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Chapter 1

Privet Drive, How anyone could expect Harry to consider this home was above and beyond him. He hated this place it made him feel sick to his stomach. But he had nowhere else to go. Not since Sirius. Sirius Black, his beloved Godfather who was his only family that he had left; what was there to hope for now? Bellatrix Lestrange destroyed his last chance at happiness.

Harry looked at the small clock on his pathetic excuse for a bedroom. 10 pm. The Dursley's had locked his door at 8. What's worse is that he didn't even get the chance to have anything to eat. No they did not believe that he should be allowed to eat every day. He only had one other option to get some food he only prayed that Hermione would not be to angry with him.

"Dobby?" Harry whispered

A small pop later and the little elf was by Harry's side jumping around for joy

"The great Harry Potter has called Dobby! Dobby is very honoured what can Dobby do for you sir?" He asked excitedly

"Hello Dobby, I was wondering if you could get me something to eat the door is locked and if the Dursley's find out that I've taken food from their kitchen I will be locked in here for a week" Harry replied looking at the door and the little elf

"Dobby will be right back sir!" he said as he vanished to reappear a minute later with a tray full of food. An entire roast dinner and another tray full of snacks and drinks to keep him going for a good few days

"Dobby thank you so much!" Harry said as he went into his money pouch pulled at a few galleons and went to hand them to Dobby

"Oh no sir Dobby cannot accept your money sir Dobby could never accept any money from Harry Potter" Dobby said pushing the money away. Harry didn't give up that easily however

"Go on Dobby your my friend and trust me you deserve this money. Besides if you don't accept this money then I'm going to have hell to pay if Hermione finds out" Dobby said placing the money in his hand

"You are too kind Harry Potter sir!" Dobby said pocketing the money. Dobby snapped his fingers and the room also became impeccably clean. All clothes were cleaned and hung in the wardrobe and all rubbish was thrown away. Harry smiled at Dobby whilst he began to eat. He offered Dobby some food who after some more careful negotiations agreed and began to snack on some pumpkin pastry's.

"Harry Potter Sir?" Dobby asked after they had finished eating

"Dobby just call me Harry" He replied

"Yes sir I mean Harry, forgive me for asking but are you aware that there are several compulsion charms which have been placed on yourself and your magnificent owl?" Dobby asked admiring the snowy owl.

"What compulsion charms are they Dobby and how do you know?"

"An elf can sense the wizards magic, yours in particular has several different compulsion charms on them I cannot detect exactly what they are but I can tell you that your owl has been hexed into not collecting any of your mail and to not take any of your letters to your intended recipients" Dobby replied

"What! So someone has hexed Hedwig to bring all my mail to them instead of whoever I send them to? Dobby can you remove the compulsion?" Harry asked

"Yes sir I can however I regret that I will not be able to remove your compulsion charms. The Goblins or Gringotts might be able to help you though" Dobby replied as his little hand pointed at Hedwig. She must have known she was being compelled because as soon as Dobby finished Hedwig took off out the window after a quick nip at Dobby's fingers as if to say thank you.

"Dobby who could have put such a hex on Hedwig?" Harry asked watching his bird fly away

"Dobby does not know however in order for such a hex to be placed the caster must have been able to get very close to her and even touch her"

Harry's mind was in full swing he was trying to work out who could have done such a thing. However tiredness was overtaking him. Something that Dobby recognised easily

"Harry Potter you must get some rest I shall set protective charms around your room so that your awful relatives do not disturb you. As for hygiene I shall use elf magic which is undetectable by the ministry to create you a small bathroom of your own. Sleep sir Dobby shall return in the morning"

Harry thanked Dobby and lay on his lumpy bed. He feel into sleep quickly and for the first time in a long while was able to sleep without dreams.

50 miles away. Hermione Granger was at her desk finishing her 5th letter to Harry, she began to get worried. Why wasn't he responding to her letters? Had something happened?

She saw in the distant the sorely missed sight of Hedwig approaching her window. She opened it fully for the beautiful bird to enter.

"hey girl I missed you where have you been the last month?" she asked stroking her and handing her some treats

She knew she wasn't going to get an answer so she decided to try something else.

"Has Harry seen any of the letters that I've wrote him the last month?"

The look in Hedwig's eye told her he hadn't.

"Would you mind hanging around until morning so that I can recreate the letters that I wrote before and then take him to him tomorrow morning. Harry always did say that if it was late you should stay here to get some rest" Hermione said pointing to the small perch that she had set up at the start of her summer

A nip from Hedwig gave her the answer that she needed. So setting her up with some water and treats Hermione got to work recreating the letters. It's a good thing that her memory is as good as it has ever been.

An hour later she crawled into bed. "Goodnight Hedwig" She said Hedwig hooted. Hermione smiled and then smiled.

"Good night Harry. I hope your ok"

Hermione fell to sleep quickly after.

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