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Chapter 1

Third person point of view

They are rich, they are powerful and they are the best. They own one of the top companies in America and are one of the wealthiest families residing in New York. Younger generations are inspired by them whilst the older envy them, wishing they could have been as productive as them.

Charlie Swan and Carlisle Cullen have been the best of friends from a very young age. They went to the same pre-school; Charlie's packed lunch was stolen by a kid, and Carlisle offered him his and as they say the rest was history.

Charlie and Carlisle, decided to open their own business selling electronic items, little did they know how much success it would be bring them.

Their business in the early days, had a slow start, but as time passed by and they gained a good reputation, for being reliable and selling the best products available in the market, their business flourished beyond anyone's imagination and expectations.

They were rolling in money; they could afford to buy a million and one houses, but chose to stay together in one large mansion, with their respective others and children.

Charlie is married to Renee, a once kind and generous woman, but as their money increased, she turned into one of the snobbiest socialist in town. She is tall and has short blond hair and icy blue eyes.

They have 4 children, the eldest Emmett, a big bear of a boy who has inherited his father's brown hair and his mother's blue eyes although not as cold. He's said to have a pleasant, cheerful and warm personality, always hopeful to make those around him laugh.

Their second child Tanya; who is an exact replica of her mother, with the exception that she is taller and more slender and still has her youth. But in behaviour wise she is spoilt, arrogant and snobby, although her beauty makes up for her unpleasant personality. When Renee gave birth to her, they almost lost her due to complications, since then whatever she desires has been given to her thus making her downright notorious.

Their third child Isabella is the only one amongst their children to inherit her father's brown chocolaty eyes. She is quiet and shy to those in her house, and always resides in her room, doing 'god knows what' according to her mother. She is tall and slender and is very beautiful, but her parents always seem to compare her to Tanya and Alice and feel that she falters in her looks. Although many would disagree claiming that she is a natural beauty. She is kind, generous, polite and obedient, but a very private individual. She is a book, written in an ancient language, only which a few can decode.

Their fourth and last child, Alice, cute, bubbly, bouncy and a cheerful persona, but can be mean and downright unpleasant. She is titled daddy's little princess. She is short, and has dark brown, short hair which somewhat resembles a pixie cut and blue eyes.

Carlisle is married to Esme. A wonderful, sweet woman, who has still managed to stay that way, she is tall, slender, with caramel colour hair and emerald green eyes. She looks like a modern day snow white.

They have one child. Esme would have loved to have a bundle of kids, but unfortunately nature only wanted to present her with one child. His name is Edward Cullen. A handsome young man. Don't be mistaken he clearly knows it and also knows how to use his looks to his advantage. He has messy bronze hair and green eyes. He is tall and slightly muscular. With a chiselled jaw and a perfectly angled face, with one look he can have ladies panting.

Charlie and Carlisle want to change their friendship to family, by marrying their children. On Edward's 21st birthday he was presented with the choice of one of the three Swan girls.

Although him and Tanya had spent intimate nights together and were almost the same age, he never deemed her appropriate for the wife type, so he dismissed her instantly. Alice was too young and childish, so he immediately cancelled her out and that only left Isabella. She was 14 at the time but was mature beyond her years. He chose her. She was the perfect wife material. Also her mysterious persona intrigued him and although her parents did not realise it, she was one of the most gorgeous creatures he had ever set his eyes on.

They decided that when Edward turns 23 and Isabella 16 they were going to tell her she was engaged to be married.

Edward was happy to say at the least. He thought he would be able to finally figure Isabella out. He noticed that she barely left her room for days at time. He wanted to know why. But decided when he gets married to her he can demand answers, for now he waits. Only in a matter of time Isabella will be his.

Edward's point of view

"Happy birthday!" My family shouted. I smiled happily, 23 years old. My mum gave me a hug, while my old man a pat on the back. Normally for me, birthdays usually consist of a kick ass party, getting laid and presents. But my 23rd is a special one.

When I returned back from college, my father asked me which of the Swan girls I'd like to marry. At first I protested, claimed I didn't want to marry. Then I thought about the countless number of girls I have been with and not one did I wish to pursue a relationship with. I didn't want to end up a lonely bastard, so I agreed.

My first thought was Tanya would be acceptable, but when I thought about I realised that she's not the kind of girl I'd like to spend the rest of my life with. She's irritating, whiny, annoying, demanding and spoilt. The only good thing about this girl was that she's good in the sack. As marriage is not only about sex, I cannot see myself spending the rest of my life with her and I feel sorry for the sucker who will. Little Alice, she's my baby sister, so there's no way in hell would I even consider her, that left Isabella.

Isabella Swan, she's a beauty. With long brown curly hair, cascading down her back and gorgeous chocolate brown doe like eyes, her soft, pink pouty lips, with perfect body curves accentuating her features… she was 14 at the time, yet she looked so mature and time has made her look even more beautiful if that was even possible. Her beauty was one of the factors which charmed me but her personality is what captivated me. She's so mysterious. She sometimes spends three days in her room without coming out. Her room, no one has ever entered before. I wonder what she does in there and with soundproof walls it's almost impossible to hear.

I told our fathers I choose Isabella to be my bride. I remember Charlie looking at me, questioning my sanity, wondering why I wouldn't choose Tanya, after all in the eyes of her parents, Tanya's the perfect child, but Tanya was only beautiful from the outside not from the in.

Charlie and Carlisle told me that as Isabella is only 14 we will wait two years before we tell her, so my 23rd birthday, will also commemorate my engagement to her. Isabella of course has no idea that we are engaged to be married. I wonder how she'll take the news. Happy, pleased, glad and joyful. Well that's what I hope.

"Ready to get engaged?" My father asked. I smirked and nodded.

"Stewart, go call Isabella." Isabella's mother Renee demanded. Stewart was one of our oldest butlers. Like a typical butler he was wearing a white dress shirt, with black trousers and black tail jacket, accompanied with a black bow tie.

"Yes madam." He strode off. I paced the room, trying to kill time, waiting for Isabella to come down.

"Isabella, will be coming in 15 minutes, she's getting ready." Stewart said, gave a slight bow and left.

"I told her to look her best. I even brought her the dress" Renee smiled forcefully. It was clear she preferred me for Tanya. I smiled again and sat down on the couch. Tanya sat down next to me.

"I still don't know why you didn't choose me Eddie." Tanya whined in her obnoxiously nasal voice.

"Reason number one: no matter how many times I tell you not to, you still call me Eddie and reason number two: I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life with someone as disobedient as you. Now get up and sit somewhere else. I can't stand to be around you at the moment." She huffed and got up and stood beside her mother.

I wonder why it's taking her so long. She was told be ready hours ago.

I could hear heels clicking on the marble floor; I could feel my heart beating frantically. This is it. I am finally going to make Isabella Swan my fiancée. I still couldn't see her, because she hadn't approached the spiral staircase.

Then finally she came into full view, wearing a grey shiny floor length dress, halter neck, her straps beautifully beaded, with a sweet heart neckline emphasised by silver beads outlining it, it was tight and there were lines on the top of the dress but as soon as it reached her waist, from one side it clung to her thighs the other side it flared out, there was a diamante brooch on the side tying it, leaving more creases. Her hair was curled and tied half up. I stood beneath the spiral staircase and as she finally descended down the stairs, I offered her my arm; she gave me a look, one full of confusion, she slightly narrowed her eyes and stared at my arm, through her long thick eyelashes, for a couple of seconds whilst nibbling on her lower lip. I had this urge to tear her lips away from her teeth and give them a kiss.

After the look her mother gave her she interlinked her arm with mine. I felt this jolt of electricity coursing through my body. She gave me a funny look. I saw the back of the dress; it was somewhat backless, except that it looked like there was silver bow detail, giving the effect that it was tying the bodice of her dress to her body. It looked innocent yet sexy.

"Isabella what are you wearing?" her mother shouted.

"Mother, the dress you gave me, it looked hideous, like something someone would wear in the 19th century, so I went shopping and brought something more acceptable… for the 21st century. But I still do not understand why I must dress for Edward's party, I never attend." She spoke firmly, her voice sounded like bells, chiming.

"Aunt Renee, she looks stunning." I told her mother, efficiently ending Renee's protest about Isabella's clothes. I have a feeling, that Renee was hoping that Isabella would look hideous, I would change my mind and decide to get married to Tanya. Regardless of what Isabella wear's I would still say that she will look like the most beautiful girl on this planet. "And sweetheart you're attending the party, because this party is also for you."

"What do you mean?" She inquired, her brows slightly furrowed, Charlie stepped forward.

"Well, Isabella, Carlisle and I have decided that you and Edward should be wed, today is your engagement ceremony." To the point Charlie I like that. She froze for a minute or two. I was anxiously awaiting her response.

"Excuse me?" she asked in a deadly cold voice. "I am getting engaged to a man that I neither know nor love? I am too young to get married. I am only 16!" she exasperatedly cried out. "Why can't he not get married to Tanya, everybody knows they slept together! Why me?" I could feel my heart breaking.

"Isabella, don't be silly, you're getting married to Edward on the day you turn 18 as of now you are simply getting engaged and Edward chose you to be his bride. What do you mean you don't know him? You've known Edward since the day you were born" Carlisle spoke softly yet in a final tone.

"I don't want to get married." She mumbled. "Could I please have a few minutes, to absorb this news." She asked Carlisle, who nodded. She ran back upstairs and we all heard her room door slam.

"Well Eddie, if she doesn't get married to you, there's always Tanya." Her oaf of a bother Emmett laughed. Emmett clearly understood my desire for Isabella. So I whacked his head. How dare he suggest such an absurd thing? After almost three hours, she finally came downstairs. She said she only needed a couple of minutes. Note to self, Isabella is not punctual, first late to our engagement, then taking three hours to decide when she said it will only take a couple of minutes.

"I have had time to think about it and I have reached a decision. I will get engaged to Edward." I was smiling so wide. "However…" my smile faltered. "If at the end of this two year engagement period I do not see Edward fit to be my husband I have the right to refuse the allegiance."

"If you refuse this 'allegiance', I swear to you Isabella I will kick you out this house and you will not get a dime." Her father sneered.

"I could not care less; I planned on leaving this house when I turn 18, so I don't need your money or your shelter." She looked towards me. "Two years."

That's all the time I needed, in two years I will prove to her that I will love her unconditionally, I will give her all the happiness in the world. I will make her so happy that in two years' time she will be telling me let's get married today Edward. I grinned and nodded.

"Isabella Swan, I promise to make you the happiest woman on earth, I will love you forever, through both the good times and the bad, I promise to protect you from all evil, will you accept my proposal and be my fiancée?" I said whilst getting down one knee. I think I saw her roll her eyes but she nodded. "Yes." She gave me her left hand and I put the ring on her third finger. Hoping it will stay there forever. I swore I heard her mumble, "I think I am going to barf, damn you Riley. Damn you to the deepest pitt in hell"

Riley? After we got engaged instead of beaming with happiness she is thinking about this Riley fella'. Who is this Riley? What relation does he have with my Isabella? A ex-boyfriend? Has he kissed her? Has he touched her? My jaw clenched and I was visibly shaking at the thought of someone touching my angel. Now that she is my fiancée I will NOT tolerate her talking or having any contact with other men, with the exception of those who are reside in this household and are related to her. She is MINE... ONLY MINE...

Uh oh! Looks like someone's released Edwards inner possessive monster *grins*

Who might this Riley be?

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