Hello guys! Here is another translation from one of my stories. It is freely based on an episode of Horrible Histories.

If you see any mistakes, just tell me okay?

Disclamer: TOS belongs to Namco and the characters are grateful for it.

How Kratos trully entered into History

Tesseha'lla, during the Kharlan War.

Kratos Aurion is twenty-two years old. His heart is beating fast, in a few minutes, he'll be introduced to Princess Soleille.

' Your Majesty, a gentleman desires to see you.' The minister says

' Then, sent him in.' She answers blasée

' Enter!' The minister shouts

Kratos enters, bowing deeply.

' Good day to you, Your Majesty.'

' Guards! Arrest this man!' The princess screams

' On what charge?' Kratos asks, completely lost

' You're wearing a cloak!' Soleille answers

' You are wearing a cloak.'. The minister repeats

Kratos looks at it and does not understand in what it is embarassing

' Yes, I am wearing a cloak, it is cold outside.'

' I have passed a law, bannishing cloaks, for if anyone wish to attack me, my gentlemen can protect me and draw their swords quicker.'

Kratos looks at his cloak, which is not embarrassing at all since it lets his arms free. Nevertheless, you cannot go against a princess, so he puts his cloak off and gives it to a guard.

' I start again. Good day to you, Your Majesty.'

' Guards! Arrest this man!'

' Why?'

' You are wearing purple.'

' You are wearing purple.' The minister repeats again

Kratos looks at himself.

' Yes, I am wearing purple... And I think it is suits me well.'

' I have passed a law, saying that only members of high nobility can wear purple. And you are just a mere knight.'

Kratos has no choice, if he wants to speak to the princess without any risks, he has to be in underwear, which fortunately for him is white. He is almost naked in front of the princess. He is trully ashamed. He won't be " Le Chevalier à la Charrette", but the Knight in underwear if it is going to last.

' Minister, there is a man almost naked in the throne's room, is it normal?'

' Yes Your Majesty, he had to be like this to be faithful to the law.'

' Isn't there a law against it?'

' There is one indeed.'

The Princess looks at him, overwhelmed by his body of Apollo

' We shall put an exception to it.'

And this is how Kratos entered into History for the first time, known as the only man of Tesseha'lla's court allowed to be introduces to the Princess Soleille in underwear, even less clothed devant And when Lloyd lears it by chance, in Sybak while he is doing researchs to save Colette from her illness, he does not know if he has to laugh or pitying this man who is for now his friend/ennemy.