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Chapter 4

Edward's Point Of View

I swished opened my room door, wanting to give the vibe that I'm confident. "Bella darling what a pleasant surprise! To what do I owe this pleasure?" I decided to act nonchalant. I am not ashamed of changing her status to engaged and accepting my own friend request, I'm proud of it, that's why I changed my status to engaged as soon as I could, so why should I be afraid and there's nothing wrong with what I did! It's not a big issue. She'll get over it in time.

"OH CUT THE FUCKING BULLSHIT EDWARD CULLEN! I FRIGGIN GAVE YOU MY FUCKING PHONE AND THIS IS WHAT YOU DO! YOU CHANGE MY FACEBOOK STATUS. YOU INVADE DMY PRIVACY! HOW DARE YOU?" She shrieked. I'm pretty sure our entire neighbourhood heard her, screw entire neighbourhood I'm pretty sure the entire city heard her. My fiancée sure does know how to overreact.

"I simply want the entire world to know that we're engaged, what so terribly wrong with that?" I asked serenely, hoping that my calm demeanour will help calm her down.

"Engagements and marriages are normally based around the decisions of two people, so what if YOU want to let the entire world know we're engaged? It should also be my decision as well! We have to make collective decisions. We're not living in the olden eras where a man makes a decision and the woman willingly agrees, without asking any questions, we talk and we discuss. See a 16 year old like me knows that, which brings me to my second point, Edward, I am only 16, it's unusual for any girl to be engaged at 16! What will my friends think? It's not normal! I have a friggin reputation to maintain!"

"It's normal in our society for men to make the decisions and women to agree. Well excuse me, it may take me some time to get use to the new era." I said somewhat sarcastically. I continue. "Also I am sure the students in your school are not foreign to the concept of girls getting engaged at a young age, when I was in your school around fifty per cent of the girls were engaged. And honey being engaged will not tarnish your reputation, I believe it will make you all the more reputable" I reasoned.

"Edward, I do not go to the private school you guys went to, I go to a normal school, full of normal people, the only other person in my school who's from our society is the boy who was outside THE FRIGGIN TOILET! For the love of god in school I'm part of the cool clique, people in the cool clique don't get married when they're young. They're the ones who are 'most likely to have a million and one boyfriends' title in the yearbook!" she said raising her voice at the end. What? Isabella does not go to my old school? I thought Renee and Charlie put all their children in that school. And in her school she's part of the cool clique? I guess everything I thought I knew about Isabella is turning out to be wrong. I always pegged her to be in the geek's clique because she seemed so innocent and shy. Another thing Riley… if he goes to Isabella's school and is clearly not part of our society does that mean he is not rich? If he isn't that means I have one on Riley, if he has age I have money.

"Wait, does that mean Riley is not rich?" she rolled her eyes and sighed exasperatedly.

"What is it with you and always directing the conversation back to Riley? It seems like you're obsessed with him. Riley is rich. He's super rich. But our family do not wish to mingle in your society, because they find it backwards and somewhat evil, nor do we like to flaunt our friggin money." Damn it! That little piece of shit is rich and young. She took a deep breath and continued. "Now you're going to listen to me carefully. Firstly: I gave you two years to prove yourself and so far you're doing a terrible job. At this rate, I sincerely doubt we'll be getting married and secondly: although you may be my fiancé you have no right to invade my privacy! So if I find out you've done something as despicable as this, I WILL break off this engagement and I WILL leave this house, heck I WILL leave the fucking country. I don't care that Charlie and Renee will cut me off. Do I make myself clear?"

I cast my eyes downwards. "Crystal."

"Good!" she spun around and left. How is it that a girl so young has so much power over me? Her threat that she will break off the engagement did get to me. She doesn't give a shit about money and clearly doesn't give a shit about being cut off nor does she give a shit about this family.

I guess I did cross the limit, by changing her status. I have every right to change my own but not hers. My asshole move may have just put a damper on all the progress I made. From tomorrow her school starts and that means she'll be back in that fucker's (Riley) influence. I kicked my wardrobe really hard to vent out my frustration. "OW!" I cried jumping on the spot. That certainly wasn't the best move out there. I sat down on my bed, holding my injured foot. Another thing which struck me as odd is that Isabella does not go to my old school, all of us went to that school, and Alice will be joining that school. I wonder why Renee and Charlie are so unfair to Bella…

With those thoughts reeling in my head I went to sleep, wondering what morning will bring.

I woke up rather early than usual with a brilliant idea which could be a great solution to my problems. No one knew that whilst doing my Masters in Business I also did a teaching degree. That's right, I am a qualified teacher and I also taught at a school for a year whilst studying.

I can apply in Isabella's school and teach there! Through that I can keep an eye on that Riley AND most importantly I can spend some more time with Isabella and see what she's like at school.

I took a shower and got dressed, I wore a black shirt and grey dress pants. I left the top thee buttons of the shirt undone, showing a bit of my chest. I decided I will wear a grey blazer before I leave.

I got the necessary documents ready to apply for a job at her school. I still had plenty of time to kill so I switched on my laptop, checked my e-mail, checked my Facebook notifications and immediately went onto Isabella's profile. I didn't have the time to thoroughly browse it yesterday. I was pleased to note that she did not change her relationship status, it still said engaged to Edward Cullen. There were over 500 comments on her status, majority of them were the emoticon: =O and some were like why didn't you tell me Bells I thought we were best friends. Isabella did not reply back to any of them.

I clicked on her photos and there were pictures of Isabella straddling the same bike in her current profile picture.

But there was this one pic which had me seeing red. It was Isabella, with her hair down wearing a short denim blue skirt with a black spaghetti strap top. That wasn't the part of the photo that's pissing me off. Standing next to her was a strikingly familiar, tall boy with brown shaggy hair and hazel eyes, this boy had muscles and he was wearing a black vest top with blue jeans, he had his arms around her shoulders and was planting one on her cheeks!

MINE! SHE IS FRIGGIN MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! I had this sudden urge to go into Isabella's room and kiss her senseless and let her know she belongs to me.

I read the comments, there were over 100 likes. They read: 'finally together eh, FINALLY, if it's on Facebook its official, congrats you two, you guys make the cutest couple, ha! I won the bet. In the end Bella commented no guys me and Riley are not together, we're just friends and wait YOU GUYS WERE BETTING ON US?' I could feel the pain of my nails digging into my skin, these comments areinfuriating. How dare these people want my girl with another man?

And that's Riley. I looked at the asshole that also happens to be competition. What does father say? In business never underestimate your competition! Well I am definitely not going to be underestimating him. But I just couldn't shake of the feeling I've seen this guy before.

I sized him up and if it came down to a fight I would definitely emerge victorious… with the help of Emmett of course. I am not stupid to go in alone.

I decided to change my profile picture to one of Isabella and me dancing at my birthday party, we were looking intently in to each other's eyes. My hand was on her waist her hands encircled my neck. Mum had clicked it when we both weren't aware. I tagged Isabella. Take that Riley! I switched off my laptop and went downstairs just in time to see Isabella leaving for school wearing a white loose, top which went down to her thighs, with grey shorts and grey French cap. I zoomed in on her left hand, engagement finger and noticed she wasn't wearing her ring.

"Why aren't you wearing your ring Isabella?' I fumed. We're engaged and I want the whole world to know it as well, the whole world meaning horny teenage boys who are lusting after her."

Well Edward since you've already announced it on Facebook that we're both engaged, I don't see the need for a ring now." She said sarcastically whilst rolling her eyes.

"Oh well honey, this ring is to show your friends who aren't on Facebook that you're taken."

"Why the fuck are you so possessive?" She asked.

"Don't girls not dig that shit?"

"Most girls may, this girl certainly doesn't. I mean I have grown up in a house where no one cares about me, I never have to answer to anybody I can do what the fuck ever I want, so no this girl does not dig that shit."

Well soon you will honey... "Well you may not have had to answer to anybody in the past, now you have to answer to me your fiancé. So I want you to march up there, get your ring and wear it, because if you don't I will come to your school to drop your ring off and I will make sure the secretary announces, could Isabella swan please come to the reception her fiancé came to drop off her ring. Now GO!" she ran upstairs not doubting my threat.

She came downstairs with the ring in her hands, before she could put it on her finger; I snatched the ring off of her and put it where it belonged. "I don't ever want to see you without this ring! Ok?" she nodded. "Now you listen to me, I want to say I'm sorry for changing your Facebook status, it was rude and inconsiderate, please forgive me?"

"It's going to take time, now if you don't mind, I'm late." She started to leave.

"Wait!" I'm heading your way; maybe I could give you a lift?"

"Erm… no!" she started to walk again. I grabbed her forearm and stopped her.

"Isabella I am giving you a lift!" I stared intently into her brown eyes. I held her hand and led her to the car.

The drive was fairly silent and within 15 minutes we had reached her school. I got outside and opened the door for her. "Thanks. Now you can go." She started to fidget a little, I noticed the cause of her unease. People were openly gawking at us. I pecked her cheeks, because I didn't want to create to huge of a scene.

"I'll pick you up as well. Meet me here. Bye sweetie"

"Yeah.. erm … bye…" she went inside the building.

I asked one of the students where I could find the principal's office and went in.

I walked down the empty corridors and followed the students' direction to reach the office. I tentatively knocked on the door.

"Come in." said a male gruff voice. I opened the door to see a man who looked to be in his mid 50's with his head down, glasses on his nose.

"Hello sir, I'm Edward Cullen, I would like to apply for the position of the business studies teacher. Here are my qualifications." He looked up.

"Cullen? As in Cullen and Swan, Cullen?" I internally rolled my eyes.

"Yes sir."

"Well, Mr Cullen…"

"Please call me Edward."

"Edward, let me see your qualifications." I handed him my documents and he scanned through them. "Edward why would you like to apply in this school, that to in the middle of the year?"

"Sir, teaching is my hobby, something I enjoy doing and also I am going to clear the air, my fiancée is a part of this schools student body, we're arranged to be married and through this at least I get to know my future wife." I spoke smoothly and confidently.

"I appreciate your honesty Edward and your qualifications and recommendations seem excellent. However about your fiancée, I do not object however please do keep the public display of affection to the minimal I do not want to create a ruckus in the school. You may start from today if you wish. One of our business teachers got fired last week and we have been looking for a replacement. Just go to the reception, straight and left and the secretary will give you your schedule. Good day Edward." He said dismissing me.

"Good day sir." I left his office and went to the reception. Seems like the principal explained everything to the secretary: an old frumpy lady with short grey hair and wrinkles, she gave me my class schedule and gave me a tour.

"This is your classroom. Students will enter when they have their class you are not required to move from class to class, your next class will start in 30 minutes and lucky for you it's the last class of the day. Bye Edward." She seems strict and to the point.

I settled into the classroom and revised the curriculum content.

I turned around and was writing my name on the board. "Good morning students, I am your new business teacher, Mr Edward Cullen, I expect you to all address me respectfully by calling me sir at all times or Mr Cullen if you wish. Now we will go around the class introducing ourselves and explaining why we would like to learn business.

I scanned the classroom and there was my angel her mouth wide open and her eyes wide an expression clearly one of shock. I smirked a little to see my Isabella looking so dumbfounded.

Everyone was introducing themselves, but I wasn't paying any attention.

"I'm Riley Black, I want to study business, because my family owns a company and one day I will be expected to run it." after seeing a picture of Riley on Facebook I knew what he looked like. But I still couldn't shake of the feeling I have seen him somewhere.

"And what field are your family in Mr Black?" I asked.

"Music, hotel and transportation." He answered.

"You mean to say your family are the owners of Black Hotels and Black airlines?" Damn!


"OK, next." I didn't want to make the guy sound even greater. It was finally my angels turn.

"My name is Bella Swan, I want to study business because it is a great combination of economics, accounting and business and one day I wish to enter the business field." She spoke assuredly. Her voice and body language did not even give an indication that she knows me.

I started teaching the class, Riley and Bella kept on glancing or casually touching each other, I desperately wanted to separate them but I couldn't. I have no valid reason. I needed to think of a plan to separate them. Maybe assign group work and put them both in different groups? But then I can't make a only girls group with Isabella in it. That would seem odd. I'll think of a plan when I get home right now I need to concentrate on the lesson and try and humiliate Riley. I would keep on calling on him to answer questions and to my utmost disappointment he got them all right. So that shit also had brains as well. I think I am the first teacher in the world who wants their student to be stupid.

The bell rang, "you have a test quiz tomorrow, I want to see how much your previous teacher has taught you and I want to see what level you're all at, so your homework is fairly obvious: study. Class dismissed." As Isabella walked out of my class I touched her hand gently and softly pulled her to me and whispered in her ear, "Meet you at my car in five minutes." I gently nibbled her ear when I was positive that no one was looking. I don't mind PDA but I am a teacher and although I may be classified as a 'spoilt brat' I do have certain work ethics. She stiffly nodded her head and strolled away. I packed my stuff and made my way to the car where Isabella is and based on her expression, she's anxiously waiting for me.


"Is that any way to speak to your teacher?" I laughed.

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