Chapter Two


Chris bounced happily towards the kitchen knowing Piper would be angry if he was late to dinner, but happy to see the woman anyway. He had now been deaged for a week and he'd managed to keep his identity from Piper by gluing himself to his Aunt Phoebe whenever she wasn't at work and leaving Piper and Wyatt aloe except for at lunch.

Suddenly he bumped into a very solid pair of legs in the doorway to the kitchen, sending him flying so he landed on the floor knocking his head hard against the leg of the table.

"Oopsh, sowwy Weo," Chris said mournfully as he scrambled to his feet a few tears escaping the corners of his eyes at the pain in his head.

"Hey it's okay little guy, let me see if you've got a bump you hit your head pretty hard." Leo said kindly lifting Chris from the flood as Piper stepped out of the kitchen.

"Stop treating him like a child, he's a grown man." Piper snapped as she began putting dishes on the table.

"With the emotions and mentality of a four year old!" Leo argued, he amy not be best friends with Chris but from the way he was clinging to him Piper had been less than her usual "pleasant" self to him since the change.

"I don't care now put him down so he can go and wash up again, I don't want grimy little fingers at my table." Piper growled glaring at both Leo and Chris now.

"Mommy why do you hate me now?" Chris asked suddenly, a horrified expression coming over his face as if he couldn't believe he had just let such information slip.

"Why did you just call me mommy?" Piper asked fear lodging in her stomach, Chris couldn't be her son, he just couldn't she would know and she would never treat her baby how she had been treating Chris since he came from the future. It was simply impossible.

Chris' eyes grew wide at her question and he locked his jaw refusing to look at either Piper or Leo, which was much harder than he would have expected with Leo holding him.

"Chris are we your parents?" Leo asked quietly trying to coax the correct answer out of the little boy in his arms.

"Maybwe," Chris muttered quietly flinching at the silence that followed his answer, hoping up on hope that Piper wouldn't say he was lying and throw him out to his own devices in his vulnerable state.

"Sowwy," he said quickly bursting into tears when he noticed Pipers look of horror, sure that it was because she had an awful son that she was going to hate and that she would have to pretend she like for the rest of her life.

"Oh no don't cry peanut!" Piper cried pulling him away from Leo so fast the elder wasn't even sure what had happened, she cradled the sobbing boy to her chest rocking him slowly as she tried to make it better. "Shh, it's okay peanut, mommy's got you. Everything's going to be alright!"

"B-buwt yew hate me!" Chris sobbed even as he curled into the woman helplessly.

"No, peanut I don't hate you. I could never hate you, I'm sorry I've been such a bad mommy and I don't have any excuse because you were being so big and brave coming back to save your brother and I just couldn't see that so I was mean." Piper cried holding her baby boy closer if at all possible.

"Peanut?" Leo asked raising an eyebrow in confusion and letting a chuckle escape through all the tension that had been building in the room.

"He's small like a peanut and he likes peanut butter, is there something wrong with the name?" Piper growled glaring at the man as Chris finally began to settle down so that only a few tears here and there made their way down his face.

"Nope none at all…So what's for dinner? I know I'm starving and after all this Drama Chris is probably famished." Leo said prying the boy away from Piper unsure of who was holding tighter.

"Yesh Weo," Chris said glumly as he was taken from his mother's warm embrace.

"How come she gets mommy and I get Leo? I am your daddy aren't I?" Leo asked confused.

"Teknifkwy…but yew wike Wynet bettew." Chris said sadly hoping the man wouldn't get mad at him.

"Oh jeez, I'm a bad father, you must hate me. That's why you never talk to me unless you have to. Well I'm not going to be a bad daddy to you this time around, got it buddy?" Leo said determination leaking through every fiber of his being.

"Uh huh," Chris agreed but his lack of confidence in the man was clear.

"As soon as we're done with dinner me and you will go and see the elders and tell them I need to go back to being just a whitelighter. I never should have accepted the position of being an elder anyway."

"Weawy?" Chris asked eyes wide at the prospect of going "up there" and having a daddy.

"Really, now let's eat!" Leo agreed grinning as Chris' tummy growled.


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