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Chapter 7.

He felt like he was floating, his body was light and he couldn't feel the ground under him. It was really warm and comfortable and he really didn't mind floating like this…

While all he could see was darkness, he could still hear people, familiar voices, talking around him. He frowned; couldn't they see he was sleeping?

But come to think of it, wasn't he supposed to be playing in a soccer game? What happened?

He could remember the fans cheering, and seeing Aoko standing in the stands, yelling eagerly and beating out the voices of anyone near her that cheered for the Teitan team. Those guys were so lucky that she didn't have her mop with her…

Then a man babbling about the game's rules but he didn't focus on it because, the only rule he knew in soccer was that you were not allowed to use hands, and that was enough for him.

But then what?

A triumph smirk, and blue eyes sparkling vividly.

Kaito's eyes flew open to come to face with a worried face of his childhood friend.

"Finally!" Aoko sighed in relief and he stared at her blankly. His mind tried to process all the things he was seeing.

He was in the school's infirmary and Aoko was asking him what was wrong. What was wrong? If he didn't know himself, what was he supposed to tell her?

"…-that Kudo guy helped carry you here, y'know," Aoko was babbling about what happened and he tried to focus but his head was throbbing like Hell. Why was it throbbing anyways? "-he offered to stay and watch you but I told him to go back to the game. And he said that he was sorry for hitting you. But what the hell, Kaito?" she glared at him pointedly and finally, her words made some sense to him.

"Why didn't you dodge the ball? You looked like you was seeing ghost!"

…Kaito blinked at her words, and he burst out laughing. He didn't know why he was laughing really, the accuracy of Aoko's words or his hope that her words were wrong, "Something like that~."

"Huh?" Aoko was taken aback but she didn't have much time to ponder what he meant as she was too busy telling him to lie down again.

"That ball looked really painful Kaito. I think you should rest more," she said worriedly but he ignored it, clutching his head while sitting up.

"How's the game going?"

"The game's finished a while ago Kaito. Both teams made two goals and the Teitan team is returning to their school, I think," Aoko asked in confusion, "But why do you want to know?"

"They're returning to their school eh?" Kaito muttered before shooting off the bed and making his way toward the door.

"Where are you going?" Aoko followed him, trying to keep up with his long strides.

He said nothing, just kept on walking and Aoko frowned at him, both offended and confused. Biting her lip and narrowing her eyes, Aoko yanked on Kaito's forearm, making the boy look back questioningly.

"Don't ignore me!" she scowled and when he blinked at her stupidly, her scowl deepened.

"Ah, sorry Aoko!" he apologized hurriedly, "But I really need to see him..." he said, and turned to continue to walk again.

"...Him?" Aoko followed, asking with utter confusion.

"Yes, him..." Kaito answered without looking back but Aoko could hear the hopeful tone in his voice, "...Someone...important to me..."

Aoko stopped dead in her tracks but Kaito kept moving forward, only one thought in mind. He didn't care that Aoko wasn't behind him anymore, the only thing that mattered was finding those blue eyes again.

And in Aoko's eyes, Kaito was officially walking out of her life. She wanted so badly to hold him back, to grab his hand and never let go so he would be by her side forever but...

He was too far away, she wouldn't be able to reach him then even if she wanted to. and from where she stood, Aoko watched as Kaito walked away from her.


His head was still throbbing as if thousands of his hyper selves were bouncing around cheerfully in his head, urg...

But his legs still did their work flawlessly, carrying him as fast as they could to the Teitan bus. He needed to see him again to be able to comfirm that he was there, alive, everyone else could see him and he was not just his mind played trick on him.

But hadn't he disappeared weeks ago? On Halloween night?

But still, his amused smirk, his sad smile, his clear blue eyes, his laughter and every detail about him just refused to leave Kaito alone and he wanted so badly to see them all again with his own eyes. And maybe this time, he could touch him without him disappearing as soon as his hand reach for his, like it had so many times in Kaito's bittersweet nightmares.

And Kaito's breath caught in his throat and he stopped in his tracks at the sight of him.

There he was, looking amused. His neat black hair and the strange cowlick were the same, his blue eyes were so alive, so clear and his skin had gained some healthy color, even though it still looked sickly pale. Sickly pale, not deathly pale.

And his lips, those beautiful lips…

Cold yet soft lips pressed against his attentively.

…were not a pale white anymore, they were a bit pink and it only made Kaito want to kiss them again even more.

And apparently, he noticed Kaito as he stopped laughing at a boy in his team to look at Kaito.

Their eyes met, indigo ones locked into cerulean ones and Kaito felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest.

Slowly, Kaito's legs automatically carried him toward the black hair boy to stand only a few inches away from him, causing all the students from the Teitan High looked at him in confusion.


It was frustrating for Shinichi. His team had a tie with the Ekoda High just because he couldn't focus on the game and failed to make a goal twice.

And he didn't even know why the heck he couldn't concentrate but after he had helped carry the boy on the rival team to the infirmity, he just couldn't shake the other boy off of his mind.

The other boy, Kaito, looked startlingly like him and maybe that was because he was shocked. That had to be it, finding his not-twin here that made him lose focus, not this feeling clawing at his stomach. Right?

But as he looked at the other's sleeping face, well, he wasn't exactly sleeping but it was his fault too! Who would stand still for the ball to his their face? Shinichi felt like he should know this person. Should, but he didn't. It was their first meeting wasn't it? And he only knew his name was Kaito because a girl that looked like Ran a lot, told him so.

Kaito… the name rolled off his tongue with so much familiarly, as if this wasn't the first time he had said it.

Yes, it was certainly frustrating.

And now, he was standing face to face with his not-twin, who was looking at him hopefully, and was that… longing?

Very slowly, Kaito's trembling hand rose up to touch his cheek, tracing down his jaw line, before his thumb brushed Shinichi's lips gently. Shinichi wanted to step back and swat that hand away, before giving him a swift kick but he just couldn't. His mind protested but his body embraced the touch, making him lean into it slightly.

For a moment, the hand stayed still and then, it fell back to the owner's side as Kaito gave a content sigh.

"Uhm…." Shinichi cleared his throat as his not-twin looked like he wasn't going to say anything any time soon. "Sorry for hitting you before, I didn't mean to, I mean, anyone would have dodge it…"

And Shinichi shifted uneasily as Kaito blinked.

"Ah, it's okay!" Shinichi blinked at the cheerful tone, "It was just because I was too happy to see you, Ghost-san! And you have name now eh? Kudo Shinichi…"


"…Ghost-san?" Shinichi looked up blankly and the other looked slightly taken aback by his confused answer.

"Ah! I mean I should call you Kudo-kun now eh? Or Shinichi-kun…oh wait, it's too long…hm…" and Kaito tapped his chin thoughtfully, ignoring the confused look Shinichi was throwing at him.

"Okay! Shin-chan that is!" he declared and grinned cheerfully. Too cheerful and eager for Shinichi's taste, "It sounds both cute and short and easy to call too!"

Shinichi stiffened, who the heck was this guy again? Why the heck was he acting like they were friends, and close friends too?

And ignoring the whispers around him, Shinichi scowled.

"Look, I'm sorry for hurting you before but seriously, who the hell are you and who gives you permission to call me by first name? Let alone that stupid name?"

Kaito blinked at him, "What are you talking about? I mean, I'm Kaito, don't you remember me?"

Shinichi narrowed his eyes, "I know your name's Kaito, you friend told me. But why should I remember you when I've never met you before?"

The other boy stepped back in surprise, "…Never met?"

"Yes, never," Shinichi agreed, feeling a bit guilty at the lost look on the other's face.

But then, those violet eyes narrowed.

"What do you mean by never? We've met before! I'm sure," Kaito said, folding his arms, "And I don't like this joke, Ghos-Shin-chan."

"I'm not joking!" Shinichi also folded his arms and they both looked at each other with narrowing eyes.

For a long moment, they stood still, glaring into each other's eyes. And then, Kaito sighed.

"Well...maybe you don't remember..." He said, smiling softly, "And I have a good theory why though it sounds ridiculous...But well, we've met, Shin-chan."

Gently, he placed his finger under Shinichi's chin and lifted the other boy's face up.

"And we did kiss," Kaito smirked and leaned in, enjoying the blush that was quickly lifted on Shinichi's cheeks.


"...A good-bye kiss...," and he pressed his lips against Shinichi's lips chastely, ignoring the sounds all the students were making.

Blue eyes widened and suddenly, images of his dreams flashed across his head in quick motions but unlike before, they were clear, as if he was watching a movie.

"I want a goodbye kiss."

And when Kaito's lips left his, Shinichi's eyes were opened wide.

"But this is a promise kiss. That I'll make you remember the time we spent together," and he pulled Shinichi into his arms, the other boy leaned against him limply, "I don't know if they were precious to you but they are to me. And I'll make sure you remember them."

Then he pushed Shinichi to look at his face with a determinate expression.

"And even if you don't remember on your own, I'll tell you...once you are mine," smirking widely at the blush on the other's face, "Until then, wait for me, Shin-chan."

And he walked away, leaving Shinichi with his blush and the other students gaping at him.

"Kuroba Kaito never goes back on his promise! Remember that, Shin-chan!" not turning around, Kaito raised one arm up and yelled back cheerfully.

...And Shinichi cursed himself for hoping it was true.


Slowly, Aoko dragged her feet up the stairs to the Clock Tower's rooftop. And when she pushed the door open, there was a white figure waiting for her.

"Ah-ah, you're late today, Ojou-san," KID chided playfully and Aoko rolled her eyes.

"...Hey KID," she began, her voice wavered a bit, "I hate you, you know that, right?"

KID looked at her in confusion, "Of course, you hate me, Ojou-san. But care to tell me why you're bringing it up today?"

Aoko said nothing, only kept walking toward KID, who stepped back nervously.

"...So I won't be coming here anymore..." she said quietly and KID blinked.

"Seeing you reminds me too much of him, y'know," she smiled, "So I don't think I should see you anymore. I'm a strong girl, I'll get over this soon...But..."

Aoko was dangerously close to KID but he fought back the urge to fly away.

And in a blink of eyes, she buried her face into his chest, making the thief looked down at the top of her head with wide eyes.

"...For tonight...can you please..." a hard choke, "...Just l-let me cry? I p-promise I w-will be strong t-tomorrow, I'll forget h-him tomorrow..."

KID's eyes softened and he pat her back comfortingly, "Cry, Ojou-san."

And cry, Aoko did.



...The cold air hit their skin, making the neat haired one shiver slightly.

A warm coat was soon placed on his shoulders and he looked up to see his partner grin at him cheerfully.

Smiling back gratefully, he looked around, his eyes softened.

"This is the last place we went to for our date, Shin-chan," Kaito, his partner, said cheerfully and Shinichi was soon pulled into the other's arms.

"...Is that so?" Shinichi asked and he could feel Kaito nod against his neck.

"...I remember the place but still not exactly what happened...sorry."

"It's okay, you'll remember soon enough," Kaito whispered back softly.

"...Still, we come here every year but I still can't remember anything..." Shinichi shook his head, sighing disappointedly.

Kaito only gave a chuckle in respond and warped his arms tighter around Shinichi, "How long has it been again?"

"...Around five years, I think. Since the day you kissed me in front of my classmates," Shinichi leaned back and smiled bemusedly, "I'm seriously wondering why I didn't kick you back then."

"Well, it's because you know you love me~," the magician grinned cheerfully and turned Shinichi around to gazed into his eyes lovingly.

"...Happy Halloween, Shin-chan." He leaned in to kiss the other just as the clock chimed midnight.

This time, those soft lips remained press to his even when the bell stopped ringing. He was sure, this was real, this was not a dream any more and Shinichi would be by his side forever. And next year he would come here again, kiss his Shin-chan again just to reassure himself over again and again.

And Kaito smiled against those lips.

...Yes, a Happy Halloween, indeed.

xxxxxX End Xxxxxx

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