Minato wondered why he had been chosen.

Shouldn't his sister be here solving the crime instead of him?

Cameras in the dorm. Suspicious.

Mitsuru keeping things secret to prevent panic? Understandable.

Yet the thing that bothered Souji the most was Itskuki.

He didn't have the potential but could be up during the dark hour...

Who else had been chosen/special?

Ryoji gave Yosuke joke glasses and Minato smirked at the gag nose and stache'.

Chie wasn't amused though.

Teddie congratulated him and his ten year old like body and monotone voice made him both creepy and endearing as he kept hinting about the full moon. Souji asked why the full moon was special but Teddie shrugged saying he wasn't sure why.

Ryoji led them to where he sensed Yukiko and to where Chie had ran ahead.

She had gotten to a room that was fully green and it made her nauseous as she heard her own voice speaking the truth...

Akihiko led the team into Tartarus, he had been smart and didn't fight the shadow on his own but the way that Souji tore through that one when he and Mitsuru had issues in the past dealing with lesser ones...

It made him question his strength and reasoning.

There was a glowing velvet door and Souji held up the key to the door and a light engulfed him.

Igor greeted him and told him about how he was special. Souji didn't understand, he had the ability to blend in and stand out at the same time, but other than that, nothing.

Yet when he was told that he can use multiple personas...

He left and no time had passed outside.

He found a briefcase in Tartarus and found it odd...

The next day they met officer Kurosawa who was mumbling about two guys named Katsuya and Adachi...

He told them about selling weapons and Souji wanted to laugh. If his uncle ever did that well...He'd be fired.

As soon as they got money, Junpei dragged him to the arcade to play some train game, as well as sing at the bar, where he met the monk.

Minato had to deal snap Chie out of her stupor though as he let Pyro Jack burn her shadow alive.

He calmly walked up to the shadow and while it tried to strike at him, he side stepped the attack and kept burning the oxygen around it in the shape of dragons and Yosuke was impressed.

Yet April passed with Souji becoming more social...He met Maiko and Akinari, whom was watching the child, but couldn't play with her and the book store owners whom doted on him like the son they missed.

While, at the mall, a business man named, Tanaka wanted to make a deal with him that involved a lot of yen...

Clubs started a bit later than sports and he joined cooking. He met Fuuka and Keisuke and Ms. Toriyumi had been there since they promised her cake!

A little later through Mitsuru he met Hidetoshi and Chihiro in student counsel.

He also met Bebe through Kenji but Kenji never really watched what he said and so the only two members of the sewing club kept their distance but Souji turned that around by making it into a fashion club and more members, mostly female, joined which excited them. Soari being one of those girls.

In track one of his opponents had been a freshmen by the name of Daisuke from his home town of Inaba.

They were tired and couldn't get Yukiko out and opted to rest for the day while Chie recovered.

She decided to speed that up by eating beef steak bowls at Aika's ramen house.

"Junpei wouldn't you say its smart to not run ahead since we know nothing of the enemy?"

"Also Akihiko, I know you're itching for a fight but Mitsuru left me in charge."

Both boys sighed.

Yukari smiled, glad that someone was as level headed as her.

Minato had to join the soccer team as well as music club.

It made him uncomfortable to be seen with a girl that looked like she belonged in grade school but helped her along.

They fought together and while tired Souji was thankful that Junpei dragged him to the arcade to play that train game.

Yukari made a comment about the full moon while they fought to which Souji suggested that maybe the bigger shadows attack during the full moon.

Akihiko's eyes went wide, while Junpei was confused.

Yukari made a comment how the moon was full when they were attacked at the dorm and nodded.

He had helped Ai and advised that she only needs to change her attitude to be liked.

While leaving the train Souji had to tell Yukari not to fire her arrow while they were attacking in a closed circle formation.

What if a shadow moved and she hit someone else? It had also been a closed space.

She agreed and Mitsuru thanked him for his level headed-ness during a time of high tension and was thankful she picked the right person to join the team and student counsel.

He had also been fishing when he met the old women whom she started to tell a story of how she met her husband...

When cooking club he was glad to be back in his element and cooked a bento box for the members and they were surprised with his cooking. Yet when Fuuka had trouble downing the spicier foods, Keisuke came to the rescue and put his medicinal knowledge to the test.

He learned about Fuuka and how she needed extra care and Souji promised to protect her to which she laughed and thanked him.

When he heard the voice his eyes widened.

Yosuke called him a player and Minato groaned. That was the LAST thing he wanted to be.

So he gave the order to save Yukiko and off they went.

When he met Maiko, he was asked to play with her and he did so.

Like with Nanako he employed the same tricks he did when they played and showed off a bit and it made the older girl want to try the dangerous stunts on the monkey bars and he had to stop her from doing something dangerous...

When he heard the voice in his head speak he was worried about what the hanged man meant...

Yukiko's shadow was brought down with ice. Chie kicked ice blocks at her while Minato chucked them.

Yosuke had to mess with the bird's flight but by working together they had overcome the facade and saved Yukiko.

Junpei gave him an old computer game and Souji thought that it would be nice to just be someone else for a while but then when he made a social link online, he wondered if it was fate or destiny that he met the people he did and if he was in the right place at the right time or not...

Minato continued to help others but he was worried about if others not on the Midnight Channel would be thrown into the TV...

A.N: To be honest I've only played the first month of BOTH games so beyond that I am abridging it.

I am taking some scenes from the anime as canon for Minato here. As for Souji, I am more familiar with P3 than 4 because you get into things WAAAY faster.

I forgot to add last chapter that the first time Minato is aware of the TV is at Junes (There is no him putting his hand in the TV or waiting for Midnight sequence) so I might contradict myself (Getting sleepy, I'll check later)

Lastly why switch Ryoji and Teddie?

I like Ryoji way more. :p

Also it would be fun to see how they would differ, although I have no development for Ryoji so far besides him being less punny and more serious like his personality AFTER The Reveal.