Chapter Thirteen


The funeral pyre burned bright in a sheltered angle of the junk-yard. Two tall figures watched as the body was consumed by the voracious flames.
Dean could feel the sorrow mixed to guilt that was outpouring from his brother and he tried his best to console him by sending support through
their mind-link.

He too, felt sorrow for Adam, who had been so cruelly killed by ghouls for no other reason than the fact of being born John's son, but at the same time, no less than a day ago, albeit in demon form, he had been hell-set on bringing down Sam's wall and ripping them both to shreds; so, yeah, he felt sorry for the kid but he wasn't on any kind of guilt trip like Sam seemed to be.
He marvelled at his brother, always willing to take the blame of the world on his shoulders even when absolutely guiltless.

§ Come on, Sam. None of this is your bad things just happen. §

§ Adam had it in for me specifically Dean; after all I pulled him into the Cage. §

§ No, Sam. This, all that's happened since the day you were born, and I mean ALL of it, the Apocalypse included, not one single thing was your fault. It's all on the douche-bags in Heaven and Hell.
They set the whole destiny crap in motion and we were just designed to be pawns in their hands.
You didn't ask for the demon blood; hell, you were a baby! Neither did we ask to be the vessels for Michael and Lucifer, nor for any of the other crap that they threw at us.
They tried to separate us and make us lose our trust in one another and they nearly succeeded, but in the end, you, Sammy, overcame the devil himself and threw him right back into the Cage.
Man,you don't know how much I wanted to throw myself in right after you but I didn't, just because of that stupid promise I made you.
From now on, little brother, just so you know; whatever hole you throw yourself down I'll be right behind you. You're never leaving me like that again. §

Dean didn't have to glance at his brother to know that his eyes were brimming with tears. He felt the surge of Sam's emotions
as clearly as if they were his own.

§ Dean, I know you hate chick-flick moments and I know that you already know it, butI'm gonna say it anyway, I love you, bro. You're the best brother anyone could wish for §

§ Right back at you, Sammy. §

Dean didn't need to say anything else, the wave of love that rolled over Sam through their link was more than eloquent.

They waited in respectful silence until there was nothing left but ashes; then they made their way slowly back to the house.

Bobby was stretched out on the sofa, which for him was pretty unusual, but after a week in Adam's hands he knew he needed time
to recuperate. The demon had given him enough food and water to keep him alive but his wrists and ankles were raw from the cords and from his efforts to free himself, not to mention his back, from the hours tied to that dang chair.

He heard the door open and the boys' footsteps as they entered the sitting room.

"Hey, Bobby, how're you feeling?"
"Well, for one thing, I didn't know that this couch was so comfy. That's probably because one or both of you, usually have your asses parked on it"

"You aren't still angry with us, are you, Bobby," asked Sam.
"Nah, there's no point. You two are as stubborn as mules," Bobby shrugged.

"You could thank us that we saved you bacon," quipped Dean.

§ Shut up, Dean! You're just gonna make him mad at us again. § Sam sent through the link.

"Cocky, aren't you for a guy who just a few hours ago was gonna get ripped to shreds by his demon half-brother!" countered Bobby.

"Come on, we HAD a plan. We exorcised Adam, didn't we? Look, Bobby." From his pocket, Dean pulled out a small rectangular object wrapped in a strip of flannel.

"We knew it was a demon because of the sulphur we found on your floor, so we bought a couple of powerful mini voice-recorders
and we recited the exorcisms into them.
Then we soaked the cloth in holy water and salt, let them dry out a bit and wrapped them round the recorders."

"Yeah," bitched Sam, "Dean made me rip up one of my favourite shirts!"
"Come on, Dude, that shirt was in tatters; there was no way you were wearin' it."
"So not true! I could still have used it another couple of times, and anyway I wanted to keep it for its sentimental value!"

This time it was Dean who rolled his eyes at his brother.

"Hell, but you two never change. When are you gonna stop bickerin' like four year olds," Bobby's voice was rough but his heart was
content to hear his boys. It meant that for today, at least, they were safe and sound.

"Anyway, as I was saying before Sasquatch here interrupted, they were practically demon-proof. All we needed to do was turn them on and Adam couldn't have touched them. We got the two just in case one didn't work."

"Good job Jodie fired a clip into Adam then, otherwise your great plan would have gone up in smoke, seein' that up till then you didn't get the chance to turn them on! If she hadn't stayed behind, you could have kissed your sweet asses good-bye," snarked Bobby.

"Aw, come on, Bobby, it all ended well." Dean grinned, putting on the most innocent face he could manage, and Bobby couldn't stop the smile appearing on his own at Dean's antics.

"Yeah, we're good, chuckle-heads, we're good!"

"Sam, the pantry's bare. You feel up to going out on a food run?" asked Bobby.

"Sure, Bobby, no problem."

Dean threw Sam the Impala's keys.

§ Be careful, Sammy! Don't talk to strangers! §
§Shut up, Dean. I'm not a kid! § Sammy's virtual bitch-face slammed into his mind.

§ Ouch! There's no need to bitch like that. In my eyes you ARE a kid, a six foot four, 200 pound, wall of muscle, kid! §
He received another bitch-face for his trouble while Sam huffed out the door to the epic words of § Don't forget the pie, Sammy!§

Bobby waited until he heard the Impala roar down the yard.
"Dean, just how much does Sam remember about the Cage?"
"Why are you asking, Bobby?"

"Well, Adam told me that Sam looked after him in the Cage and distracted Lucifer's attention from the boy, taking all the torture on himself but when Sam's soul was pulled out of the pit by Death, Lucifer started in on the kid, who didn't have the resistance and got turned into a demon practically right away.
Just thought you should know that's all. Adam wanted revenge on Sam for having got out and leaving him there."

Dean's face turned pale at the thought of the torture his little brother must have endured, but at the same time his heart
was full of pride for Sam's courage.

"I don't exactly know what Sam remembers from the pit and I don't want to bring up the subject at all, in case it affects
his wall," answered a worried Dean.
" I'm glad you told me this, Bobby, but don't say anything to Sam as he'll just start blaming himself even more."

"Whatever you say, Dean," Bobby shrugged. "You know your brother better than anyone. By the way how's the whole telepathic thing going?"

"It's... " he couldn't come up with a word to describe it.
"I take it it's good then?" supplied Bobby. "Yeah, Bobby, it's real good!"

"You Winchesters; never know what you're gonna come up with next," dead-panned Bobby.


The End ( for now)