The water turned to red as the shark's body was in pieces.

Westling and Blaxton, with their hands toppled over their floating luggage, watched the blood flow around.

"I can't believe it," gasped Westling, "he did it. He actually did it. Detective John Tyler took on a ten meter shark!"

"At the expense of his own life as well," added Blaxton.

"You know what. Jerry?"

"What, Gurti?"

"I think that what he did was quite heroic. I've seen pictures and videos of people having caught sharks; but never in my life...have I seen a Detective Tyler take on one shark alone."

"You're right, Gurti. You're absolutely right. And do you know what I think we should do?"

"No, Jerry. What should we do?"

"We should mention his good deeds to the mainland. Sure Chief Forks and all of Tyler's friends back at the Jersey Shore Police Department might be disappointed to hear about his death but he'll be definitely be remembered. By them and by us. Right?"

"Yes, Jerry. I agree with you completely. We should mention his heroic deeds after all."

Suddenly, Westling and Blaxton heard a paddle from the side of them.

"Maybe I should mention it myself," said a voice.

The two of them looked over to see Tyler, tired and wounded but triumphant and relieved from the destruction of the shark.

"Detective Tyler!" they both shouted.

And they rushed to pull him into their grasp.

"You survived!" wondered Blaxton.

"How, John? How?" muttered Westling.

"You think some dumbass shark could take me down? Think again, guys. Think again."

"At least your luggage is safe," said Westling.

"And at least it's good to have you back," said Blaxton.

"Thanks," chuckled Tyler, recovering a little bit.

"We're sorry if you fell for Detective Gilms and she set you up," apologized Blaxton.

"Who, Beckie? Nah, it doesn't matter. Her true devotion all along was to that scoundrel Detective Wane."

"Well, we won't be seeing anymore of him again," said Westling, "gosh, he was untrustworthy. Only god knows where his stupid ambitions could've taken him in the future. That is if he survived of course. Which we all know he didn't."

"Maybe it's time to consider what we can do in the near future."

"What would you like to do in the future, Detective Tyler?"

"Well, Jerry. I have become fascinated from studying sharks and maybe what I should to continue my career at the JSPD is to continue to study them and make sure that the citizens of Jersey Shore are safe. What about you?"

"Me? Well I've always wanted to open an aquarium with a shark as the main attraction. That would fascinate me a lot."

"That's ironic," put in Blaxton.

"Why would that be, Gurti?"

"Because, Jerry, that's what I've always wanted to do. And believe it or not, I know what we can do, together, to pull this off and make a lot of money."

"What, Gurti?"

"We can use DNA and go under the process of genetic engineering to breed a shark. Maybe even two. One male and one female. Maybe then they can mate and have offspring. How surprising would it be to attract so many tourists then?"

"Very surprising, Gurti," muttered Westling, "and I'm glad you came up with that idea."

"Then maybe that's what we'll do."

There was a short silence before Tyler spoke up.

"Hey, guys. Ya hear that?"

"Hear what, Detective Tyler?" asked Westling.

There was suddenly a buzzing noise.

"Buzzing," gasped Blaxton, "the sound of helicopters. They're here! Our rescue team's here!"

Overhead, a JSPD helicopter flew across the sky and hovered down towards the sea.

"Detective Tyler! Detective John Tyler!" boomed a megaphoned voice from the helicopter.



"Over here!"

"We're all over here!"

Westling and Blaxton were shouting at the top of their lungs as they pushed their luggage towards the helicopter, dragging Tyler along before he was pulled onboard. The man then came back to pull all the luggage on board then came to help Westling and Blaxton.

In no time at all, the three survivors of the shark hunt were all onboard; their luggage lay aside; Tyler being laid down a bed and treated to medical supply; Westling and Blaxton both sat down, relieved and exhausted. It had been a long journey and the whole crew had made it that far to take down one shark.

"Glad that's over," sighed Blaxton.

"Me too," muttered Westling before looking over at Tyler, "you okay there, Detective Tyler?"

"Better then you think I'd be," replied Tyler, smiling a bit.

The helicopter took off back into the air and hovered back to Jersey Shore.

The oceans were quite quiet, the sea still red from blood and two large shadows of great white sharks emerging from the distance, looking at the shark that was just blown up.

Cast of Jaws: Resurface

Detective John Tyler - Chris Evans

Captain Craigson - Harvey Keitel

Detective Robert Wane - Aaron Johnson

Detective Beckie Gilms - Katie Holmes

Detective Jerry Westling - Zac Effron

Detective Gurti Blaxton - Gabriella Wilde

Detective Robin Flinch - Casey Affleck

Detective Copper Kylson - Chris Hemsworth

Detective Olivia Hermes - Bryce Dallas Howard

Chief Forks - Michael Douglas

Gorkins - Jon Voight

Jaggs - Christopher Lloyd