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We were stuck in a freaking dome.

Iggy was the first to find out not to touch it. He had flown straight into it. And straight back out.

He fell into Total, and Total fell into Angel… In short, it was a birdkid pileup.

"Don't touch that thing." Iggy said unnecessarily.

I pushed Gazzy off me gingerly. Don't want to set him off.

"Really?" I asked Iggy.

"Yeah, it hurts."

"Iggy, I'm rolling my eyes." I said.

"You didn't touch it! I didn't think you knew!"

"Whatever." I said, "Now that we're on the ground, we might as well walk."

Assorted groans from the Flock.

"I see a sign!" Nudge said after a bit.

"What does it say?" Iggy asked.

"Coates Academy." Nudge told him.

"What, do they teach coats proper etiquette? Where are we?" Iggy asked.

"Somewhere in California." I said, "And it's spelled C-o-a-t-e-s."

"So…Old English coats." he said.

I sighed in exasperation.

"Let's go check it out, guys." I said.

We walked up to the gate, which happened to be open. So, we went to the school.

There was a boy with dark hair standing in the doorway.

"I'm Caine," he said, "Welcome to Coates."

None of the Coates kids were shocked by the poof, really.

There…Gone. They didn't think much of it. After they discovered it was everyone over the age of fifteen, Caine stood on one of the desks to make a speech.

"People of Coates!" he said, eyes shining, "For some reason, the world has decided to bless us with the sudden disappearance of adults. Yes," he said, putting up a hand, "I know some of you think it's a curse. But you should reconsider. Why do you think you're here? Because adults couldn't put up with you! And now they're gone, the world is ours. Together, we can rule the world. Together, we can conquer. But only together. I hope you take my suggestion seriously. At nightfall, you guys can vote."

He got off the desk. Diana met him, eyebrows raised.

"Impressive stuff," she said, "You come up with that on the spot?"

"Always." Caine said, smiling, "The world is OURS!" he yelled, palms raised, causing a lighting fixture to fall.

"Whoops." he said quietly. Everyone was out of the classroom, though, so it didn't really matter.

"Well, Fearless Leader, how are we going to rule the world?" Diana asked.

"Not quite…Why'd you call me that?"

"Felt like it. So, plan?"

"Not yet…" he said, distracted, "Hey, there are people coming!"

"Then go out and recruit more to your cause." Diana said.

"You're into this." Caine said.

"No," she said airily, "I'm just mocking you."

She left Caine staring at the ground. When she was gone, Caine shoved a desk against the wall.

Then, anger aside, he went to meet the new people.

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