Silent Heart

Chapter 2: BANG!

Song: Trouble by P!nk

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Draco's POV:


"What the hell was that?"


"YOU ARE SUCH AN INSUFFERABLE ASSHOLE!" a woman's angry voice screamed out from the corridor before being drowned out by the nonstop banging. Great another break-up, what a way to start of the year, huh?

"Who do you suppose that is, Draco?" piped up Blaise from his seat with his head nodding towards the door, "Do you suppose it's that Brown girl and that Gryffindork Finnegan going at it again?"

I just shook my head and rolled my eyes at him. Of course Blaise would be interested in the Gryffindork couple! Because not only were their loud and pointless fights hysterical to watch, but they were notorious for always supplying such juicy gossip for Hogwarts' gossipers, like Blaise, to talk about for days on end.

"No, apparently, according to ''the grape vine, Finnegan and Brown got drunk during their vacation to Las Vegas this summer and ended up getting married at some sort of cheesy Muggle chapel by a guy dressed up as that horrible Muggle singer, Elvis I think he's called. Well, anyways, whatever happened, they returned back from the States married, with Brown knocked up, and Finnegan more broke then the Weasley's were back before the war. So they both ended up having to take some sort of secretary jobs at the Ministry instead of coming back," I stated in a dull, matter of fact tone, not really focused at what I was saying anymore. I was more concerned about what was going on outside than any other petty drama. Sure I admit, I do listen and fallow the wizarding world's gossip too, just not to the extent Blaise does. I found, like most people, that a lot of the gossip pointless after reading or hearing about it but not Blaise. No he paid attention to every bit of it. He's obsession of knowing everyone's business and knowing what was going on all the time made him seem at times borderline stalker-ish.

"Oh…," his face looking somewhere between amused by the couple's troubles and crest fallen at the idea of not having his favorite couple around at school to talk about. As soon as this weird mood came over him however, he snapped out of it and looked at me with an evil grin plastered on his face. "Well then, we will just have to see who's making all the racket out there, won't we? For the safety's sake. " I just chuckled at his reasoning for wanting to see who fighting and nodded in return.

Blaise and I quickly scrambled out of our seats and raced to the door, fighting to get the better advantage point to see the bloodbath that was sure to be at the end of hall unfold. Needless to say Blaise won with one hard jab in the kidneys, making me fall back into my seat with a loud thud. Jerk. As soon the pain resided in my abdomen form Blaise's low blow, though, I quickly gathered myself up and rose from my seat more determined to get that vantage point more than ever.

I at first tried to pull Blaise back into a seat, but no matter how hard I tried, he won't budge. It was as if his body was glued floor in between the door frame. After a couple more minutes of trying, and failing, at moving him from his spot, I finally gave up.

Instead I tried to shove past Blaise and the door in an attempt to get out into the corridor, but I ended up tripping over Blaise's large foot. Losing my balance, I stumbled out into the corridor and hit the side of my head against the opposite wall, much to the enjoyment of Blaise. As soon as my head stopped spinning from the collision, I straightened myself up, trying to hide my embarrassment, and shot a glare at Blaise, who now stood in the door frame clutching it for support as he laughed.

But my wounded ego was soon forgotten though, when I turned towards the direction of the banging and cursing and saw the most amusing, and shocking, fights in all of the train rides to Hogwarts unfold in front of me.


At least we know now where all that banging came from.


Ginny's POV:

"Ron, do you have to talk with your mouth full?" Hermione commented peering over her very mysterious new book to stare at her obnoxious idiot of a boyfriend next to her.

Ron just grinned at her and swallowed, "No, but I do. And do you know why? Because I can."

"You are so insufferable….remind me again why I am with you?" She asked in an exasperated voice turning a page, not bothering to take a side glance at him from behind her book this time. I just rolled my eyes; they were going to be bickering like this until the end of time and then a little bit after that.

"Yes, Hermione, we would all like to know why you fancy my troll of a brother. Because we are clearly wondering why you haven't left screaming for the hills yet. You are practically a saint for withstanding him this long. I am only here because mom made me promise her that I would make sure that he didn't terrify other people with his horrible manners," I stated as I continued to flip through my magazine. I felt Harry's chest shake in silent laughter from underneath me as he continued to stare out the window. I just smirked.

"Well, I would like to think it's because the fact that she loves me," Ron stated as he stretched towards the sky with a big yawn before settling his eyes on Hermione. "But I am starting to wonder if you really keep me around because you can't resist my unbelievable sexy body," he smirked as he flexed his arms, trying to look like those macho-men on that thing Muggles call TV. I gagged.

"Please tell me you love him, Hermione, because if you actually are keeping him around for his physique, then I may have to commit you to the loony-bin," I pleaded with her.

"Of course I love him," She stated, lowering her book as she leaned into Ron's chest and looked up at him. "His…what was it again…oh yeah...his 'unbelievable sexy body' was just a bonus," she said sarcastically as she pulled his head closer to her, whispering I love you on his lips before kissing him deeply. I gagged again. They were just too sweet sometimes.

"Please, Harry baby, tell me when we were going out, that we weren't this sickly sweet!" I pleaded, putting on my best puppy dog face.

Harry just grinned as grabbed his Vanishing Paper Tablet and Self-Inking Quill that George gave him a while back and pressed it up against the window to scribble something down. I felt a wave of pity wash over me watching him, thinking about that strong and powerful voice that sounded like a wind chime swaying in the wind and how it would never again reach my ears, or anyone else's for that matter, ever again. Poor Harry…

Suddenly I felt a sharp smack on my forehead. Gasping in shock and some slight pain, I looked up at Harry as I rubbed my forehead, shooting my best death glare at him. He just chuckled and shoved a piece of parchment in my face. I scowled but took it anyway.

'I would hope not! I think we were a little bit tamer than them when we were dating. I believe that they are only that lovey-dovey because they are making up for all those years of being sexually frustrated with one another.' I laughed out loud at this, chancing a glance at Ron and Hermione to find them still going at it. I shook in disgust.

"Do you think we should break them up before they plague the world with another red head Weasely?"

Harry just nodded before he took off his shoe and chucked at Ron's head.

"OW! What the hell, mate?" was Ron's intelligent comment as he rubbed the side of his head. I just rolled my eyes as I looked at him; Ron looked like he was attacked by a squid wearing shimmery pink lip gloss.

"Oi, do you two mind taking your interpretation of the beast with two backs somewhere else? We have virgin eyes in this compartment!" I yelled out exasperatedly, pointing at Harry. "For God's sake please stop your horrifying romping if not for my sake, then for his! He's too innocent and pure to be watching you two dry hump each other into oblivion. And I am obviously not drunk enough to ignore you two going at it. So either you leave or give me a bottle of Firewhiskey and make Harry blind on top of being mute." For that little speech, I earned a smack on the forehead for Harry again. That shit stings.

"You are WAY TOO over dramatic, Ginny, really," Hermione commented as she straightened herself up to smooth out her shirt and hair. "We really should leave though, Ron. I'm really not practically fond of having sex in front of your sister and Harry."

"Well can't we make them leave?" Ron asked in a whiny voice, but quit as soon as Hermione shot him a look that could rival my mother's. He just sighed in defeat and grumbled something that sounded like "meddling sister" and "cock blocking best friend" as he reluctantly got up from his seat, with Hermione in tow, and hurried out the door.

"Finally!" I sighed in relief and shifted in my seat so my head was in his lap instead of leaning against his thighs, "Some peace and quiet…and maybe I can actually get through the rest of this train ride without having to resist the urge to gag."

Harry just smiled at my comment before turning his head to stare out the window, watching the never ending scenery of lush green valleys and groves rush past us as they slowly gave away to the tall and foreboding mountains that surrounded Hogwarts. I felt a pang in my chest as I thought about how much I missed his calm and soothing voice teasing me about how over dramatic I was. I soon let my mind wander as my eyes raked his form; really taking him in for the first time since before Bill and Fluer's wedding fiasco.

Harry really hadn't physically changed all that much from when I first laid eyes on him all those years ago, except now he had trails of cut and burn marks that littering his whole body from the very top of his messy raven haired head to the very bottom of his incredibly long toed feet. There was no piece of skin on him that was saved from being defiled in some way or somehow by an ugly permanent scar. Each of those scars, however, individually told a story about how he survived all those months living like a nomad and running form Voldemort and his wretched Death Eaters during the war, for not only his life but for the lives of others as well.

No, Harry is still the short and wiry muscled framed, amazing person he always has been. However, after being put into all of those do or die situations that he barely made out alive during the war; he was no longer that innocent little boy he was at the start of all of this fighting. Instead Harry grew into this strong and wise man that amazed, and scared, me even more than before. He was, in simple terms, truly remarkable.

Harry had shifted in his seat a little, letting go of the collar from one of his turtle neck jumpers that mom made him, giving me the perfect view of his horrifyingly scarred up neck. I flinched visibly from the sight of where that fate altering severing curse was fired. I can still remember how he looked when I found him outside the Great Hall. The sight of Harry's broken body sprawled out on the floor in a pool of his own blood, bathed in the soft morning light will forever be sketched into my mind till the day I die.

I remember everything about that moment. I remember seeing Harry's blood pouring out in buckets full from his throat as his body convulsed, gasping for air when my lead heavy finally reached him. I remember falling to my knees instantly and with my shaking hands, I remember trying to cover up the gaping hole, where his throat should've been, to stop the blood from flowing out, but failed epically as I felt the blood continue to seep out past my fingers. I remember him trying to speak to me, but instead of words greeting my ears, blood gurgled out and rushed down his chin to join the rest of the blood staining my heads scarlet red. I remember screaming as if the world had caught on fire for help and hearing rushed footsteps storming out of the Great Hall followed by more anguished screams before rightly passing out.


"Ouch! What the bloody hell was that for?" I moaned out as I rubbed my head and glared angrily at Harry for smacking me on the forehead for the millionth time. He glared back just as angry as I was as his hands pulled away my hand that had subconsciously moved to trace the scars on his throat. I quickly sat up and moved to the other seat opposite of him. I couldn't believe that I just did that. I know he hates those scars so much…the scars in his mind weren't a story about his triumph against Voldemort; they were just another thing for people to awe over.

"Harry, I'm so sorry. I really didn't...,"I started to apologize but Harry just held up his hand to stop me before throwing on the fake plastic smile I loathed. I huffed and sank back into my chair at that rude gesture, rolling my eyes in the process.

I hated it when Harry did that. I hate how he always pretends that everything is fine. I hate how acts as if all the pity filled stares and comments people make every time he bothers to join the rest of the world don't bother him. He doesn't seem to really care about how people treat or talk about him anymore. No, every time someone offends him, he just throws on that patronizing smile and acts as if everything is all right, even though it really isn't.

I know he's lying though when he throws on that smile. I know that every time some treats him as if he was a small child that he wants to punch them in the nose as hard as he can because Harry I knew would've been angry about his current situation and the way the world viewed him. He wouldn't have just rolled over and bottled up all of his emotions like this Harry clone is doing right now. No, the Harry I knew wouldn't have gone down without a fight. He would've spent days and days upon end looking for a cure, never stopping once until it was found. And the Harry I knew would've demanded to be treated as if he wasn't handicapped or the wizarding world's savior….but that Harry isn't here anymore. So now we all sit on the edge of our seats, ready to rush to Harry's side when this new Harry finally blows up from all of the stress of trying to look happy. I just hoped he wouldn't try to do what he did last spring…


I quickly was pulled out from my thoughts by Harry smacking the window pane, leaving an angry, open-palmed hand print amidst the blurry fug that clung to the glass and made the haunting mountains and cloudy skies look like a swirl of blues and blacks. I looked at him, finally seeing the anger that I knew lurked under the surface in his eyes. His wild, toxic, and fiery emerald eyes bore into me, reminding me of that passionate and strong Harry I remembered so well. After a few minutes he pulled down the small table that was just below the window, dividing the space between us, and pulled out his quill and paper. I watched as his tensed hand wrote furiously back and forth across the paper at a dizzy speed. I was so memorized by his hands that I didn't realize that he stopped writing and pushed the paper under my nose until he leaned forward off his seat and flicked my cartilage piercing.

I jumped out of my seat as I was pulled back to reality by the sudden pain in my ear. I let out a gasp when I touched my new inflamed ear and threw him a glare before I looked down at the parchment.

'Ginny, this will be the last god damn time I will repeat this. I AM FUCKING OKAY! You need to do get a grip and come to terms with what happened. I have and I' m fine with my current situation in life. It's not your fault for what happened that day. So stop staring at me, looking as if you destroyed my life. I don't need you feeling guilty about what happened or looking at me with pity. I know my life is going to be hard, Gin. I know I will probably stay like this for forever, but I can deal with it. Can you?'

I was fucking furious. "Get over this? GET OVER THIS AND DEAL! No! NO! I FUCKING REFUSE TO DEAL WITH THIS! This is my entire God damn fault. I should've never let you leave the Great Hall alone. But you said it would be ok, you said you would be safe. And look what happened HARRY! You are mute! You are fucking mute and it's my fucking fault that you're like this. And THIS," I waved my hand at him, gesturing to everything and anything that is Harry Potter, "is NOT the Harry I KNOW, or the Harry I thought I knew. The Harry I know would've been mad at this. He would've been looking for a cure. He would've not given up like a fight. But no, THIS FUCKING CLONE OF HARRY STANDING RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF ME is just going to roll over and let it happen. Don't you want to be able to talk again? Don't you want to be able to talk to your FAMILY and FRIENDS again? Don't you! Because you sure don't look like it," I quickly got up from my seat and ran my hands through my hair. The compartment was suddenly becoming too small to be in anymore. I felt like I was suffocating.

"Or are you just going to end it, Harry?" I asked as I turned around to look at him, letting my shaking hands fall from grasping at my hair to my sides, expecting to see his angry green eyes boring into mine, but he wasn't facing me. Instead he was staring out the window, pulling his collar up so it was covering up his mouth, looking like a statue. I was so mad at how he looked that I had to clench my hands into fists, trying to expel some of the anger bottling up, but that wasn't enough. "Are you going to just go and bury yourself into some hole and let life pass you by? Because that's what it looks like. You don't even look like alive anymore, Harry. No, instead of looking like a happy and optimistic, like you should be, you look like everyone that died that night, fighting for not only their lives, but yours as well. They fought so you could have a goddamn chance at a fucking happy life! But, not instead of moving on and trying to live, you sit here looking like a corpse, just as dead and just as fucking emotionless." I started to pace back and forth the compartment with my hands running through and pulling my hair out again. I tried to keep my eyes averted to the floor and taking in deep breathes to fight of the tears of rage that threatened to pour out at any moment, but the urge to see if Harry had changed at all was too much and I looked up. He was still looking out that fucking window.

"Aren't you going to let yourself be happy for once, Harry? Aren't you going to go and enjoy life for once without the fear of losing everything hanging over your head anymore? Aren't you going to go finally find someone to love without worrying that they will die because of you? Aren't you going to find the man of your dreams, Harry? Aren't you going to start that family that you have been dreaming of for forever? " I finally saw for the first time tonight some sort of emotion flash across Harry's face as he shifted in his seat, moving, if possible, closer to the window. I knew I had struck a chord when I mentioned his lifelong dream of a family; something he's never had before. And I knew I should've stopped there but I couldn't. I had to keep going. It was as if some invisible force somewhere deep inside of me was pushing me to keep moving forward and get Harry the statue to finally crack.

"Or are you, the great Harry Potter, too scared to be let down? Afraid that no one is going to honestly love you for you? You still think that everyone is only going only view you as the Savior, not Harry, don't you? It amazes me how thickheaded you are! You are such a fucking idiot, Harry!" He still wasn't looking at me, but his body was shaking now in visible anger. He's beautiful hands, the ones that used gently to hold mine and the ones that have ripped the life out of a man, clenched and unclenched trying to disperse some of his anger, "Or is it because you afraid that no one will accept you being gay? Is that why I am the only one you told that you fancy men over girls? Huh? Is that it? Are you afraid that everyone is going to call you a fag or a queer and turn their backs on you? Is that it? You are just a fucking coward…" That's when he exploded. I shook in fear as I saw Harry stand up quickly from his seat and storm over to me with nothing but rage and fury etched on his face. I thought for the first time in my life, as I saw Harry's body get closer and closer to me, that I might not come out of this compartment alive.

I was dragged out of my thoughts with a small flinch of pain when Harry pinned me to the wall with his fingers twisting around the top part of my arms like a snake and squeezing in a bruising force. I started to shake with fear as his searing hot body pushed up flushed against mine, making my skin burn and boil under his. I felt his raw anger radiate off of him as his breath grew more raged and the walls surrounding us moving closer and closer together until there was almost no room to breathe. I closed my eyes as the tears rolled down my face, unable to take in what was happening, and prayed that this was just a nightmare. Suddenly, I felt his body being torn away from me and replaced with a frigid cold air. I opened my eyes in shock at the sudden loss of warmth but then gasped when I saw his eyes, so alive with rage and looking like toxic emerald fire, staring back at me, ready to swallow me whole. The air in the compartment stared to crackle with Harry's uncontrolled magic as I continued to look into his eyes, feeling comforted and frightened when I saw his soul, that for the first time in months, lurking just behind the surface of everything. This was the Harry I knew, this was the Harry that I prayed and begged to see since all of the beginning of the end.

"Harry…," I breathed out in a soft whisper as I raised my steady hand slowly to his cheek with his eyes never blinking or shifting away from mine. Our breathing has suddenly came to a abrupt stop as my hand finally touched his cheek and felt a sudden feeling of despair filling me from the pit of my soul outward. I took in a shaky breath tears started to pour from eyes like a waterfall. Time seemed to stop as the tension in the room finally was drawn to the breaking point, with Harry's life hanging in the balance either ending in a beautiful disaster or starting at the beginning of a tragic journey…or maybe even both.


The tension finally broke like a tight string being drawn past the point of breaking as Harry's magic finally unleashed its wrath, destroying the compartment with one big bang. The windows had cracked, fracturing the haunting forest into thousands of tiny little black gems and the seats exploded open, with its feathers floating down like fat snowflakes. The walls and carpet had been scratched and peeled back as with the contents of the trunks scattered all over, as if a gang of banshees had raided the compartment. I looked up from the disastrous mess, expecting to see Harry, but he wasn't there. I panicked slightly, thinking that he had combusted into thin air, but let out a sigh of relief as I saw him on the other side of the compartment, staring at the scene displayed before us. My relief was soon over though, as I saw tears rolling down his face, looking like soft crystals in the light. I was shocked at seeing him so vulnerable and so helpless, that I felt the sudden need to move forward and hold him. I cautiously took a step towards him, but stopped when Harry put up his hand, ordering me to stop. I WAS PISSED.


I quickly turned around and, ignoring the fact that I had feathers in my hair and a rip in my shirt that showed off my lime green bra from the explosion, stormed out of the compartment. I was so angry at Harry for everything. I had for the first time in months, saw the Harry that not only I, but everyone else who had the blessing, or curse, of knowing him, knew come out of his stone like state. I was so damn happy to see him like this, so alive and powerful, that it killed the hope inside me when he left again. Maybe that's why I felt so much despair fill me when I touched his face, because maybe while my soul and heart was rejoicing in the fact that my Harry was back from the grave, that my head knew that this Harry was only going to be around for a minute before retreating back. I was so goddamn mad at myself. I needed to fucking get a…


I suddenly was yanked out of my thoughts when I felt a sharp sting on my ass. I swiftly turned around to see which fucking ASSHOLE had the enough balls to fucking to even touch me, let alone slap my ass, to be greeted by the most fucking infuriating person on the planet. Their standing right in front of me with his black guitar in his hand and a fucking smirk on his face was the King ASSHOLE of all the insufferable assholes in the world, Aaron Johnson; the fucking residential "bad boy" of Hufflepuff, heartbreaker that evaded all of the girls of Hogwarts' dreams, and the current pain in my ass right now, literally.

"Hey sexy legs! Why don't you and me go back to my compartment and see if we can destroy the rest of that t-shirt, yeah?"

All I saw was red.

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