Silent Heart

Pre-Story Descriptions

Draco Lucius Malfoy:

Draco has been in love with Harry Potter for a long time. He can't really determine the exact date when he fell in love with the green eyed teen, but he is sure of one thing…Harry will never love him back. He, however, is facing tons of inner demons. He was a "pet" to Lord Voldemort during the war. His father often joined in "fun" too. He can't seem to shake off these nightmarish memories, so he has come up with the only solution it seems to end it all…jump.

Harry James Potter:

Harry has become mute do to a curse a Death Eater fired at him after he killed Voldemort that destroyed his vocal cords entirely. There is no cure on record. However, this has proven not to be a loss entirely. Due to the fact that he cannot speak, he has become highly more observational… especially over one certain blonde, grey-eyed Slytherin.

Ronald "Ron" Bilius Weasley:

Ron Weasley's life is PERFECT! He has the girl of his dreams, loving family, and great friends. Everything is where it should be after the war. Well, except for the loss of his brother and best mate's voice, but he's learned not to dwell on the matter too long. Life is finally looking up for a change so what could possibly go wrong?

Hermione Jean Granger:

No! No! NO! Hermione's life has just come to a complete life shattering halt. She had everything! A loving boyfriend, supportive parents and an awesome internship for next year, but all of that is about to change when she drops the bomb of a life time to her unexpecting boyfriend.

Ginevra "Ginny" Molly Weasley:

After her sudden and "unexpected" break-up with Harry, Ginny has decided to kick start her life back up again by making some MAJOR changes with a new look to match. She is now more confident, outgoing, fun, and reckless than ever. Leaving some people to wonder what ever happened to "little Ginny"?

Aaron Lennon Johnson:

Aaron Johnson is the only Hufflepuff in the history of Hogwarts to ever stand out from the crowd. I mean how could he not with his chain smoking, song writing, heartbreaking, reckless bad-boy self! He's a girl's dream and a dad's worst nightmare. And he has his eye on one certain firecracker Gryffindor.

Luna Marie Lovegood:

After her brief affair with Mr. Neville Longbottom that ended in tears on her end, Luna is not ready for another relationship for quite some time. With the help of her best friend, Ginny, Luna is ready to come out of her shell and not only become the fearless editor for the now-popular Quibbler but the ruler of her LIFE! She is determined to become a single, happy, confident female!

Blaise Louis Zabini:

FREEDOM! Now that Voldemort is gone, Blaise Zabini is finally able to escape his mother's clutches and do the thing he loves the most, write. Bye-bye potions, so long politics and hello Quibbler! He's ready to take on the world…that's if he can make it past his crush on the Quibbler's new editor.