The Mouseking's Tale


This is my fan fiction continuation on the 1990 animated film created and owned by Paul Schibli and Lacewood Productions: The Nutcracker Prince which is based on ETA Hoffman's classic: The Nut Cracker and the Mouse King. The story is in a script similar format; it helps me to keep characters in character when doing big fan fictions such as this.

If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it! It's the best version of the story that I've seen.

Probably surprisingly for many, this "sequel" will NOT be focused on the Nutcracker; but instead, on the original antagonist of the movie as you can probably tell by the title of this story.

In this tale, most of the original characters will be included along with a few new ones. A few of the nameless original mice characters will have titles. Granted, the new characters will of course have descriptions more than the original ones, since we remember the originals' appearances from the movie.

In the movie, the Mouseking was slain by the Nutcracker and fell to his death into the water, far below Gingerbread Castle. But with some good plots and imagination from a devoted fan, a great villain never really stays dead.

Fans of the movie are probably wondering... why would someone do a story surrounding the Mouseking and not Hans and Clara? Although I do think Hans and Clara are great and are so sweet together, the Mouseking is my favorite character in the movie. Most villains have reasons on why they do the things they do, mostly from the way they are treated by others. In the movie, he was hated by his own Mother, the Mousequeen. So he was never truly was happy and used anger and revenge to fulfill that void. Will the Mouseking now redeem himself or fulfill his quest with destroying the Nutcracker?

Recap: Morning after Christmas; Fritz Stahlbaum awakens his sister, Clara to tell her that her kitten caught a big, ugly mouse that their father found by the toy castle. Clara is anxious and completely confused if the past events with the Nutcracker and the Mouseking truly happened or not. She rushes out of the house and heads for the village square to ask the Stahlbaum's old family friend, Elias Christan Drosselmeier if his nephew was truly the Nutcracker; while her bewildered family watches the child with worry…

Chapter One: Gifts & Intuition

The Stahlbaum family was quite baffled when Clara, wearing only her coat and shoes, still in her night gown, ran out of the house, heading for the village's square. Even the girl's kitten Pavlova, watched through the frosted window with worry.

Clara's older sibling, while being courted by Eric, caught sights of her sister rushing off without a glance.

Louise: Clara? Clara?!

But the child was too distraught to stop running.

Louise clung to her beau's arm and pleaded with her eyes. The tall young man gave his usual confident smile.

Eric: Don't fret, Louise. I'll go and bring Clara home.

Louise: Oh, Eric, thank you. (Puts out her hand)

Eric kissed the top of Louise's knuckles and he clumsily trotted in the snow after Clara; while trying to prevent his over-sized powdered wig from slipping off.

The teenage girl went back inside to tell her worried parents that Clara will be alright because Eric went in the village square to escort her back home.

Several minutes later, there was a knock on the Stahlbaum's door. Clara's father put down his paper and tea.

Carl: Hmm, can that be Eric with our Sugar Plum already?

Louise: I told you we had nothing to worry about, Pa' pa!

Carl's wife quickly went to the door and opened it. Eric wasn't there, but a hooded girl was.

Ingrid: Oh sakes, Clara! Why were you in such a hurry?

Girl: My apologies if I came and knocked too quickly, Aunt Ingrid.

The girl lowered her crimson hood and revealed long, blond, braided hair and light blue eyes. It was Bianca, Ingrid and Carl's niece. She was about the same size as Clara but was twelve; half a year younger and had a slightly smaller nose. Her height and other features often made her mistaken for her auburn haired cousin, but she was not bothered by this. Actually to this child, it was rather a compliment, for she was quite fond of her cousin.

Ingrid: (Puts a hand to her face) Oh Bianca, I'm sorry! I thought Clara came back.

Bianca: No worries, Aunt Ingrid. Where did Clara go?

Ingrid: She rushed off to Uncle Drosselmeier's so peculiarly. (Sighs) I do hope she's alright.

Louise: Oh Ma'ma, she'll be fine. I'm certain that Eric's with her now. Good Morning, Bianca! What brings you here?

Bianca: Father and I have just returned home. We wished we could have arrived in time for your Christmas party. But we still have gifts for everyone. Sorry the gifts are a bit belated.

The polite girl pointed to the wrapped parcels on a little sled by the bottom steps and smiled. Carl walked by his wife and cleared his throat. The woman placed a hand on her face again and shook her head.

Ingrid: Oh, I am so sorry, Bianca! I didn't even invite you in yet. (Looks at the girl's apparel) Your coat has no fur trim. You must be so cold! Please, do come in!

Bianca: Thank you, Aunt Ingrid. (Walking in) It's warm enough for me. But if you do not mind me saying so, I rather not wear a coat made from other coats.

Carl (Laughs) You've always loved animals, my dear! So do tell me, how and where is my little brother?

Bianca: (Hangs up her coat) Father is well and is checking on recent patients in the village that he treated before we left for Holiday. He sends his love to everyone.

Just then, Fritz, Carl and Ingrid's youngest son, dashed into the room.

Fritz: Hi, Bianca! (Looks out the door) Wow! More presents! I'll carry them in for ya!

Bianca nodded and giggled as the young boy carried the parcels while trying to see between the boxes.

Fritz: Look at me, Bianca! I've got great balance!

Louise: Fritz! Not all at once like that! Oh, why do children like to show off? (Turns to her cousin smiling) Bianca, you must see the new dress Pa' pa and Ma'ma have given me for Christmas!

Bianca: Yes, I'd love to see it. I know you will present it quite well.

Louise: (Looking at Fritz waddling with the gifts and sighs) I wish Fritz and Clara were as mature as we Bianca. Give me a moment to put it on!

And the teenager quickly went upstairs while Fritz read the name tags on the parcels and decided he should be the one to hand everyone their gifts.

In the living room, Ingrid put Clara's gift aside for later and handed Bianca a gift for her father and one to her which was a brass brush and hand-held mirror set. Ingrid's gift was a lovely laced shawl, Carl was pleased to receive a hand carved pipe, and Fritz gleefully grabbed a toy drum and stick set out of his box which of course the boy eagerly played and marched around the pallor…once again making everyone covering their ears, including his visiting cousin.

Louise came back into the room and Bianca handed her gift which was a flower charmed bracelet.

Louise: (Gasps) Oh, it's quite exquisite! Thank you, Bianca!

Bianca: You're welcome. It will enhance your beautiful dress. Here, allow me to help you.

The young girl clipped the bracelet on her cousin's wrist.

Louise: You're so polite, Bianca. (Spins around with her hand out) How do I look?

Carl: (Proud) How wonderful, Louise! You now look more like a queen than a princess!

Ingrid: That bracelet looks like it was made for that dress. You have fine taste, Bianca.

Bianca: (Takes the end of her braid in her hand) Thank you. My Mother showed me which jewelry would be best for clothing.

Ingrid: (Sighs and leans into Carl) My sister would have loved to admire the stitching of our daughter's dress.

Bianca heard her Aunt's remark and gave a light smile and stroked the violet ribbon in her hair; in which she often wore despite the color of her apparel she choose to wear that day.

Meanwhile, the boy's constant drumming was becoming unbearable for the family's ears.

Ingrid: Fritz, that's enough of that, dear. Would you please put your drum in the cabinet?

The boy was a little disappointed, but then smiles and points to the large toy curio and looks at his cousin.

Fritz: Hey Bianca! You wanna see my soldiers! We can play battle! They even have cannons and guns: (Pretends to be holding a rifle) Ka-pow! Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow!

Bianca turned her head towards the glass door covered toys and saw the toy soldiers being led by an older looking one. And on a higher shelf were two dolls that resembled a young and old woman. Bianca gave a quick glance at the constant staring eyes of the small figures and grimaced, while tugging and putting her hands in her fuchsia dress's pockets. She faced Louise again.

Louise: (While admiring her bracelet) Oh, don't be a pest, Fritz! Bianca is much too mature to play with dolls!

The young girl gave a half smile and quickly nodded in agreement. The young boy shrugged and skipped to the toy cabinet, pretending to play his drum.

Louise decided to go to her bedroom to view herself in her dressing mirror… still waving her jeweled wrist, merrily.

While one of Bianca's hands was in her dress pocket, she felt something which reminded her of one more present.

Bianca: Oh Gee! I almost forgot. (Taking a toy out of her pocket) This is for Pavlova. Sorry I didn't bother wrapping it; I just didn't want any of the ribbon to get caught in the kitten's mouth.

Carl: (Chuckling) My dear, your compassion for animals, truly never ends!

Bianca (Blushes) Thank you, Uncle Carl. (Looks around happily) Where is Pavlova?

Carl: The kitten is upstairs, waiting for Clara.

Bianca: May I please give it to him?

Carl: (Chuckles and hand gestures) But of course, Bianca!

Smiling, Bianca walked by Fritz; while the child was closing the cabinet. He noticed the toy she was giving to Pavlova which was a wooden mouse with wheels. The boy's smile could not get any wider.

Fritz: Aw, Pavlova's gonna love that! You wanna know why?

Bianca paused and looked at Fritz.

Fritz: Just this morning, Pavlova caught a great, big-!

Ingrid: (Gently Interjects) Fritz, please don't bother your cousin with silly stories. (Smiles) Why don't you put on your coat and make us a snowman to welcome our upcoming guests for our New Year's Day party?

Fritz: Sure, Ma'ma! I can do that! See ya, Bianca! And thanks for the drum!

And the boy went right to the closet to grab his coat and hat. Bianca laughed to herself over her zealous little cousin's antics; not to mention his short attention span.

Just as Bianca went near the stairs, she caught sights of her Aunt taking her Uncle aside.

Ingrid: (Sighs) I'm glad I stopped Fritz from telling Bianca… which reminds me. Carl, did you (Shudders) take care of it?

Carl: (Pats his wife's hands) Yes, don't worry, Ingrid. I've disposed that horrible thing in the dust bin.

This would not have bothered most children, but somehow, it did for Bianca. Something did not feel right to the child. She suddenly felt uncomfortable here… which was rare.

Bianca: (Puts the toy mouse on a table) Excuse me, Aunt Ingrid. But I think I should be returning home.

Ingrid: Already, Bianca? But you have only just arrived? Won't you stay for some tea?

Bianca: (Retrieves her coat) That sounds pleasant, but I must really be returning home. Thank you very much for the gifts! (She collects them)

Carl: Okay, my dear. I'll see you out. But I thought you wanted to give Pavlova his present?

Bianca: Please allow Fritz to give it to him. I'm sure the kitten will love it. That alone makes me happy. (Curtsies) Good day, Uncle Carl and Aunt Ingrid.

The child hugged her Aunt and Uncle goodbye, went down the stairs and placed the gifts on her sled. The Stalbaums waved goodbye and closed the door.

Bianca picked up the reigns of her sled and thought back…

(Bianca flashbacks to voices)

Fritz: Just this morning, Pavlova caught a great big..!

Ingrid: ...did you take care of it…

Carl: I've disposed that horrible thing in the dust bin...

The girl's curiosity took over and pulls her sled towards the side of the house where the dust bins were kept. There were three of the bins. What made the child choose to open the middle one was uncertain, but yet she was compelled to do so. She placed a hand over the handle, paused for a moment and quickly lifted the lid and peered inside…

The bin's lid fell into the snow.

Bianca: (Gasps) Oh Gee!

The reason for the girl's shocked reaction was for inside the bin, right on top of the ripped, empty, gift parcels and debris was a motionless mouse, lying on its back.

At first, the child thought the animal was some sort of raccoon because it was extremely large for a mouse. But indeed, it was a rodent. It had round ears and a long, brown tail which was quite crooked at the end. It was rather shocking to find. But this was not the reason for the girl's upset. The mouse was bleeding and looked like it was covered in some sort of tattered cloth.

Bianca: Poor creature. But… are… you… wearing clothes?

The girl brushed that thought off quickly because of the blood on the rodent. She was saddened to see this sight and also on the fact that her assumptions were right. Her Uncle had put an animal in the dust bin like another piece of unwanted trash.

Bianca leaned over for a closer look. The mouse's mouth was opened but she didn't see it breathing; she was too late. The girl slowly put two of her fingers on the mouse's red stained chest.

Bianca: Poor, poor creature. I'm so sorr- Ah!

Near the road, a stubborn old mare pulling a coach whinnied loudly which frightened the young girl. She jumped and had pushed her fingers onto the mouse's chest from the upset.

Bianca: (Hand on her chest breathing heavily) I wish horses didn't scare me so… (Gasps) Oh Gee!

Suddenly, Bianca is startled once more when the mouse lifts up its head! Coughing and gasping, the rodent's eyes were insanely mad with purple and pink swirls. The rodent closed its eyes as its head fell back while still wheezing.

Bianca with a hand over her mouth stared at the helpless mouse. It was alive, but by the looks of it right now, it wouldn't be for much longer.

The child, wide eyed, finally blinked and thought for a moment…

Out in the front yard, Fritz is finished rolling a head for his snowman. He sees his cousin rushing off their property.

Fritz: Hey, Bianca! Wanna help me make a snowman? Bianca? (Scratches his head) Why are girls always in a hurry? (Scoffs) Girls!

Bianca did not hear her little cousin, because all she could focus on… was the furry injured being, wrapped up in her coat as she raced through the snow covered ground towards home.