"Yo, Jaggs. I think I've got another one here."

"Reel it in, Gorkins."

Two fishermen, Gorkins and Jaggs were fishing far off coast of Jersey Shore.

The funny bit is, they knew how to get back.

They were just out for a fishing trip along the coast. Both men, aged around their sixties or seventies have known each other for quite a long time and share the same interest in waterlife.

The two men gathered their fish together in a bucket of water and Gorkins lay his pole back in the water.

"Let's see if I can catch a bigger one, Jaggs, my boy."

"Yeah, you do that, Gorkins. I'll just look after our dinner."

The two of them laughed.

A set of eyes swam up in the dark water towards the pole as Gorkins reeled it in. Neither of the men saw it.

Suddenly, Gorkins felt something heavy hold onto his pole.

"Whoa!" he chuckled as he reeled in the fishing line, "got something else here, Jaggs."

"Reel it in, Gorkins."

"I'm tryyyyyyying...WHOA!"

"What is it?"

"Goddamn, this thing is heavy. It's pulling in my line."

"Don't let 'em do it, Gorkins, old buddy, old pal."

"I'm not trying not to..." grunted Gorkins as the fishing was jerked around until it stopped.

"Huh?" thought Gorkins.

He was very conufused

Suddenly, the pole was tugged down again.

"This thing really likes playing tug of war, doesn't it?"

"I guess so, Gorkins," laughed Jaggs.

Suddenly, Gorkins was off the boat with the fishing pole.

"WHOAAAAA!" he wailed as he fell in.

Jaggs gazed back in surprise.

Gorkins opened his eyes to find something himself around the dark waters.

A set of eyes swam towards him as he walked around.

Suddenly, Gorkins saw a huge shadow behind him.

Suddenly, it grabbed hold of him and he was terrified, screaming in pain.

Jaggs was looking around the water from the boat for his buddy. He was extremely worried.

"Gorkins! Gorkins! Gorkins! GORKINS!"

He whimpered and dialed a number on his satellite phone.

"Hello, hello. Chief? Yeah, listen. I've lost Gorkins. He's gone missing and..."

"...I'm extremely worried," Jaggs' voice was muffled from the dark water. A set of eyes lurked towards the edge of the boat.

"Yeah, yeah. We need a rescue operation straight away and..."

Suddenly, a huge nose burst from under the boat and Jaggs jumped in surprise.

It was a Great White Shark.

Jaggs picked up the phone again.

"Chief! Chief! IT'S A SHARK! IT'S A SHARK!"



"What kinda shark? Tell me! Tell me now, Jaggs!"

"IT'S A...! IT'S A...GREAT...WHITE!" shouted Jaggs in horror before the phone dropped into the water once the boat sank and the shark swam closer towards Jaggs.

The phone sank to the bottom of the boat

Jaggs was unable to swim away in time as the shark closed its jaws on his feet and pulled him under.

"NOOOOO! HELP ME! OH MY GOD, HELP ME!" his voice gurgled.

Seconds later, the water was red with blood, implying Jaggs' death.