The cat didn't wake up the next day, or the next. She used those days to get stocked up on food. She could imagine an animal that size being hungry when it woke up, and she didn't want him picturing a giant steak when he looked at her. She wasn't sure what he'd eat, being a were, so she bought a couple of whole sheep from the butcher, as well as loads of human food. It made a dent in her savings, but it was the least she could do for the man who'd protected her when he was already in such bad shape. She was just glad she had room in her freezer for the sheep. It was an old model, with the lid on the top, and coated in something like plastic to make it seem like one of those old cheap counter-tops.

On the third morning, she was stretching and yawning when she noticed that one of the animal's eyes was open. He was watching her. She froze. She'd been thinking about what to do when he woke up. She wasn't sure how human his mind was when he was in animal form. The legends said weres had no control over themselves whilst animals, but she'd already learnt that only a tiny portion of the legends were right. The trouble was, she didn't know which portions. She decided that if he was more animal than human, she wasn't going to be able to get away in time anyway, so she'd just have to take a chance and hope he was safe.

"Hello. I'm Phoenix, the woman you rescued. You're safe, you're in my house. Do you remember me?" The tiger closed its eye and huffed. Then, suddenly, it wasn't a tiger anymore. It was a naked man. It was the same gorgeous man from before. Phoenix looked away, blushing, while he pulled his old blanket around his hips. He opened his eyes and tried to smile, but he was clearly still in pain. "I remember you, sort of. My memory is a little fuzzy at the moment. You don't need to be afraid of me when I'm in animal form; I promise I won't hurt you. It's still me inside, I just look different. Where is this place?"

She smiled at him. "This is my home, on Clarkson Avenue. We're in the garage. It wasn't easy getting you here. I hope the winch and the chain didn't break anything. I couldn't get it around you properly because I couldn't lift you. I could barely lift one of your paws. You're amazing." "Don't worry, I'll be fine. My kind heals much faster than humans." Zaraki couldn't understand it. "Why are you helping me? Why aren't you more afraid of me?"

"You protected me from those Daemon things. You wouldn't have done that if you were a bad person, or if you wanted to hurt me. If you were going to hurt me, you would've done it before. Why on Earth would I be afraid of someone who protected me? That makes no sense." "But you know what I am." "I have no idea what you are, and I couldn't care less. You can turn into a giant cat and dust Daemons, but I have no idea what that makes you, other than some type of were."

Just then his stomach gave a growl which would've put a tiger to shame. "Hungry?" "A little." "I wasn't sure what you eat, so I got loads of raw meat, as well as loads of human food. Which do you prefer?" "I'd like the human food, please. I'll eat the meat too, if it's cooked." "Alright. I'm not sure how to cook whole sheep, but I'll figure something out." "I could show you how to roast them on a spit." "I'd appreciate that." "You tended my wounds too, didn't you?" The sudden change of topic surprised her, but she answered him. "Yes, I did everything I could. I'm a nurse. I hope you don't mind, I had to shave some of the fur on your back. You needed stitches." "That's alright; it'll be there again the next time I transform. I'm sorry, I need to rest some more. Being in this form is tiring for me." "That's fine. I'll go get the food ready for you."