The Silurian detective: Perfect warrior

Waiting until the sound of Sontaran feet were out of earshot, Fred and Rosita quickly clambered out of the crates that had saved them from discovery. They had been in the box for longer than expected as it had taken a while for the Sontarans to carry them across the ship. Now they were out of such a small and uncomfortable place, they stretched their arms and legs gratefully before walking over to a closed door.

Gently pushing the door open, they were met with the sight of an army of Sontarans that were all facing a gigantic metal hangar exit. They each held a gun in one hand and their helmet with the other. Every one had a type of backpack strapped to them, a lever to one side.

In a large windowed box that overlooked this scene were more Sontarans. Some watched screens that held many different forms of information. Others were communicating with the rest of the technicians in the Command Faction. They were all preparing to launch the soldiers that would descend upon the Earth in the hunt for the lost technology that would bring glory to Sontar.

As Fred started to weigh up the odds of them getting past an army of Sontarans, Rosita had noticed a hansom cab equipped with its own horse against the wall. Quickly pointing this out to her son, they both frowned at the utter bizarreness of a 19th century vehicle being surrounded by the greatest technology of Sontar, the likes of which Earth couldn't begin to imagine.

"I think that's the hansom that they used to abduct us." Fred whispered. "But why on Earth would they bring it with them?"

"Well we're not on Earth anymore are we?" Rosita replied wittingly. "That horse could be a useful distraction though."

Fred nodded, slightly annoyed at himself for not thinking of his mother's idea first, before darting behind the carriage, hoping that a Sontaran hadn't seen him.

Well, he tried to dart behind the carriage but instead, fell to the floor, clutching his head, not quite sure about what had happened.

Rosita had however, so after helping Fred to his feet, she pulled him behind the carriage without attaining any sort of injury. Fred was even more annoyed with himself.

"What the hell happened?" He grumbled.

His answer was a tap on the back of the carriage. Rosita's hand didn't reach it though but instead knocked on an unseen metal surface. "The hansom and horse is all just camouflage. The Sontarans must have used it to travel around London."

"Oh." Fred said briefly, running his hand across the invisible but real covering.

His mother was doing the same although she had already started on a side. She was kneeling down so as to avoid being spotted by the Sontarans in the box above. Her hand grasped a handle near the roof which she opened and stepped inside, grateful to ease the strain off of her knees.

Fred had reached the carriage door and found that he could actually open it, revealing a realistic interior of a hansom. With a click, the leather seat and carpet floor were replaced by a cold, empty metal room. Closing the door, Fred turned to see his mother disappear behind the horse. Approaching where she had vanished with caution in case of another attack from invisible walls, Fred felt a door that wasn't there. Walking around it, he saw Rosita sitting in a large chair, her legs lying on the console below a window.

"Is this really the time or place, mum?" Fred asked as he shut the door and sat in the chair next to Rosita.

She tutted. "When you get to my age, your aching knees will be your number one priority."

"Well I think you might have knocked a switch or something." He answered, wishing that her number one priority could wait until they got back to London.

"It was that one." Rosita replied, pointing at a lever with her foot. "What did it do?"

Before Fred could tell her though, a siren shrieked out and the army of Sontarans placed their helmets on their head. Moments later and the siren sounded again. Every Sontaran simultaneously pulled the lever on their jetpacks. As they lifted into the air, the siren blared for a final time and the huge metal door slowly started to open.

"Quick, now's our chance." Fred said urgently. "Find the button that turns this thing on so we can get out of here."

Out of the window, the door had opened fully and the flying soldiers launched through it, the blue-green planet straight ahead. Rosita turned to her son. "Are you sure this is a good idea? We don't even know what we're turning on."

Fred had started tapping random buttons as the last Sontaran disappeared into space. "Well I've got a good guess anyway." The door was slowly heaving itself shut. Rosita pushed on the bar in front of her. With a clunk, the reins jerked and the horse charged forward. Rosita and Fred screamed equally as loud as the spaceship disguised as Victorian transport galloped through the closing doors and into the vast darkness of space.

Spinning round and round for a few seconds, Fred pulled on the bar Rosita was holding onto, quickly stopping their movement and contents of their stomach. "Do you want me to steer?" Fred asked his mother who got out of her seat without a word before collapsing into Fred's which he had vacated.

Ahead of them, the Sontaran army looked like a swarm of angry wasps, their stings far more deadly. Pushing the bar forward, Fred directed the ship after the soldiers. Rosita clutched her stomach and groaned. "I hope you know how to land this thing." She said before hunting for an empty container.

"How hard can it be?" Fred replied optimistically, not knowing that he would get his answer soon enough.


Vastra stared into the Sontaran gun, quickly considering how to pry it away from its master. Before she could though, a shot aiming for her head was released. With few options remaining, the Silurian chose her most reliable and freed her sword from its sheath.

With a snap, the sword broke in half from the blast that the Sontaran's gun had fired. Vastra stared, dumbstruck at her disfigured weapon and would have been hit by the second shot had Jenny not pulled her back into Georgina's office and slammed the door shut.

It instead smashed into the said door and almost tore it off its hinges. Rather than shoot at the wooden barrier again, the Sontaran soldier pulled the lever on the jetpack and charged through it before turning towards Vastra with a terrified Georgina crouched behind her. Shooting her tongue towards the alien's face, Vastra shrieked in pain as it was reflected by the metal helmet. She hadn't expected it to have any effect but had no other ideas.

As the Sontaran lowered himself to the ground, its gun ready to fire, a vicious smile grew behind his helmet. He didn't notice Jenny creep up behind him and plunge her sword into the vent on the back of his neck. On his chest, a bulge in the metal armour appeared.

Jenny attempted to pull the sword out of the alien's body but Vastra simply pulled her away. Georgina looked slightly ill as she stepped over to them, her eyes locked with the corpse of an extra-terrestrial. "If I ever complain again, you'll know that I've recovered."

Ignoring her comment, the two detectives looked down to where the remaining humans were being massacred by the invaders. If one tried to escape up the stairs, they'd be quickly shot at and collapse to the floor, unmoving. Several more aggressive scientists were having more success by fighting back with anything they could get their hands on. Despite this, the overwhelming numbers were proving too much and they had little time left alive.

"This is horrible." Jenny gasped. "There must be some way to stop these things."

Vastra smiled grimly. "You saw how that gun broke my katana in half. We were lucky to not have been killed against one of them. We stand no chance against an entire army."

Georgina was gazing up at the night sky that could be seen through the huge hole that the Sontarans had blown through the ceiling. "That is going to cost a lot to repair."

"Do you think they destroyed the Tower as well?" Jenny asked.

"No, we're too far away." Georgina replied. "Torchwood is found inside Tower Hill which as you know, is a bit further away from the actual Tower."

Vastra hadn't been paying much attention to their conversation as she had picked up the Sontaran's gun and was trying to figure out how it worked. Looking about for an extra-terrestrial to test the weapon on, she saw a great light burning in the sky.

"What's that?" She said, pointing up at it.

Georgina frowned. "It looks a bit like a star but it's no star I've ever seen before."

Jenny shook her head. "No, it's getting bigger. It must be coming closer towards us."

They stared at the light for a few moments longer, bemused at what was growing in the sky. "It could be one of those foreign lanterns. They look like balloons with fire inside. They're sent up into the sky before dropping back down."

"I've seen one of those before. This is definitely not a lantern." Vastra remembered when Sam and Carol had released the lanterns that Jasmine had helped them make. The gentle orange flame had slowly disappeared into the inky darkness of night that had signalled the end to an enjoyable evening.

Jenny, who had the best eyesight out of the three of them, noticed something strange about the incoming light. "There's something behind the fire. I'm not sure what it is but it's burning strangely."

Vastra and Georgina froze. Up above a Sontaran soldier had spotted the trio of natives to Earth. The light was almost ready to impact. Vastra lifted her gun just as her opponent did so to his.

"It's a horse!" Jenny yelled suddenly, pointing frantically at the falling hansom cab that did indeed have a horse galloping furiously towards the surface.

Guns were lowered in shock as every Sontaran in the room gaped up at the bizarre animal and its load that were tumbling straight down at them. Launching herself at her friend, Vastra knocked Jenny to the floor just as the soldiers below started to flee the certain death that they would meet if crushed by a falling horse.

Swatting the hovering Sontaran that it had so rudely interrupted in mid-attack, the unexpected meteor smashed into the bottom of the room, crushing several Sontarans on impact and killing many more when their jetpacks exploded on contact with high speed debris.

Jenny opened her eyes as she clutched her ears. The blasts had been deafening and were causing her ear drums to sting from the overload of noise. Vastra lay on top of her, the Silurian's hood still covered her face but Jenny was close enough to see that her friend was in pain too.

Vastra opened her eyes to see Jenny looking up at her in concern. Time seemed to slow down as their eyes locked for a moment. The world around them was unimportant. Nothing mattered more than their shared gaze.

"You two okay?" Georgina said, almost as if she was saying it in her head.

Realising how close their faces were to each other's, Vastra got to her feet and turned to face Georgina. Jenny frowned at the place where Vastra had been before standing up as well.

"We're fine thanks, are you?" Jenny asked politely if sounding a bit annoyed.

Georgina nodded. "When your friend dived on top of you, she knocked me into my office where Mr Potato Head cushioned my fall and by cushioned I mean that he didn't. Not as comfy as you two seemed to be finding each other anyway." She added, raising an eyebrow at Vastra.

Ignoring Georgina's comments, Vastra surveyed the damage that lay below. Shelves that had held tools, the machines that the tools had been used on and of course, the bodies of humans and Sontarans littered the pit in the centre of the room. As for the missile that had caused all the damage, it lay embedded in the floor, trapped from the force that the fall had generated. The carriage that the horse had pulled was sticking out of the ground while the animal itself was buried underneath.

"It's smashed through the floor. There must be another room underneath." Vastra realised. "Georgina, what's down there?"

The woman shrugged. "I'm not sure, I was never allowed access. It's meant to be some kind of tunnel that leads to the Torchwood Vaults."

"Torchwood Vaults." Vastra repeated. "And this tunnel, would the entrance be nearby?"

"Yes, it's just a few doors away." Georgina replied. "Don't tell me you want to go there? It's really deep underground. In fact, why am I still here? Pretty much every Torchwood member has been killed. You know what? Good luck fighting these aliens, I'm going home."

She turned to leave but Jenny grabbed her arm. "Georgina, wait. You know more about Torchwood than either me or Vastra. We'll never be able to stop these creatures unless you help us. Don't you want to avenge all your colleagues?"

Georgina laughed bitterly. "Avenge them? It's a wonder I've managed to put up with them all these years. Do you have any idea how hard I worked to get this job? And when I get it, I'm given all the simple work. They thought that because I'm a woman, I couldn't handle all the difficult stuff but look at me now. I'm not lying dead, crushed by a horse. Good bye."

"I can't believe that you can be so selfish." Vastra said bluntly.

Her hand on the doorknob clenched as Georgina turned around again, a vicious glare aimed at Vastra. "Didn't you hear what I just said? They never wanted me and they're dead anyway so how am I selfish?"

"Oh you're selfish alright. Those aliens want something and I'd bet my life on it that it's in the Vaults." Vastra answered, venom hanging on her tongue. "They've already killed about a hundred humans and you can guarantee that when they find what they're looking for, they're going to kill a whole lot more. If you walk away from this than you're not just losing the chance to prove yourself but are endangering every person on this entire planet. That is selfish."

Staring into the darkness beneath Vastra's hood, Georgina's face betrayed her. It showed anger but also fear and guilt. Hidden below those three emotions, sadness could be seen creeping out. "It's not fair. I've proven myself when everyone should have cared but now I have to do it, when it matters most and no one will ever get the chance to even know."

"It's not about doing it for others; it's about doing it for yourself. Now are you coming?" Vastra said, slightly more gently.

Georgina kept her back to Jenny and Vastra as she opened the door. "You can lower your hood if you want. There's no one here left to imprison you."

Jenny looked at Vastra in confusion, wondering how she could have figured it out. "But how can you know?"

"I might be an idiot but I'm not stupid." Georgina replied, smiling just an inch. "Now then ladies, let's get to the Vaults and prove it to society that we can do more than just clean."

As they exited the room, a groan was heard that forced them to return. Peering down into the mess in the pit, a Sontaran could be seen getting to his feet. He held his head in his hands before looking down into the space that a horse and carriage had been so kind to reveal. A few seconds later and another Sontaran staggered to his feet.

Vastra sighed in annoyance. "It seems that it'll take more than a falling vehicle to stop them. Come on, we'll have to run."

She left the room at a fast pace, Jenny and Georgina behind her. As for the awakening Sontarans, they were already starting to think of some particularly nasty words to say about their superiors behind their back. No matter how important a clone is in Sontar military, nothing is seen as more foolish than firing at your own soldiers.

The humans inside of the shuttle would regret ever leaving the Sontaran station. When they woke up that is.


The massive shaking that was roaring through the underground maze that made up the Torchwood Vaults could have been caused by only two things: A large earthquake or the arrival of an alien invasion. Since his master had warned him of the intention to alert the Sontarans, the latter option seemed most likely.

Cracks appeared along the wall and just as suddenly as they had arrived, a blast occurred up ahead. From the ceiling dangled the strangest of objects. A horse, its eyes wide yet still empty.

Peering up into the light that crept through the crevices that the animal was trapped in, the dark haired man who had taken the disk containing the information on the Cybermen saw the moon, large and eerie looking, just above the carriage that was imprisoning the horse.

Said creature gave an unrealistic whinny before curling its head down to its front legs. The sudden shift in weight caused the carriage to give out a scream before tumbling completely down into the tunnel below.

Once the dust had settled, the horse and carriage had vanished, instead replaced by a dull, iron grey spaceship that had no chance of ever taking off again. The door on one side collapsed to the floor revealing two people within.

Just as he was about to take a closer look at them, a pile of dust slowly glided down to the floor. Following its journey back up, the helmeted head of a Sontaran gazed down into the darkness of the tunnel. With a grunt, the soldier leapt down, his covered eyes scanning the lightless depths.

Unsure whether or not the alien could see him, the dark haired man froze and hoped that too little light would mask his discovery. The Sontaran's head turned to face his direction and stopped. He was certain that he had been spotted but then the creature collapsed to the floor.

The man who had been lying unconscious inside of the spaceship only moments before pulled his knife out of the neck of the Sontaran and helped the older, dark skinned woman down. He then wiped the knife on the arm of his coat while the man hidden in the darkness started to creep away.

Taking a glance back at the two people who had started to examine the tunnel they were in, the lucky escapee prepared to run straight to the exit but unluckily crashed into the worst person to crash into.

"Vastra, are you alright?" Jenny called out in worry after hearing her fall to the ground.

In the pitch blackness of the tunnel, Jenny and Georgina had been relying on Vastra to guide the way with her superior sense of taste. What the Silurian detected from the man who had knocked her to the floor made her doubt that sense however.

"Derek?" She exclaimed, not sure what answer she wanted to receive.

The reply was in fact only a gasp followed by a hasty jump to the feet and sprint to the exit. Jenny pulled her friend to her feet, a frown on her face despite the inability for anyone to see it.

"Vastra, why did you just say that name?" Jenny asked gently.

The Silurian shook her head, not certain what to say. "I... I thought that I sensed him but it was probably something else."

The young maid didn't look like she believed her friend but Georgina interrupted her before anything else could be said. "Come on already. Vastra's fine so what are we waiting for?"

Voices further down the tunnel caused them all to turn in their direction. They travelled deeper into the darkness, following the voices until a faint light could be seen. Approaching it, Vastra and Jenny ran forward when they realised who were speaking.

"Fred, Rosita!" Jenny cried out. Said two jumped in surprise before grinning at the appearance of their friends.

"But how on Earth did you get here?" Fred exclaimed, clasping the arms of his two friends.

Vastra was just as confused. "I was about to ask you both the same question." She noticed the abandoned spaceship and the room that could be seen through the cracks. "Hold on, were you two inside of that carriage?"

"Well technically, we were in the horse or on top of the carriage. The whole camouflage covering was rather confusing." Rosita tried to explain. When she got no reply, she attempted a second go. "That metal thing over there was made to look like a horse and carriage in order to blend in with the rest of London." She said, pointing to the spaceship behind her.

"It appears to be made from some sort of stealth metal." Georgina lectured, suddenly appearing from behind the spaceship. Rosita hoisted her gun at the woman. "Please put that away, I'm with your friends."

Fred and Rosita gave a distrustful look but Jenny nodded in Georgina's support. "It's true, Georgina here works for Torchwood. She's helping us defeat those invaders."

"Is that what you call us?" A voice called out from above. "Well it seems like we've forgotten to introduce ourselves." Jumping down from the room above, a helmetless soldier smiled menacingly. "I am Captain Stek of the Infiltration Squad of Intelligence for Sontar." He lifted a hand skywards and a row of Sontarans flew into the tunnel with their jetpacks. "These are my unit of Sontaran troops."

Giving the potato headed Captain a nervous grin, Fred pointed to himself. "Well my name's Frederick Lake and this is my mum Rosita. These are our friends Vastra and..."

"KILL THEM!" Stek bellowed.

Charging back into the darkness, the five Earth natives ran for their lives. The sparks from the jetpacks burned behind them but it was the black up ahead that they sought shelter in. Reaching a narrow staircase, Georgina groaned about more steps before descending. Fred and Jenny quickly followed but Rosita stayed, sparing only enough time to dive down a few steps for cover.

"Come on, mum." Fred yelled. "Those Sontarans have shown themselves to be hostile. Not to mention rather impolite. Let's get out of here."

She shook her head. "I'll only slow you all down. You go ahead while I hold them back with this." She lifted her gun.

Vastra, who had been attempting to shoot the Sontarans herself, reached the staircase. "Go, me and Rosita will be able to get you enough time to find what they're looking for."

"But Vastra..." Jenny started.

"Now Jenny and that's an order as your employer." Vastra shouted.

She almost came back with a retort but just managed to hold it back. "Yes Ma'am."

Fred took her arm and they both ran down the stairs. The attacking force had spotted the humans flee down the stairs and prepared to open fire. Vastra and Rosita were too quick however as they released their own barrage of shots at the aliens. A couple of soldiers took the blast of their own weapons and collapsed to the ground. The strong remaining started to shoot more furiously than before. The two women huddled together, shooting whenever they could.

"I hope that there's another exit out of here." Rosita grimaced as a shot almost hit her. Vastra nodded in agreement before firing back at the Sontarans.

Even further underground, Georgina stood in front of a huge metal door. It was both incredibly wide as well as tall and was brown all over apart from a sliver circle in the centre. She was examining the broken wooden boards that covered the floor when Fred and Jenny arrived.

"Where are your mother and Vastra?" She asked in her monotone voice.

Jenny who had been trying very hard to remain calm grew angry at how uncaring Georgina appeared to be. "They have both decided to stay behind so that we can find what the Sontarans are looking for." She said furiously. "So then Georgina, have you found it yet?"

"Oh, how brave of them." The woman replied as she got to her feet and attempted to slot one of the broken boards together. "No, I have not found it yet. Do I look like I have a potato head?"

Fred kept his grip on Jenny's arm firm, speaking before his friend yelled something she would regret. "So Georgina, do you have any idea how to open this door?"

She glanced over at him. "What? Oh no I've just been checking why this wood is lying scattered across the floor. It appears that someone broke into this vault very recently as the boards must have been used to keep this door hidden."

Jenny stopped trying to break free of Fred's grip and frowned at Georgina in surprise. "Recently? So someone else has been in the vault just before we arrived?"

"Excellent definition of the word 'recently'." Jenny restarted her attempts to escape Fred's hand. "Yes, I believe it was most likely the man who ran into Vastra back in the tunnel. What did she call him? Jeryck?" Georgina then snaked her fingers into the crack of the door. "He was in a hurry anyway so if I'm correct, as I most often am, then he wouldn't have shut the door properly."

The door opened silently revealing a dimly lit cellar. Georgina smiled smugly as she gestured for Jenny and Fred to go first. Ignoring her desire to punch the smirking woman, Jenny descended quickly for Vastra and Rosita's sake. The room was packed full of boxes that held multitudes of silver parts. Shelves were jammed with other random objects, the majority being made of a silver metal. It was a room that gave the feeling that no one wanted to be in it for too long. A feeling that wasn't caused by claustrophobia.

Georgina suddenly let out a terrified scream. Fred quickly ran up to her. "What is it? What happened?" He exclaimed in a voice laced with fear.

The young woman's hand shook as she pointed to her feet. "I just felt something and when I looked... Oh it was too horrible."

Fred looked slightly less scared. "Something touched your foot?"

"Yes, oh I think it could've been a mouse." Georgina panted as she attempted to hold back the tears.

Jenny laughed. "You're scared of a mouse after everything you've seen today, it only took a mouse to make you scream?" A figure standing behind the maid took a step forward. "It could've been Sontarans or falling horses but you screamed at a tiny..." The hand jerked forward and covered her mouth. The other clutched her throat.

Fred had his back to the cellar and continued to hold Georgina who was sobbing into his jacket. "Thank you Jenny. Now I don't think it was a mouse. I saw something move but it looked shiny."

Georgina nodded. "You're right. I mean no mouse can feel so cold." She glanced up and screamed as she saw the metallic monster that was choking Jenny."

Expecting to see another mouse, Fred also screamed at the sight of Jenny being attacked. He grabbed the Cyberman's hand and tried to heave it away from his friend but the hulking creature was too strong. Jenny's face started to turn blue.

Rosita appeared at the top of the staircase next to Georgina but froze at the sight of the Cyberman. Vastra peered down behind the two and shrieked at the occurring situation. Raising her gun, she let loose shot after shot as she leapt down the stairs towards her friend. She didn't miss once.

The Cyberman's body released blue sparks as it unclenched its grip from Jenny and collapsed to the ground. Vastra caught Jenny just before she fell too. They both sank to the floor, the woman coughed a few times while Vastra rubbed her back.

"What happened?" The maid gasped.

Tracing her fingers along the bruising marks on her partner's neck, Vastra smiled gently. "Don't worry Jenny, you're safe now."

She tried to sit up but was immediately pushed back down onto Vastra's lap. "But you were fighting the Sontarans?"

"This rat scurried past us and the Sontarans suddenly stopped firing. They picked it up and flew off. It must have been carrying something." Vastra explained.

Jenny frowned slightly. "A rat? But how could that have what they're looking for?"

Fred nodded in agreement. "Whatever it was, the Sontarans have it now."

"Well we won't be able to catch them." Vastra answered seeming strangely pleased at that. "Let's all just go home. It's been a long night."

Everyone liked that thought so Fred and Vastra held Jenny between them and helped her walk out of the cellar. No one looked back at the broken body of the Cyberman.


Captain Stek smiled as a soldier handed him the item that they needed to complete their research. It was small and silver with a row of teeth on the front end and flashing blue lights on the back. Turning it onto its back, Stek pulled off the bottom covering revealing an interior of complex wires. To one side however was a large disk that the Captain plucked from its casing.

He laughed slightly as the robot attempted to escape. "Cybermats. We've been able to create these for months now but with this disk, the true might of the Cybermen's technology will be ours." He held the disk aloft, the red light on it kept flashing.

Dropping the Cybermat to the floor, Stek crushed it with his boot before the machine could escape. "Let's return to the ship." A Sontaran handed him his helmet and a spare jetpack. As one, the unit of soldiers launched themselves into the indigo sky, their mission accomplished.

From an office, a set of stairs above, Derek peered out to make sure that they had all left. Seeing that the room was empty, he took a few steps into the eerily empty testing room and lifted up the screen to his face, the ancient observer within it gazing back.

"There, you heard them. They fell for the trap. Torchwood is destroyed and soon so will they." Derek sighed. "Now can you return me to the ship?"

Pulling on his cloak, the old man gave a slight cough. "Boy, must you ruin all the surprises? Very well, your mission was a success. I'm activating the teleport and then you may watch what your handiwork has achieved."

There was a flash of bright light and the testing chamber was replaced by a dark room, lit only by the dim glow of computer screens. Derek closed the box and looked up to see the wrinkled old man seated facing one of the large monitors, tapping away at the keys furiously.

"So did it work?" Derek asked.

The screen revealed the Sontaran ship, its 3 sections floated gently against the black of space. "If you have managed to do everything right than it shouldn't be long before the plan falls into place."

On the screen, Captain Stek and his soldiers flew into the hangar of the ship.


The General watched as Stek handed the disk over to the newly promoted Science Chief who hurried back to the Research Faction. Glad that his soldiers had achieved their mission and that the technology of the Cybermen would allow the Sontarans to create the perfect warrior, the General returned to the Command Faction pleased.

In the Research Faction, the Science Chief had placed the recovered disk into an Info Stamp that had been found in a house that the Cybermen had inhabited during their invasion. With a click, it slotted into the bottom of the tube and the Chief smiled as he pushed the button.

Nothing happened.

Frowning in annoyance, the Sontaran pushed it several more times before growling in anger. Calling one of his assistants, he handed him the Info Stamp and headed towards the Command Faction where spare Info Stamps could be found. He hoped that the disk would work in another of the devices. The General hated to be disappointed.

The assistant was examining the Info Stamp. He quickly discovered what his superior had not. The disk had not been pushed in properly so slotting it into the rod, he tapped the button. The expected images that should have flashed from one end did not. Instead a loud beeping emitted from the container.

It then exploded, incinerating the entirety of the Research Faction. Not a Sontaran survived.

In the Command Faction, the Science Chief fell to the ground from the shockwave produced from the explosion. He got to his feet unsteadily and peered out of a window. A third of the ship was a burning wreck, its metal frame was all that remained from the blast and even that was starting to snap from the heat. Pieces of debris drifted towards the only walkway left, the one that connected the Command Faction to the Military Faction. It was already weakened from the explosion but as a piece of metal smashed through the glass, the bridge started to shatter. Within seconds it was ripped apart, the two remaining Factions were drifting apart.

Unfortunately for the Military Faction, the tearing of the bridge had opened up a hole in its wall. The suction that space gave was paying its toll on the Faction's anti-gravity less room as multiple objects were fired out into emptiness. The hangar door reopened and the Sontaran army, led by Captain Stek launched themselves back towards Earth, their last place for survival lay on its surface below.

The Science Chief fell to the floor once again as the unbalance caused by the disruption in the Sontaran ship shook the Command Faction. He watched as cracks snaked through the glass window. A Sontaran didn't care about dying as long as he met his end on the field of battle. As a technician, the Science Chief had spent more time working in laboratories than fighting in bloody wars. The cracks seemed to show the paths that a clone could take. Although once one had been chosen, there would be no other choices to be decided. It wasn't like they even had a choice in what they wanted to do. A Sontaran was specifically designed for his particular purpose.

He accepted what happened and that's what the newly promoted Science Chief did as the glass shattered and he was released into space for a fate that had been decided before he had ever been created.

Alarms were blaring across the few rooms that hadn't yet been destroyed. The General roared at his technicians to discover the problem that was tearing the ship apart. Commander Stert charged into the Command room, panic covering his normally serious face.

"General, the Military and Research Factions have both been destroyed." He yelled. "Sir, we have to abandon the ship immediately."

A technician turned to face his superior. "He's correct, sir. The soldiers in the hangar have already left for Earth. There are some spare jetpacks in a storage room which we can use to follow them."

The General froze for a moment, his face screwed up in thought. He then nodded. "Very well, you all hurry and get to the surface. Not you Commander, I need you to assist me with something."

Picking up his helmet, with its insignia of Sontar engraved in the centre of the forehead, he led Stert through a door and down a flight of stairs. A control monitor was seated beneath a window where a large metal box could be seen in a wide chamber. Guns were positioned at every possible point, lasers beaming down on the box.

With a few tap of keys, the General deactivated all the lasers. Almost immediately, the box started to shake. "Stert, I want you to hold this switch so that I can enter the Prison Cube."

"But sir... Do you actually intend to release the creature? You know what it can do." The Commander's face showed true fear.

"I know what I'm doing, Stert." The General replied sternly. "The technicians no doubt knew that they wouldn't get to the storage room in time. This creature however, has power over time itself. I will return to the past and ensure that we succeed." He glowered at his Commander. "Now open the door."

Stert looked at the Sontaran he had been serving under for years and then started to think. The General had let his lower status Sontarans die when they could have gone to the past with him, giving him a greater chance of survival. But the General was rather old for a Sontaran. At 15, he was the oldest in the ship's crew. A clone rarely lived so long due to such high chances of dying in war so they weren't designed to live very long either. A waste of resources or some other reason but few were told how long a Sontaran could live for exactly.

At 9, Stert knew that he stood the best chance of living long enough to avenge those who had murdered his people. The General had failed; it was time for someone else to take his place.

Lifting up his gun, Stert fired a shot into his superior's vent, killing him instantly. He took up the helmet that was worn by General Sontarans and placed it on his head. It fit perfectly; after all, every Sontaran had the same sized head. The dead General's body was placed onto the control monitor, his chest lying over the button that must be held down to open the door. It did as it was expected.

Walking over to the cube, he placed his hand over the keypad and the walls of the cube slowly fell down. A statue of an angel, its hands covering its face was revealed. Stert knew what the creature would do and he welcomed it. The past would allow them a second chance to achieve their mission.

Holding onto his gun tightly, he blinked.


Vastra handed Rosita the keys to the house and she let them in. They tottered into the living room where Jenny was placed onto the sofa. She had drifted in and out of consciousness on the way back to their home. Fred had even had to carry her for a short time. Now that she was out of the cold, she allowed herself to fall asleep; her tired body was exhausted from both the Cyberman's attack and the late nights out hunting for Clarissa.

Knowing that they were safe from any more aliens, Vastra, Fred and Rosita sank into a chair each, all tempted to join Jenny in the comfort of sleep. Georgina entered the living room, a letter in her hand. "This was on the mat. It's addressed to you, Vastra." She said as she handed it over to the Silurian.

She was tempted to leave it until she was more awake but knew that she wouldn't sleep until she had read it. Tearing it open, her eyes scanned the paper quickly. Sighing as she finished it, Fred looked towards her sleepily. "What did it say?"

"It's from the police. Clarissa, the Red Raven has escaped." She said into her hands. "Apparently she was helped by another red haired accomplice."

Rosita laughed softly. "How ironic. It takes you and Jenny barely anytime to capture her but it takes her even less time to escape. Never mind, I'm sure you will be able to track her down again."

Footsteps were heard speeding down the stairs before Sam burst into the room. He looked extremely worried. "Where have you all been? I thought you'd all been killed." He saw Jenny and quickly ran over to her. "What happened?"

Vastra went over to him and knelt down next to him. "Don't you worry, Jenny will be fine. Come on, I'll take you back to bed."

"Would you mind if me and mum stayed the night?" Fred yawned as he peered out of the window and saw the light from the sun start to appear in the sky. "Well, early morning anyway."

Vastra nodded. "Sure, there's Jenny's room and a spare just upstairs." She turned towards Georgina. "Would you like to stay too?"

She rubbed her eyes. "No, I need to get back home. No doubt the government will take possession of my belongings if they think I was killed at Torchwood during the attack." She turned to leave but looked back. "I'm sure that I'll see you again soon."

Jenny looked too tired to wake up again so Vastra, Fred, Rosita and Fred left her to sleep as they went upstairs. Saying goodnight to her friends, Vastra led Sam back into his room. He climbed into bed while Vastra looked out of the window. Up above, a huge red spot could be seen against the slowly lightening sky.

Sam sat up to get a better look. "What are those falling things?" He said pointing into the distance.

"Do you mean that red light in the sky?" Vastra asked.

He shook his head. "No, those things that are falling. They look like people."

Vastra stared carefully out to where he was pointing but still couldn't see anything. "I'm sorry Sam, but I'm too tired to play any games right now. Sleep well." She left the room.

Sam continued to watch what Vastra couldn't see. The figures didn't seem to have any shape. They looked rather short and appeared to have wings made of fire strapped to their back. One by one, they floated to the ground. Sam continued to look out of the window until he drifted into sleep.

Across the city, children tugged at their parents and pointed at the falling figures. They received only shakes of the head as they couldn't see what their children could.

The red spot in the sky was of course the explosion from the Sontaran ship. The last scraps of metal that remained in space slowly started to be drawn in by the large mass of planet Earth. Among the debris was the body of the Angel. It was no longer made of stone as there was no one left to see it. On the planet below, millions of lives existed for the creature to feast on. Swinging its powerful wings down, it charged through the cold emptiness of space towards the life force that it would find on the surface.

The gravity of Earth pulled it down past the falling figures of the Sontarans where it became stone. London was a big city, a city that was about to be inhabited by two of the worst aliens that it could face.

If Vastra was worried about Clarissa, she would soon see just how worse the situation could be.

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