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"This is spoken language" | 'This is someone's thoughts'


There is a cold and eery darkness that envelops the roads of Mt. Akina, as there always is."But somehow it feels scarier than any other nights," one of figures who just came out of their car says, not that they've been there before at that time in the morning too often.

The figure momentarily look at their car. It is a beige S13, a sticker not too big but not small enough not to get noticed is embedded on its hood. It's a logo of a group called Akina Speedstars.

They call themselves "road racers". And the reason one of the two figures decided to go there that godly time in the morning is to see whether or not the rumor haunting many who calls themselves road racers is true: That there is an old car being driven there everyday with such skill and grace that everyone who sees it believed that it is driven by a ghost.

"Saa... Iketani, why did you bring me here? It's so COLD!" A man with black hair and long chin (who is shaking heavily) exclaims.

" I told you." Iketani, a man of shorter ebony hair, utters. "I'd like to see if that rumor is true."

"Then why do I have to tag along? It's friggin' 4AM in the morning!"

"You see, Kenji..." Iketani blushes. "What if the rumors were true?"

Kenji's eyes twitches at this ridiculousness. YOU THINK A GHOST IS DRIVING?" He yells. "AHHHHHHHHH! You owe me a lot of dinners for wasting my time, damnit!" Iketani flinches at this, having little money to spare, and is about to retort when they hear strong screeches heading towards their direction.

They whip their heads to it. "Someone's coming!" Iketani exclaims, somewhat nervously, Kenji is stuttering (from the cold of course!) turns to Iketani. "Y-you t-think it's...?"

Their questions are immediately answered as an old panda trueno appears, and it drifts so gracefully in the corners with smoothness they do not think is possible.

They are so dumbstruck and amazed that they don't notice the advertising sticker on its side:


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