The Student

There she sat front row, center. Her long pale legs crossed at the knee, her tiny high heeled Mary Jane's tempting me. The fucking shoes throwing images of those legs wrapped around my waist as I thrust into her heat. Even her socks were sexy: The palest light pink with a tiny lace cuff around the ankle. Her beautiful dark hair with the curls tumbling down her back, swaying to her round hips as she walked. I knew her hair smelled like fresh strawberries and cream in a summer heat. An intoxicating scent that had my mouth watering before she even entered the room. Bella Swan's hair was so shiny, so soft looking that it left a man feeling as if he would die if he didn't get a chance touch it, run his fingers through it. At the very least wrap it around his wrist as he took her hard from behind while her small pert ass was in the air as he filled it with his hard cock. She would beg and cry for more and I would take her as hard as I dared..

Shit, shit, shit! I couldn't be having these thoughts again. They were wrong and highly inappropriate. Why was it inappropriate you ask? Because Isabella Marie Swan was a student at Forks High School. The high school I taught at. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Edward Masen. Biology teacher here at Forks High. And Bella is my new student. Ms. Swan will be the ruin of me. And a dark part of me welcomes it. A part of me, perhaps the masochistic bastard in me, hungers for it. He hungers for her. Since she has arrived in this fucked up little town my whole peaceful world has been shot to hell. The life I have slowly carved out for myself here is now being threatened by this one small nobody that I can't seem to forget about. I hate her almost as much as I want her, as much as I need her. Damn her to hell. I will do it if given half a chance- I'll damn her to hell so fast if I get my claws into her supple flesh. Flesh that I crave to lick, bite, taste. If the beast within gets set free.. Bella Swan will regret the day she moved here to Forks Washington. She will learn that pleasure and pain can be one and the same. That I am the master of both and she is mine for the taking. Question is: Will the beast I am inside let her live long enough to regret it?

Did I happen to mention that I'm a seven hundred year old vampire who has a trail of victims from one end of the globe to other?

Welcome to Forks High, kiddies. Sit the fuck down, listen and pray you survive: Class is now in session!

A/N: I know the whole teacher-forbidden fruit thing has been WAY over played, but this one will be different. So I'm putting this little teaser out(that's why this is so short: its a teaser). I don't know when I will have time to update on this as I am still working on a few stories, (both in my head and on paper) But this fic will be told. I don't think it will be many chapters- not sure as of yet. I know one thing - it will be all kinds of naughty ;) Join me? Let's see who can get an A in this class..