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Tyler Durden where can I start with him? If there was a king of the world this man would be sat in the throne. I'll remember the first day at fight club him stood in the middle talking to us the silence in that hot sweaty room was so quiet all except him. My life used to be a black hole before I joined fight club but now I feel life again. My friend Marc came and said you should come I gave in almost straight away. That first fight was something I will never forget. I lost two teeth for it. It was most indefinitely worth it.

Now my life seems so mundane when I am not fighting I go to fight club every single day now all because otherwise I will fall into the hole. I still go to my shrink but he's bullshit Tyler is so much better he understands everyone's pain all he needs to do is say something to you or do something to you and you will feel better.

So my first fight I fought this guy with blonde hair I don't know his name but he kicked the crap out of me at first but soon I took control and got my own back. Then Tyler came over to me he said,

"Hope your first fight was good it looked great. Now you know what will happen in later fights."

I went out of the bar feeling free the black and white colours became vivid colours, I felt like I had when I was a child again. Before the depression hit that big black cloud I had felt I tried to kill me self last year round Christmas time it would have been a gift to the world. I'm on drugs; got a shrink, support everything you could think of! Now I know what actually works though! I did it because my life was taken over by drugs thanks to my ex girlfriend Marla she did weed but controlled how very unlike me who became addicted to heroine and nearly ended my life with heroine.

Now this is my fifth fight but my fourteenth time going you don't have to fight to feel good you just have to go! After this fight against I guy with tits called bob Tyler actually went up to me!

"Hey! You there! What's your name and where do you work, because the time I have seen you fight they have been brilliant you can defiantly throw a punch."

I stood there like a nutcase jaw wide open until my brain told me to wake up and answer the goddamn question.

"My name is Andrew Parker and I work as a sales representative in Grayhill Department Store. Why?"

"Why are you questioning my authority you want to be part of fight club then you got to know who's the boss and the rules. I'll answer your question just this one time I simply thought you used to be a wrestler or boxer or something like that. Here is your homework by the way."

He then walked away from me I knew the boss from that day on and that Tyler Durden actually approved of me!