The Silurian detective: Perfect warrior

A/N: Hello there and welcome to the second story of The Silurian detective trilogy. The prequel and first story can be found on my profile and I recommend that you read them first to fully understand this story. I'm afraid that college has been very tiring but I hope that you'll be patient with updates. Anyway, here's chapter 1

Rosita hummed gently as she carried her empty plate into the kitchen. Rinsing it under the tap, she then dried it with a towel before returning to the living room, humming the whole time. She picked up a book that she had been reading and flicked back to her previous page.

When her deceased husband, Jackson, had offered to teach her how to read, she had taken a fair bit of convincing. Having been illiterate for most of her life, she hadn't seen the point in starting to learn how. After much persuasion and many lessons, she eventually did learn even though she never did much reading while she was young but after her husband's passing, she took up the hobby.

A sharp knock shattered the silence of the house. Rosita sighed as she got out of the chair that she had just gotten comfortable in and headed to the front door. Opening the door, she glanced around in annoyance as she saw that whoever had knocked had not waited for an answer. Shutting out the cold, night air, Rosita returned to the living room certain that the knock was from one of the neighbours' children playing a joke.

However, the living room was not empty. A short figure was examining Rosita's book, its head both bald and round. It wore blue armour with silver gloves and carried a small black gun that had a green barrel. Glancing up at Rosita, the unexpected guest placed the book back on the surprised hostess' chair.

"Primitive human literature." The alien barked. "Captain Nemo has the power to conquer the entire planet but he is held back by his weak emotions for his dead family. What a pointless novel."

Rosita put her hands on her hips and glowered at the intruder. "For your information that happens to be my favourite book so would you please refrain from insulting my taste in literature while in my house? Which reminds me, why the hell are you in my house?"

"I am Commander Stert of the Infiltration Squad of Intelligence for Sontar." The potato-like alien responded proudly. "I am here to recover some information that you know."

Rosita frowned in confusion. "So you've come all the way to Earth just to ask an old lady some questions?"

"Of course not, we came here to search for some data that could change Sontaran warfare forever. A process that you saw for yourself so many years ago." Stert smiled toothily at Rosita's look of worry.

"You mean the-" She started before the intruder interrupted.

"Enough questions, female, it's time to begin the interrogation." The Commander raised his gun and fired.


Vastra darted around the corner as the sound of hooves on the road chased after her. Looking back, the Silurian increased her speed as the horse and its rider charged down the street towards her. The beast snorted as its master dug her sharp boots into its flesh. Vastra felt the ground tremble from each stomp as she quickly made up a plan.

A cry echoed around the narrow street as a second horse appeared in front of Vastra, Jenny holding her sword high in one hand while the other ordered her steed into a gallop. Her rival rider pulled out a short battle axe, both ends promising a gruesome death. Vastra dived to the side as her friend raced towards their enemy.

As the horses clattered past each other, Jenny dodged the brutal axe and sliced her sword along the chest of her attacker. With a cry of pain, the rider tumbled from her horse to the hard ground below. Jenny pulled her horse to a stop while grinning in victory. Vastra ran to the trembling body of the bested combatant.

Pulling back her hood, a curtain of deep red hair fell to the ground and a pair of dark blue eyes glinted in anger and pain at the Silurian. She tried to get up but collapsed due to her injury. Her glare hardened into a more vicious look however.

"Well then, Clarissa." Vastra smiled smugly. "Tonight is your lucky night. Jenny is cooking a steak and kidney pie so it seems that prison shall have to do rather than what I had in mind." Clarissa simply continued to glower in fury. Vastra bent down to pick up the thief's axe. "What a beautiful antique. This would look lovely on the mantelpiece."

Clarissa heaved herself onto her knees, her arms clutching her injury. "Have you any idea how long it took me to steal that? You detectives are so selfish."

Jenny patted her horse on his head before approaching Vastra with a disapproving look. "Ma'am, no teasing the criminals now."

"I take it that you aren't including yourself, Jenny." Vastra grinned as she tied up Clarissa. "Why the frown? Would you rather I tie you up, dear?"

Her maid and partner tried not to smile but eventually gave in as she pulled her mistress to her feet. "Clarissa will definitely fetch a high reward. The Red Raven has been on the wanted list for months but we caught her in 3 days."

"Red Raven? That's the best name they can think of?" Clarissa growled. "I find being compared to a bird very insulting."

Vastra hoisted the thief onto Jenny's horse and strapped her on tightly. "Well you'll have plenty of time to think of a new name in prison. Come on, Jenny, I'm hungry for some pie."

Jenny pulled the horse along by its reins and smiled lazily. Finding Clarissa had involved many late nights and she was looking forward to going to bed. Vastra guided Clarissa's horse next to Jenny and together they walked the two animals and the thief through London in silence.

After taking Clarissa and the horses to the police station and receiving enough money to last the next six months, Vastra and Jenny headed back home with food and sleep on their mind. Just as Jenny was unlocking the door however, a figure appeared behind them, panting.

"Vastra, Jenny." Fred gasped as he stepped into the dim light of a lantern. "You need to come. My mother, she's hurt."

The two detectives glanced at each other before locking the door and following their friend back onto the street. Fred was still tired from his run from Rosita's house to Vastra and Jenny's but he managed to gather up enough energy for a jog. The Silurian and her maid ran beside him.

"So what's happened to Rosita then, Fred?" Jenny asked.

"I'm not sure." Fred replied. "I was just popping in to get a jar of sword polish that I store at her house when I found her collapsed on the living room floor. I couldn't wake her and then I found something strange. Alien. I decided to get you two in case a doctor has her taken to a laboratory."

Vastra increased her speed which pleased as well as disappointed Fred. "Don't worry I'm sure that we will be able to help her. At the very worst possibility, we can go to the Silurian colony to heal her."

They continued their hurry through London and by the next 20 minutes, they were standing on Rosita's doorstep. Fred pulled out a spare key, unlocked the door and entered the living room where Rosita lay on the floor, not moving.

Vastra knelt down and took her pulse. "She's still alive but appears to be in a coma. What under Earth is this though?" She pointed at the burn that lay on the centre of Rosita's forehead.

"Well that's what I thought." Fred replied. "I can't think of anything that could have caused it. I'd hoped that you could shed some more light on what happened here."

Jenny, who had been looking around the room in search of something out of the ordinary, picked up the book that lay closed on Rosita's chair. "20,000 leagues under the sea. This is a good book, she must have been reading it when..." The young maid paused as she noticed something in the pages. "Eww, what's this?"

Fred took the book out of her hands and carefully opened it. A green, gooey liquid covered the inside, some even dripping onto the carpet. "This definitely isn't human." A drop of the goo fell into the palm of his hand. Fred let out a shriek of pain and let the book fall to the floor. "Stay away from the book, it burns."

"There's no doubt, something alien attacked Rosita." Vastra said as she gently lifted the book up to get a closer look at the liquid. She then pulled out a glass vial and scooped some of the green goo into it. Putting a cork on the vial, Vastra gasped with surprise as she accidently touched the fluid and remained unhurt. "The liquid doesn't injure me. This chemical must be designed to only burn skin and not scales."

"You're right, look at my hand now." Fred agreed as he held out his palm. The skin that had touched the liquid had made a small burn. It was smaller but identical to the one on Rosita's forehead. Turning his hand around, a small bead of the fluid could be seen on the back. Fred quickly shook it away leaving another burn that matched the one on the palm.

Jenny filtered through Rosita's hair as she felt her skull for another burn. "I can't find a mark on the back of her head. But I can't be certain." She added nervously.

"Then the liquid mustn't have left. It's still in my mum's head." Fred shuddered at the thought.

"At least we know why she's unconscious though." Vastra reasoned. "It still doesn't explain the motive."

Falling into a chair, Fred sighed. "Maybe it does. My mother met the Doctor remember. They might have hoped she'd know where he is."

"If you're right then they're desperate. We have to track them down before they harm anyone else. Or they find what they want." Vastra theorised.

Her maid nodded. "What's the plan then?"

Vastra glanced at her two friends. "Well one of us should stay with Rosita. Whoever's done this might come back. The others should go to the sewers and use the technology in the Silurian shelter to track down any alien life signs."

"Good idea but how about we take my mum to my house where she'd be safe from any aliens and can be cared for by Jasmine." Fred suggested. "Then we can all go to the sewers together."

The Silurian shook her head. "We don't have enough time and I'm not even sure that the shelter will have the stuff we need. One of us should stay here in case the alien comes back but I think that we should move Rosita."

"You're the only one who knows where the shelter is, Vastra." Jenny added. "So if you go there, I stay here and Fred takes Rosita to his house then we'll cover every area."

"Divide and conquer." Vastra smiled proudly. "I suppose my brilliant planning skills must be wearing off on you, Jenny."

Jenny smiled back cheekily. "Don't make me remind you about your "brilliant" plan to catch Clarissa. We both know who saved who, right ma'am?"

"Glad to see that your wit is keeping up for a human. Let's go then. If you take a hansom Fred, then you can go to your house and back here in half an hour. I should take about the same time so we'll meet back here in 30 minutes." Vastra explained.

Everyone nodded in agreement so after checking that her sword was attached correctly, Vastra vanished into the night. Jenny helped Fred lift Rosita onto his back and then walked them to the door. "Do you have anything to defend yourself with?" She asked.

"I left my sword at home but I've got a knife just in case." Fred answered. "No fear, hansoms come by quite often near here, we'll be fine."

Leaving the house, Fred walked down the street to the main road where he could catch a hansom. He shifted Rosita so that she was more comfortable on his back when a knock shattered the silence of the deserted street. Fred quickly looked about in search of the noise but only saw an approaching hansom.

Holding out his hand, Fred watched the carriage pull to a stop. The door opened so Fred placed Rosita on the bench before turning to the driver on the roof. "Vinetree Avenue, please."

"But of course, sir." The figure replied as he threw back his hood to reveal the bald, neck-less head of a Sontaran.

Jumping back in surprise, Fred felt his foot land on something. "That's my foot." The Sontaran behind him growled.

Fred went for his knife but a sharp pain stopped him as the Sontaran jabbed a device into his chest that sent a blast of electricity through his body. He fell to the ground and the Sontaran lifted him into the carriage before he joined his comrade on the roof.

Then with a jerk of the reins, the horse pulled the carriage and its cargo away from the light of lanterns and into the ultimate shadow of night.


The cracked wood held for a final second before shattering from the force of an iron bar. Its wielder, a stocky man with dark hair gave a sigh of relief before taking a proper look at what he had cleared.

A door, both as tall and wide as a grown man was set into the wall and showed no sign of age. It was made from a dull brown metal apart from a silver circle at its centre. The man frowned at it in annoyance but quickly turned away and pulled out a small black box which he opened to reveal a screen. After pressing his palm to the other side, the screen burst into life revealing a seated figure covered by a large silver robe that hid all but his wrinkled mouth.

"What do you want, child?" He said bluntly.

Deciding to ignore such a rude greeting, the man turned the screen to face the metal door. "I need to know how to open this."

The man on the screen gave a loud cough before replying. "That is a Draconian triplet lock. It is opened by a complex harmony of sounds that unlock the multitude of Grantay shards that reside within the Yedreni alkaline." A sigh could be heard when the speaker realised that his listener couldn't understand a word he was saying. "Just use the sonic device that you were given."

With a dive into his trouser pocket, the dark haired man pulled out a small, white oval that had a raised diamond-shaped blue glass in the centre. Pushing a button on the back released a whirring sound and, a click later, the huge door had split in two revealing the dark staircase down.

"Oh great, a creepy underground vault." Muttered the intruder. "My last mission better be nicer than this one."

The hooded man slammed his fist to his chair in annoyance. "Silence your insolence, boy. You shall have your revenge, now get down there and recover the correct parts before I end your pathetic existence myself."

Deciding not to reply or bothering to say good bye, the infiltrator closed the screen and descended into the black below.


Vastra groaned as a rat leapt into the filthy water in front and splashed her clothes. Darting out her tongue, the Silurian missed the rodent and instead lapped up some of the water that had so annoyed her. Spluttering in disgust, she quickly ran through the sewage lifting her cloak so as to avoid it getting any dirtier.

Being a taste sensitive reptile, Vastra detested spending any time in the stinking sewers. The first time hadn't been as bad because she had been concentrating on hunting humans where as now she had to track the Silurian shelter from memory and it was taking longer than she had expected.

Turning a corner, Vastra grinned as she saw the ladder that she remembered climbing up and taking her first look of human civilisation. She had been furious at how they had replaced the green of grass for hard roads but she was happy now because the shelter was mere metres away.

Sliding one of the bricks out of place, she tapped in a code onto a small keypad that had been behind it. Turning around, Vastra watched as the elevator silently lifted itself out of the sewage water and sprung its door open. As she stepped into the small space, the lift sensed her entry and closed the door automatically before sinking back through the water and to the Silurian outpost.

Vastra exited the elevator and looked around the room. She took note of the teleport platform that would take her the rest of the way to the Silurian city and the crate that held a supply of weapons. Ignoring these, she approached the large screen that was attached to the wall with a control panel underneath. As she pressed some of the buttons, a number of icons appeared on the screen.

After choosing the correct symbols, a map of London suddenly burst in front of her. There were a number of red dots scattered around the city but all had the word "unknown source" below. Near the centre however was a larger red area with one word underneath: Torchwood One.


Jenny had first of all looked around the room in search of any more clues that the alien may have left. After finding none, she had gone to the kitchen to get some food which was what she had expected to have already done that night. Returning to the living room, the maid had paced back and forth. After checking the clock for the third time, she had bit her lip nervously as it showed that Vastra and Fred were 10 minutes late. Thankfully, 5 minutes later and her mistress burst into the room.

"You were meant to be here 15 minutes ago." Jenny growled. As she lowered the sword she had pointed at the approaching noise.

"Can you not stand me being away for under an hour?" Vastra teased, gently though because she saw how worried Jenny looked.

The dark haired woman smiled slightly as she felt her panic transform into relief. "You can be the one to wait next time then."

"Sorry." Vastra said guiltily before looking around the room. "Where's Fred?"

Jenny shrugged. "I don't know. He hasn't come back yet."

"He should be back by now. I'll call Jasmine." Vastra replied as she picked up the telephone. After a few minutes she put it down. "She said that he went to Rosita's to get the sword polish but he hasn't come back since. I told her to go to bed. We don't need anyone else worrying."

Jenny nodded. "Well what do we do then? We've got no idea where he could be."

"You're right. He might have just not got a hansom and walked home instead. I'll leave a note telling him where we'll be if he comes back here." She quickly wrote on a scrap of paper and then left it on the table in the middle of the room.

"So where are we going? Did you find out where the alien is?" Jenny asked.

Vastra shook her head. "There are too many small alien technologies scattered around London to track down our alien. I also forgot about Torchwood. They probably have several outposts around the city besides their main hub." The Silurian smiled grimly at Jenny. "And that's where we're going. To find out which alien traces are held by Torchwood and which are free, we have to go to the largest source. We have to break into Torchwood One under the Tower of London."


Fred opened his eyes groggily and tried to hold his aching chest. However, his arms wouldn't move. When he tried to get to his feet, he realised that they were also held down. He looked down at his body but the room was so dark that he couldn't see what was keeping him prisoner.

Then he remembered seeing the short, bald, stumpy men that had attacked him. He groaned in anger at himself for not being more careful of the hansom, of placing his mother in the carriage without a second thought. Even if Rosita was in the room with him, she wouldn't be able to answer whether she was alright or not.

A sudden light burst into the room forcing Fred to close his eyes in pain. He heard the sound of approaching feet and when he opened his eyes next, he looked into the gaze of the creature that had captured him. Fred glared at it.

"What have you done with my mother?" He yelled.

His capturer smiled toothily. "You mean the female you were carrying? She is well although you are mistaken for thinking her your... mother." The creature spat in disgust. "We have checked your DNAs and they are both significantly different. Revoltingly so."

"Why have you taken us here?" Fred demanded. "What are you anyway?"

"My name is Science Chief Tyret and I am a Sontaran." He replied as he switched on a computer in the corner and started typing. "We would have killed you already hadn't we noticed that you have similar dreams to the female you call "mother". That's what brought us to your city of London."

Fred was baffled. "But how could you look into our dreams?"

The screen changed to show a grey spaceship separated into three compartments that were connected by three walkways so that it formed a triangle. Tyret pointed to one compartment. "We are here, in the Research Faction. The large satellite above us, on the roof, picks up images from dreams. It is used to locate certain images that match what we are locating so we can capture only humans that have the relevant information we seek."

"So that's how you found my mother. But what is it that she knows that's so important?" Fred asked.

"All in good time." Tyret said as he tapped Fred on the head. "Now many humans saw what we want but most have either died or refused to accept what they saw which caused them to subconsciously alter their memories. The female was right at the centre of the event though, just as were you. Now, enough talk, it's time to extract your memories."

Fred felt sweat drip down from his forehead. "Extract? Can't you just interrogate me?"

"Humans can lie. This is the only way to get the precise knowledge." Tyret replied, pointing a small black gun with a green barrel at Fred. "Don't worry now, if you're lucky then you'll never wake up."

"What is that?" Fred asked quietly.

Tyret's grin widened. "A brain reprogrammer although I'll only be using it to read your mind. I doubt all the nanobots in the universe could reprogram humans into a worthy species." He placed the gun onto Fred's forehead. "Now close your eyes and let loose all you know about the Cybermen."