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That holiday turned out to be the best three weeks of Harry's life, he was able to experience the childhood he never had and more importantly he was able to share it with the people that mattered most to him, Tonks and Remus also found out some incredible news as well, Tonks had fallen pregnant Remus had asked Harry to be the god father and he was all too willing to oblige.

Dan and Emma were also blessed by a miracle Emma had been feeling ill so Harry suggested that they cast a sickness detection spell, Hermione cast it but couldn't find anything wrong with her mum, she wasn't sick. It was the following day that Emma realised something, she was two weeks late for her period, screaming for Hermione and Dan she asked Hermione to cast a pregnancy charm, Hermione cast the charm and her stomach glowed blue. Even though they had been told that it was impossible for them to have more children fate intervened and blessed them with a new edition to their family.

Harry and Hermione were offered jobs at Hogwarts Harry teaching Defence against the Dark Arts whilst Hermione was taking over from Professor McGonagall as the Transfiguratio teacher, Neville of course was offered the Herbology position when Professor Sprout decided to step down, what surprised every was Draco, not only had he turned his life around but he was now teaching Potions and he was doing a damn fine job of it. When the four of them asked why they were being offered such jobs with no work experiece Professor McGonagall's reply was simple.

"I think you have more than enough experience considering the mammoth tasks that you have taken on during your time at Hogwarts"

It was a winters day when Harry decided to put his plan into motion. He sent a message with Dobby to ask Hermione to meet him down by the lake where they spent many of their days both as students and as teachers. When Hermione made her way down there she found Harry in his Animagus form and also a broom stick, luckily she wasn't as pessimistic about flying as she used to be, mounting the broom stick she flew up with Harry who with the help of Professor McGonagall was able to transform back into his human form whilst in mid air and then jump onto the broom which Hermione was currently flying after a well deserved telling off by Hermione Harry took control of the broom and flew them back down to the ground, he sat Hermione down on a rock and knelt before her.

"Hermione I was never any good at words, I always found a way to avoid speaking about what really mattered to me, that was until you called me on it, you told me many years ago that you would always be there for me and now I want to be able to give you the same promise, if you let me I will spend the rest of my life making you as happy as what you make me every single second I'm with you, so with that in mind will you Hermione Granger do me the supreme and utter most honour of becoming my wife?" Harry got his answered in the form of a high pitch squeal and a very intense make out session.

15 Years Later

Harry walked through the corridors of Hogwarts with the same sense of pride that he had felt for many years, this castle was the first place that felt like home to him and he still retained that notion to this very day.

"Hello husband" Hermione said sneaking up on him, she still looked as beautiful as she did the day he married her.

"Hello wife" He replied wrapping his arms around her, they held each other for a few minutes before Hermione told him what she came to tell him

"The students have arrived Harry we should make our way down to the great hall" She smiled, Harry nodded and took his wife's hand.

"Nervous?" He asked Hermione half smiled.

"What was your first clue?" She asked sarcastically Harry simply smiled.

The two of them entered the hall and Hermione went out to greet the students she still used the same speech she had heard the first time she walked through the doors, 'your house is your family' that speech she felt helped turn her into the woman she was today. As the new first years walked in Harry's eyes fell onto two people, Lily and James, Harry and Hermione's son and daughter the two were twins and were starting their first year together. As they approached the sorting hat Hermione rolled down the scroll.

"Lucy Abbot" Hufflepuff

"Ben Bates" Ravenclaw

"Carrie-Anne Finigan" Gryffindor

"Scorpius Black" Hufflepuff

"Lily Emma Potter" Gryffindor

"James Sirius Potter" Gryffindor

After the sorting Hermione sat back down and Harry stood and approached the podium.

"To those of you who have just been sorted I and the rest of the staff welcome you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry I am Professor Potter, headmaster, to those who are returning to us I bid you a welcome return, now let us tuck in to the feast" Harry clapped his hands and the food appeared, Harry was certain he heard a young girl proclaim;

"It's magical"

And it really was.


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