasing me, the new angle allowing deeper penetration. I could feel the tip hit her wall as I bottomed out. Soon the room was filled with the scent of her arousal, the sounds of our moans and the slap of skin-on-skin as I plowed into her from behind like a freight train. She kept rocking her hips as she met each thrust. She spasmed, cumming at least four times as we soared to new heights of ecstasy. Neither of us was forming coherent speech aside from expletives and praises of rapture. Finally, I felt the room explode around me as we came together so hard, I thought I had turned my balls inside out. We collapsed in a sweaty tangle of limbs, breathing heavily, neither able to speak. We lay there in post-coital bliss for a while just stroking each other gently and peppering each other with sweet kisses, until Bella finally spoke, "Wow. I could definitely get used to this! Edward, I love you so much!"

I pulled her close and kissed her neck burying my nose in the fragrance of her chestnut hair. I responded, "Bella, you are amazing. I love you, too. Making love to you is the most precious gift I could ever receive. Waking up with you in my arms is something I hope to do much more often. I was content just to hold you until you woke up, but you seemed to want me in your sleep, and when you began to take me inside, I lost my self-control and had to take you again. I hope you didn't mind."

Bella smiled, "Mind? That was even better than last night, Edward. Being your girlfriend definitely just keeps getting better and better!"

I chuckled, "Well, Miss Swan, being your boyfriend is the most wonderful experience in my life, so far."

Bella gasped in mock outrage, "So far? What, may I ask, could possibly be better than getting with this?" She gestured pointing at herself."

I responded, "Well, as long as I don't fuck anything up, I would assume that accepting my proposal to be my wife one day would trump simply being a boyfriend, Bella. And make no mistake, I fully intend on asking you when the time is right."

She responded playfully, "Oh, and I guess it's just a foregone conclusion that I'll say yes, then? What if the man of my dreams comes along and sweeps me off of my feet? Oh, wait a minute, he has and I'm loving it…so far."

I reached over and began tickling her ribcage while answering, "So far? I'll show you so far!"

Bella responded, wiggling to try to get away while laughing, "No! Let me go! Edward! Okay! I give!"

We held each other close before Bella winced and muttered, "Damn headache…I thought I had escaped the hang over, but no such luck!"

I handed her the water and pills from earlier explaining, "I wasn't sure if you would be hung over this morning so I put some coffee and brought you two Advil, angel."

Bella blushed at my term of endearment and grinned, "You are so sweet! Now what are we doing today?"

I shrugged, "Well, you need to call Alice before she sends a SWAT team over here, but then I thought maybe we could just lounge around here and watch a few movies, maybe order some Chinese take-out. Then we could watch the sunset on the terrace before retiring for an early night. I know you have an 8am class and I don't have to work until after lunch, so I figured you could stay over again tonight. Then in the morning, we could have breakfast before I drive you back to your place in the morning. Then, I could meet you on campus for lunch before going into work. Does that sound good?"

Bella smiled, "That sounds fantastic, Edward! Let me get my phone and I'll call off the pixie brigade. You fix us some breakfast, because somehow I've managed to work up quite an appetite this morning, thanks to a certain green eyed Sex god and his magnificent manhood!"

I burst out laughing, "Magnificent manhood? Going for extra points for use of alliteration? You English majors…." I slapped he on the ass as I passed by causing her to yelp and blush before she blew me a raspberry. Yep! I was going to marry this girl someday…

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