He's back.

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"C'mon Videl you can do it," said Gohan urging his girlfriend on.

"I'm trying Gohan, I'm trying," said Videl as sweat poured down her brow.

"You've almost got it," said Gohan as Videl's knees began to buckle. "Just a little bit further."

"This isn't as easy as it looks you know," said Videl as her eyes shot towards Gohan as her tail thrashed wildly, mimicking the rage that the owner was feeling.

"I can make it easier on you if you want," offered Gohan.

"I've got to do this on my own," said Videl through clenched teeth as she pushed as hard as she could. As her legs straightened out she realised that she had done it.

"Congratulations girl," mocked Vegeta from the side of the gravity chamber watching the whole display. "You were able to lift a car weighing just half a tonne, over your head in ten times Earth's gravity, very impressive."

"Not all of us can survive in three hundred times gravity Vegeta," said Gohan as he took the car off of Videl's hands, allowing her to rest her strained arms. "After eight months of training I believe that Videl's come along way."

"No thanks to you," said Videl glaring daggers at Vegeta.

"It's because you're trying to get strong quick the wrong way, brat give me one day with her and the green bean in the Time Chamber and I'll make her strong. All it takes is a day," offered Vegeta.

"A day for me means a year's worth of suffering for her," said Gohan as he pressed the required button to capsualized the vehicle in his hands. There was a brief puff of smoke before he caught the small blue capsule that was used as a training weight.

"Wait a second Gohan, what's this offer and why haven't I heard about it before. If I can get as strong as you guys in a day that would be incredible," said Videl wondering why she had only just learnt of this.

"You would get stronger easy, but nowhere near as strong as us," said Vegeta as he stepped forward. "Tell her somewhere that isn't in here brat, I want to at least get some training done before the weaklings on this planet arrive."

"Alright, alright," said Gohan waving off the Saiyan Prince as he and Videl made their way out of the room. Closing the door, he pressed the preset button which pushed the gravity within the chamber up to Vegeta's weight of choice. Of course it was all voice activated from the inside but only once the program started.

"So what's this secret training his highness was talking about?" asked Videl as she wiped the sweat off her forehead with a towel.

"Saiyans get stronger when they recover from taking damage," explained Gohan as the two of them began to walk side by side, their tails unconsciously wrapping around one another. "Vegeta wants to take you to a room where one day lasts a whole year in a warped dimension, then he would spend a year mercilessly beating you within an inch of your life so that each time you recovered you would become stronger. Not only that, but he wishes to take Dende in there with you so each time you get hurt you can be healed instantly."

"I suddenly see why you never thought it was a good idea," admitted Videl, terrified of the thought of being at Vegeta's mercy for a year. However she could imagine the benefits of being alone with Gohan for a year.

"Exactly, now go and have a shower before mum gets here," said Gohan as they reached the bathroom.

"Alright, alright," said Videl walking onto the tiled floor, pulling her sweaty shirt off in the process. As she finished undressing and stepped into the shower and allowed the water to flow onto her body, she couldn't help but be amazed by all that had happened within the past twelve months. She learnt that she was part of a nearly extinct race, despite the fact it only took up a quarter of her DNA. This DNA allowed her to do things which were impossible to think of, including the fact that she could now control her own energy to the point where she could fly at the same rate as one of the two seater jets she used to fly around in. Yet most of all she was happy for the friends she had made, no longer being known only as Hercule's daughter. She was her own person, and that brought a smile to her face.


"Hey everybody," said Krillen cheerfully as he and Eighteen landed on the soft grass that surrounded Capsule Corp with Marron in his arms.

"Hey Krillen," said Yamcha looking at the ex-monk.

"Daddy, can I go play with Goten and Trunks," asked the little blonde girl.

"Just don't do anything too rough," said Krillen as he placed his daughter on the ground before she ran off to find her two closest friends.

"Be careful," said Eighteen in a motherly tone.

"Don't worry, I imagine my younger self won't do anything dangerous," said Mirai before he tapped a finger to his chin. "Unless of course they have the brilliant idea of pranking Vegeta again."

"I don't think they're going to be trying that for a while," chuckled Bulma as she remembered the sight of her husband with pink hair. In all actuality she still had some of the photos from that day and pulled them out every now and again for a laugh. "I know Piccolo won't come to this but do any of you guys know if Tien or Chaiotzu are coming?"

"Doubt it, Tien's not the easiest person to get in contact with," said Krillen as he took a seat at the table, Yamcha draping his arm around the much smaller man.

"How's life been without having to mark homework every night?" he asked.

"All I have to say is that the summer break is great," exclaimed Krillen as Eighteen followed Bulma back inside to help bring out some more food.

"You're a sports teacher, do you even set homework?" asked Mirai which managed to get a chuckle out of the baseball player.

"I'll have you know that I give each of my students a regieme that will push each one of them to the limit," said Krillen leaning against the bench.

"He doesn't set us anything," said Gohan stepping outside without Videl who had offered to help the girls in the kitchen.

"Hey Gohan, what's been happening?" asked Yamcha as Krillen sulked at his moment being shattered.

"Not much, enjoying the peace before heading off to college," he said as he took a seat next to Mirai.

"Is Chichi forcing you to go or is this your choice alone?" asked Krillen knowing full well that Chichi had forced books down Gohan's throat since he was a little boy.

"Well I want to do something constructive in these times of peace," said Gohan putting his hands behind the back of his head.

"Jeez, you make it sound like we're going to be attacked within any day now," said Yamcha.

"Please don't say that guys," said Krillen fearing the thought of another strong enemy.

"Don't worry, what are the odds that something is up there right now heading straight towards us?" asked Mirai hypothetically.

"You've gone and jinxed us all," whined Krillen not wanting to die another time.

"Relax buddy, nothing's going to happen," said Gohan reassuringly. "Anyway, who'd be crazy enough to mess with a Saiyan?"

"You're sounding a lot like my father," said Mirai looking at the Son boy.

"I know, it's getting ridiculous," complained Gohan burying his face in his hands.

"How long has it been since you two sparred?" asked Yamcha.

"Eighteen hours," answered Gohan. "I'm surprised he hasn't asked for another one since." The boys were just about to comment on that before the door opened to reveal all the ladies holding several dishes of food.

"Lunch is up boy's," said Chichi cheerfully as she placed the gourmet delights in front of the men.

"You want to go get your father?" Bulma asked of her son who reluctantly complied.

"Hey Videl," said Gohan as Videl took the now vacant seat.

"Miss me?" she asked innocently despite the fact they had only been apart for a couple of minutes.

"Don't you know it," said Gohan lightly kissing her, causing doves to fly above his mother's eyes. As the Saiyan Prince and the children came out to enjoy the feast, they all couldn't help but feel content with how the state of peace they were currently in.


"Mam, we have reached his last known location!" exclaimed the grunt saluting the leader of the spacecraft.

"This is where he was last seen, how is that possible when the planet is still there?" she asked in curiosity.

"You think he might have finally settled down?" asked another one.

"Impossible, that beast is a tyrant with only conquest on his mind, there is no way he would have settled on some backwater planet like this," she said as she looked out of the window at the planet below her. "Locate the highest power source and land there immediately."

"Yes mam!" saluted all of the staff as they feverishly went about doing their work. Meanwhile the commander looked out the window at the blue and green planet, knowing full well that she was going to get revenge on the one that had nearly destroyed her race.

"I will show you the power you always feared you tyrant, the fear that made you destroy our planet," she said as she clenched her fist, her nails digging into her skin. "Mark my words, I will have my revenge," she swore as her tail hung limply by her side.


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