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Music Man

Zib sat on the underground stage, long legs dangling over the side as he absentmindedly played the saxophone. Old sheet music was carelessly strewn across the polished wood as if the whole pile had been tossed in the air out of frustration. He ignored Ivy as she lifted herself onto the stage, tiny feet dangling next to his. She bobbed her head along to the tune, eyes closed as she took a moment to simply enjoy the sad, slow music. She knew better than to interrupt the man when he was playing, especially during a song like that.

"So, whatcha playing?" she asked after the final note had finished echoing throughout the empty cavern.

He put down the instrument, careful not to dent its polished surface. "At the moment, nothin'. I'm tryin' to figure out what the band should play tonight, but so far I've got nothin'. It feels like we've played everything we know."

She nodded sympathetically. "I know that feeling. There are days when I want to sit back and read, but I feel like I've read every book I own."

"Yeah, and Atlas wants us to play something special tonight."

Brow wrinkling in confusion, she wracked her internal calendar dedicated to special occasions. Nothing was standing out. "What's tonight?"

"His and Mitzi's anniversary."

"I thought that was last month?"

"That was their wedding anniversary. This is the anniversary of the day they met; the day the band first played for him." Zib grimaced at the bittersweet memory. It had been a great show, and Mitzi had never looked better. And sure, it had gotten him and the boys steady work, but in the process he lost Mitzi. Atlas had been smitten by the end of the first song, and what Atlas May wants, he gets.

Ivy frowned at the musician's sour mood. She was probably one of the few people around who noticed Zib's lingering feelings for the proprietress, and it upset her more than she'd like to admit. Zib and Ms. Mitzi reminded her of a sort of tragic fairy tale, where the poor musician loses his lady-love to the dashing and wealthy prince. It was so romantic, the way he stuck around for Ms. Mitzi, even if it meant watching her happily married to another man.

Zib had always been nice to her, playing any song she requested, helping her with her bags when she came to visit, and he once tried to teach her the clarinet. That lesson hadn't gone so well, but it was the thought that counted. He had become like a big brother, trading jokes when she was down or playing a little ditty on the saxophone while she read. He often quipped that he was just trying to stay in her good graces, lest she sic Viktor on him.

She pondered over Zib's current conundrum. "Can't you play a song you haven't done in a while? I'm sure Uncle Atlas won't mind you dusting off a few classics."

"It's not that we can't play an old song, it's that most of the good ones need singers."

Oh. And by singers he meant Ms. Mitzi. That was a problem. The song wouldn't be the same without a singer, and she was probably the only one around who knew the song and was familiar enough with the band's sometimes spontaneous improvisation to not get tripped up. But would Atlas let her sing? She hadn't really sung since they got married, since Atlas felt there was no need for her to perform with the band.

She bit her lip. Ivy loved her godfather, but she wanted Zib to be happy, too. She then had an idea. It wasn't her best one, but…

"What if I asked Uncle Atlas to let Ms. Mitzi sing tonight?"

Zib jerked in surprise and nearly fell off the stage. His spindly limbs flailed comically for a moment, desperately trying to keep upright. Finally he managed to regain his balance, though more sheet music fluttered to the floor. He stared at her in disbelief. "You're kidding, right kid?"

She frowned at being called a kid but held her ground. "Well, I could tell him that if it's the anniversary of when they first met, he should recreate it by having her sing with you guys. Besides," she smirked, "when has he refused me anything?"

Mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, Zib tried and failed to find fault in her logic. Damn brat had to be right about everything, didn't she? Still, the thought of having Mitzi back on stage, singing her heart out while he and the band played like there was no tomorrow did bring a hint of a smile to his face.

"I guess if anyone can do it, it'd be you. Fine, talk to the boss man, I'll try to pick out a few pieces she'll likely still remember." He reached out and ruffled her bobbed hair. "If this works, I guess I'll owe you one."

Running her fingers through her locks in hopes of making them neat again, she gave him a smile. "Hey, this could be my only chance to hear Ms. Mitzi sing with you guys! What say we call it even?"

They shook hands and Ivy hopped off the stage, determined to put her plan in motion while there was still time for the band to practice. Zib chuckled and shook his head. As much as he envied Atlas for all his money and his marriage to Mitzi, he had to admit he was happy he came to the Little Daisy, and it not just because of the steady paycheck.


Shorter than I had originally planned, but I think it's cute. So, I have a conundrum; on one level I want to make a chapter about Ivy and Viktor. On another level I don't because so many people have done amazing stories about those two and I don't think I can measure up. At least with the stuff I have been doing no one has written about them, or at least not many people have, so I have less to compare myself to. What do you all think? Should I go for it, or should I keep writing about other characters?