This will be my one and only ID fic, and my first actual fanfiction.I made a convinction that the chaps here will be like of a portfolio- -recording my improvements. I will not edit the chapters- -even the first ones, as they probably would, indeed, suck. Hope you still like it, though~ and reviews appreciated.

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"This is spoken language" | 'This is someone's thoughts'


It was a cold and eery night (actually it's early morning) in the roads of Mt. Akina... scarier than any other nights, as the figures who just came out of their car would say. Not that they've been there before at that time in the morning. The car was a beige S13, a sticker not too big but not small enough not to get noticed is embedded on its hood. It's a logo of a group called Akina Speedstars . They call themselves "road racers". The reason one of the two figures decided to go there that time in the morning was to see whether or not the rumor haunting many who called themselves road racers is true - The rumor saying that there is an old car being driven there everyday with such skill and grace that everyone who saw it believed that it was driven by a ghost.

"Saa... Iketani, why did you bring me here? It's so COLD!" a man with black hair and long chin (which was shaking heavily) exclaimed.

" I told you. I'd like to see if that rumor is true." A man with shorter black hair explained.

"Then why do I have to tag along? It's friggin' 4AM in the morning!" The man with longer hair shouted, obviously lacking in sleep.

"You see, Kenji..." Iketani blushed. "What if the rumors were true?"

A vein popped out on Kenji's head " YOU THINK A GHOST IS DRIVING? AHHHHHHHHH!" He shouted and started stomping to the car when suddenly they hear:


"Someone's coming!" Iketani exclaimed, somewhat nervously.

"Y-you t-think it's...?" Kenji asked stuttering.

Their questions were immediately answered as an old panda trueno that gracefully drifted in the corners. They were so dumbstruck and amazed that they didn't notice the advertising sticker on its side:


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