Shanes pov

"MICHAEL! Are you ready!" I yelled up the stairs. He .was upstairs packing where as eve and I were down stairs waiting

"almost just making sure I got what I need" He got an offer to record some songs in dallas .where Claire was

Flash back

"I love you shane but if my dad doesn't get his heart transplant he will die I have to go with him please forgive me shane please"she begged with tears running down her face. She already said good-bye to Michael and eve I was last I was in shock I couldn't answer her. She kissed me one last time gave me a hug and ran off to the car balling her eyes out

End of flash back

Michael came down stairs "hey shane remember she might not be there or we might nto see her and if we do then she wont remember us"

"how did you know that's what I was thinking?" I asked

"because that's all you've ever thought about for the last 4 years"

I thought that over and he it was true I couldn't get her off my mind. Shane the guy who never cares for girl hasn't dated one for 4 YEARS! Just because one girl left. But Claire wasn't any girl she was MY girl she was innocent, sweet, caring, stubborn and one hell of a fighter.

"yo snap out of it we are leaving you can come with us and actually see her or "eve said but I cut her off

"ok ok im coming!" I said and ran out the door eve made sure everything was locked and took shotgun so I had to sit in the back by myself.

Claire pov

Argg stupid guy they hurt me and took my bike now I couldn't get me and Alice back to dallas where we lived. After my dad died and mum died of loneliness I got left with the house it was all payed for and everything. I was depressed and needed a guy so I found adam he was awesome until he died when I was 7 month pregnant. Now I have Alice she is 3 and I am 19.

I thought alice would like to go for a ride so we were riding around and stopped because alice felt sick she threw up on the side of the road. After helping her I turn around and some guys where bashing up my bike when I went over to make then stop they punched me alice was crying because she was scared.

So now here I am with alice closest place was about 10miles away: Morganville. It sounds so familiar but ive never been there it sounds creepy.

I see a car coming up so I wave my hands in the air trying to get then to pull over luckily they do. I was so happy I didn't care if I had to stay but I wanted alice safe.

Eve pov

We had driven about 10miles when we see a figure waving their arms. It's a girl she is fully goth she had 5 piercings in one ear and 2 in the other. Her hair is straight and black with pink streaks. She was wearing black jeans with big rips in them combat boots a dark dark red singlet kinda a maronie colour also with rips and a leather coat. She had a little kid next to her also a girl she looked about maybe 2 or 3 she had on the most adorable little outfit. It was a black tutu with black stockings and black knee high boots she had a purple singlet and also a leather jacket. She had blond hair.

As we got closer we all gasped. Was it her? No it couldn't be. No. yes. Yes it was Claire

"she don't know us so don't give her any ideas" Michael said as he pulled over

I rolled down my window and had a massive smile on my face. "hello can we help you?"I asked pretending I didn't know her

"uh .yea actually I was wondering if I could get a ride to dallas? Alice isn't a very walkative kid and some guys bashed my bike" she said gesturing the kid and her bike.

Shane pov

Omg that was Claire. It was actually MY Claire I couldn't believe I was seeing her was a goth AND had a kid I felt liked I had been punched in the stomach but I hid it and played normal. Eve looked at Michael who nodded.

"yes you can come that's where we are going anyways"

"omg that you so much! I owe ya big time!" the little kid was jumping up and down in circle and saw a guy with a mask on

"mummy mummy! He is there!" she squealed

Claires face went dead serious and looked around when she saw him he disappeared behind a wall "come on get in" she said pushing alice in. alice came and hid her head in my chest I held her.

Claire got in and buckled up aswell "who was that?" I asked

"the evil men! The ones who punched mama and hurt her bike so we couldn't get home" alice cried

"you ok?" I asked Claire

"yea im fine"she said pulling alice off me and onto her

"so whats your name?" Michael asked for the first time

"Claire. You?"

"Michael. One with bed hair is shane the one goth one is eve"

Claire smiled "nice to meet you"

"mama?" alice said

"yea baby"

"will scary man come back?" she asked

"no sweetie that was just revenge of revenge"

"so if you don't do anything you will be ok?"

"yea sweetie"

Alice shot up standing up "don't do anything then!"

"okay, okay I wont" Claire laughed