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Souji Seta got off the train as the Midnight Hour began.

He thought about what his uncle Dojima told him.

"Change never hurt anyone. You might enjoy the city."

Since his parents lives were lost, he had been used to it and became quiet as a result.

Most people would call him crazy if he were to say that the streets were covered in blood and the reflection of the moonlight turned things green, but what bothered him the most were the facts that every little living thing turned into a coffin.

Yet he stood tall and let the boy in the red vest lead him to the dorm.

Minato had gotten off the train and waited at the station to be picked up.

As he got off, an older man with subtle and a gray suit and a small girl with a pink shirt approached him.

"You remind me of my cousin." The girl told the boy.

Minato was surprised, smiled and nodded.

Dojima let out his hand.

"Staying for the school year?" He sounded gruff but caring.

Minato nodded.

"Enjoy your year. I'm not sure if you came from a city or maybe another nation but enjoy the village life alright? Take things slow and try to always admire the smaller qualities of things."

Minato thanked him and he sighed as he saw them walk off the platform.

He had met nice people before but he wished he could stay longer for more than a year somewhere...

"Akihiko Sanada."

Souji thought it was odd how the boy's eyes darted as though they were being tailed but he shrugged it off since it was a scary time.

Nanako had been awake at this hour but never really seemed to remember it like he did and it made him worry, but to see someone his age walking through it without fear eased him.

What didn't ease him was the fact that out of the corner of his eye, he saw a blonde haired boy looking at him. He looked Nanako's age.

Minato's ride finally appeared.

A limo.

As he drove to through the country side, he fell asleep listening to music.

That's when he first was summoned: To the Velvet room.

He had heard the playing of a piano and an aria, from a women, yet no source had been around. Only a pointed man in a suit and his unnerving smile. To his side was a woman in blue, with gold hair and eyes, bobcut. She held a book to her chest and didn't seem affected by the bumps along the way as they rode in the train.

Souji had been summoned as well.

His first night of sleep and Igor had talked to him and made him sign a contract. He was given a key and an explanation as to how to use it. He was introduced to Margaret and as he looked out he could see nothing BUT velvet.

When he asked where they were headed Igor told him the plane was to arrive at his final trial when his journey would be complete and with that he had awoken to his first day of school. He felt a key in his pocket and groaned.

It had all been real...