Gunman alert!

Chapter 1

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Mum started to attend her doctors appointments regularly and dad sent money every couple of months to help mum and I. Dad had divorced mum when Jamie and I were born. The bad news was that I started to develop what mum had. She had manic depression which made her scared of doctors and also made her completely bonkers sometimes. She always had squabbles with me and Jamie.

Jamie was a stillborn baby but seemed to be alive with me all through my life. He was my twin-brother. I could see Jamie everywhere so could everybody else, which was quite weird. One summer's day, I was doing my hair ready to go to school and Jamie was getting his schoolbag ready. Mum came to me and said "I'm going to be late tonight; I'm going to the club. I'll only be a day or two, no more."

I turned and looked at Jamie; he stared at me in anger with his big, beady eyes. He shook his head and mouthed 'no!' I then turned back and looked at mum she was pretending to cry like a baby, so I gave up like all the time;

"Ok, but don't be too late in the morning, you better be here before we set off to go to school," I said, sighing.

Mum waved at us and stood at the door, watching us walk together. Then she slammed the door. I was trying to avoid Jamie because I knew he would tell me off.

"Why do you give up on mum all the time, I can't stand it anymore, we need to show her how we feel!" he shouted. Ashley Kay was at the school gate probably waiting to bully me and push me around as usual. I walked straight past her, but then she pulled me in.

Spitting and screaming in my face she said "how's your mental bloody mother? Nice jumper your dad buy it for you? Oh wait! He doesn't want ya, at least my dad's still here, watching me grow up unlike some people. Oh yeah and also where's your backup Jamie? He's probably lookin' after that mental mum of yours."

"Don't say that about my mum and dad," I muttered.

"What did you say worm?" screamed Charlotte, her 'secretary' bully.