Heyy sorry this chap sucked before I changed it a bit hope you like it!

Ok here we go!

I went out the front door with Alice in front of me and eve behind me. Alice and I ran to Ella's' car whereas eve walked I jumped in the front Alice in the back with harry and eve also in the back.

"I hope you don't mind I brought eve! We go everywhere together!" I said to Ella

"No she is fine it's the boys I don't like" Ella laughed

"Hey don't bag the boys they are ourrrssss" I laughed

"Ok ok no bagging the boys. Everyone buckled in?" Ella asked changing the subject

"Yep" we all called in chorus making us all laugh

We got to the beach and we all got out. I had the bags eve had Alice and Ella had harry. I was wearing black denim shorts with ripped marone fish nets tights underneath and combat books with a marone cropped singlet with a lot of make-up. Eve has on skull tights with her big doc martens on and a tucked in black singlet and heaps of pale gothic make-up. Ella being Ella wore a pink leather jacket with a black cropped singlet and long leggings with high knee socks scrunched down over the top and white and black canvas sneaker. Alice has on a red white and black diagonal stripped dress with black flats and harry had on green kami shorts with a white t-shirt with work boots.

I dropped the bags on the sand and pulled out the towels and lay then out and took out the food. I sat down with Alice next to me and eve on the other side of Alice and Ella next to me putting harry and eve next to each other because we sat in a circle.

"Chips first?" I asked

"Yea salt and vinegar!" Alice said and harry agreed

"Ok and orange juice?"

"No clairey you know we don't like that stuff it has BITS in it APLLE JUICE!" harry laughed he was only 3 but had a lot of attitude

"yes I know chips and apple juice" I said getting it ok

"are there plain chips as well? I don't like vinegar" eve asked

"yes sure" I said pulling the plain ones out and threw them to her

After we finished eating eve went with the kids and built a sand castle while me and Ella put the rubbish in the bin. Eve ran over to us and asked "hey could I take the kids for a swim?" I looked at Ella and she nodded

"Be safe though" me and Ella said at the same time

"I lived in Morganville my whole life careful in my middle name" eve said winking and running off

"What does she mean by that?" Ella asked

"oh tis because the v-" I was about to say vampires but Ella didn't know "violence. " I finished "you can't go out at night because there are gangs like us and when I lived there I was 16 and she was 18 so we were really careful" I laughed trying to make it sound normal. But technically I was telling the truth…you can't go out at night and I was 16 and eve was 18…..i just added some stuff in…

I was too caught up in my thinking I didn't hear the screaming. That wasn't any screaming. That was my babies screaming. Her innocent deadly screams….and Harry's me and Ella looked out to the sea where Alice and harry got caught in the current. Where was eve? There. She was swimming to them but…something was odd…..she didn't look right…oh no! Eve can't swim! My gosh! There wasn't a pool in Morganville eve never learnt how to swim! I looked at Ella and she looked at me then we both bolted for the water now taking our clothes off.

I got to eve and pulled her back a bit "go you can't swim" was all I said as I followed Ella to our scared screaming babies. Because I waited stopped for eve Ella got to harry first and kept him up and reached for Alice but my baby went under as I got there. I screamed and went down after her I couldn't see her I reached for her and screamed her name under water. I didn't know how long I was under but it was getting hard to breath and I being lifted up I saw eve on the beach with harry and Ella. I tried to go back under but Ella held me up

"NO! let me go! My baby is there!" I yelled at ell struggling.

"hunni hunni shhh it's been 2 minutes I'm-i-I'm sorry a baby only lasts 20seconds under….and it's the sorry hunni she isn't here "Ella said quietly shaking her head

"No she will be here!" I screamed then realised…she is gone…because….why? ... Why was she even in the water she is 3! ... oh right… eve wanted to take them….and I stopped to help her because she couldn't swim! If she couldn't swim why did she take them! I started to sob my make-up was everywhere because of the water and so was eve's

Ella brought me out of the water and wrapped my in a towel. I vaguely heard eve saying sorry and stuff but I didn't want to talk to her. I don't think I was crying anymore just dazed and thinking…. My life…without my baby girl…because of that slut eve! She did this to her! She did this to my baby! How could she! If she didn't go in the water and if she could swim my baby would be ok!

I was too into my thinking I didn't realise I was in the car let alone at my house…where eve was living. I hated her so much! I wouldn't get to see my baby girl grow up…have a life… I wouldn't get to see her first day of school….or her last day of school… wouldn't get to go to her wedding…see her daughter…my baby was only 3 and never had a life….

I didn't really see anything around me I only heard a bit and kinda felt but I felt numb with out my darling girl.

Shane's pov

I was playing my zombie game and Michael was playing his guitar – practicing for his recording tomorrow- when the doorbell rang. Michael got up to get it seeing as I was in the middle of my game. 5 seconds later I here "SHANE get here right NOW!" his voice was angry and quivering. I groaned and paused my game and jogged to the front door

"heey Claire" she didn't say anything or move not even blink "where's Alice?" I asked worriedly. Claire STILL didn't move. Her make-up was everywhere and she was shivering even in the sun and with a towel around her. Eve was non-stop sobbing. And the girl? Ellie? Not sure was there with tears running down her face holding a boy about 3 years old on her hid and one hand and Claire shoulder.

"Could we come in?" she girl asked quietly

"Sure" Michael said holding eve.

I went to give Claire I hug but the girl stopped me and put down the boy and took Claire up stairs.

Michael took eve into the living room and put eve on the couch. No one said anything. 5 minutes later the girl came down stairs "harry" she said to the boy "can you go play in ali- the other living room?" she asked and the boy nodded and went upstairs.

"What's going on?" I asked "where is Alice and why is everyone bloody crying!"

"shut up" she snapped "I'm Ella if you forgot and I don't like you but you better look after Claire and ditch that dang girl" the girl- Ella- said pointing to eve

"What did she do!" Michael yelled

"SHE killed Alice because she couldn't SWIM! Who the HELL goes in the water if they can't swim?" she yelled at her making eve cry more and Michael comfort her

"She…what?" I asked quietly

"That's right" Ella said now she was crying

"Start from the start" Michael said. Always the sensible one. So Ella did. From the very start… I feel so bad for Claire. And they are blaming it on eve. I guess eve shouldn't of gone in the water but we all thought we could swim…so it isn't eve's fault really. I went over to Ella.

"Thanks for that you can go now" and with that not another word was said. Ella left with the kid harry. I went over and hugged eve "eve it isn't your fault ill talk to her ok? "

"no it is my fault I should of taken them!" eve exclaimed

While Michael calmed eve down I made my way up stair to talk to Claire

I knocked on her door. No answer. "Claire can I come in please?" I asked. No answer. It wasn't really like I expected an answer…..she just lost her only child. Her baby. So instead of trying to get her to talk I slowly creaked open the door and stuck my head in. She was lying on her big king bed wrapped in the covers facing the window (away from the door).

I crept over and sat in the middle on the bed facing her "hey CB wanna hug?" I offered lamely. I didn't think it would work but Claire rolled over and practically jump on me wrapping her arms around my neck and cried her little heart out onto my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close.

"She's gone… She didn't even have a life." She sobbed.

"It will be fine. I'll look after you I promise."

Suddenly she jumped up. Her face was red, her eyes were red, and suddenly…she looked angry as well as sad. "No it WON'T be fine because I have to live with the BITCH who killed my daughter! And if I kicked her out YOU will get angry and I'll lose YOU TO!" she screamed.

"hey Claire I will never leave you and it's not eve's fault. She thought she could swim. "

"well she shouldn't of known is she has never swum before that she CANT SWIM!" she screamed

"Please don't take it out on eve she is torn apart without you-" before I could finish me sentence she cut in.


Instead of finishing my sentence I went to something else. I went onto one knee in front of her, pulled out a blue velvet box opened it up and revealed a silver ring- with a small diamond on it with 2 small sapphires on either side of the diamond to match her eyes – and put the box into her hands and held into them. "I know this isn't the right time but I can't hold it off any longer. I bought this ring a day before you left Morganville. I never got to give it to you and I have kept it hoping I would see you again. Hoping you would remember me. Or I could make you fall in love with me like I fell in love with that torn up bruised little girl who walked into the glass house that day. And never stop loving me like I never stopped loving her. Now the girl is grown up she had a good life and didn't let anyone stand in her way. But now she is torn up again. And I won't lose her again. I want to make her happy and get her a new life and forget the old. But never forget the little spark that was in her life when I couldn't be. So, Claire Danvers, will you marry me and come back to Morganville with me?" I asked

Claire Pov

I think that is the longest speech Shane has ever said in his life. And…and it was beautiful. I loved it. I loved it so much I forgot he asked a massive question. Then I realised. He wanted to marry me! 4 years ago! He has been waiting! "yess! I-yes ill marry you and ill move back home!" I cried and straddled his knee facing him while he put the ring on my finger. Once he put it on I kissed him and he picked me up and spun me around. He distracted me so much I think…I couldn't finish my thoughts because Michael came into the room.

"Claire, I know you didn't ask me to. But I called the police and they found her –Alice. They sai-" Michael explained but I didn't let him finish. I ran down the stairs to see the police.

When I got there I could tell everyone – even eve- were behind me. The police didn't have my baby… She wasn't there….

"Where is she?" I ask my voice breaking.

"She is at the hospital Clairey-" we knew each other and that was my nickname "-she got washed out to the rocks, we found her ontop of them just breathing. We got her to an ambulance and they took care of her. She is strong clairey I think she is gonna make it" he said by this time I was in shanes arms crying. Then I realised. My baby was alive. In the hospital around the corner.

"Take me!" I yelled and ran to the police car with shane following close behind aswell as Jarrod the- the policeman.