The Arizona Base

Part 2

Purg'stall watched the two Guyvers sprinted towards him. Raising his fist he engulfed them in white hot lightning. Raining down from the sky the bolts erupted around the two bioboosted organisms. The gigantic guyver stopped as he shielded himself using a barrier but the smaller visious looking one simply dodged each shockwave continuosly moving forward. The zoalord tried several times to strike Denonu but he just kept coming unfased. Crossing his arms before him Purg'stall summoned his own barrier anticipating the smaller guyvers attack. The attack came as his armored fist struck the energy barrier. The ground broke apart from the impact but Prug'stall remained unharmed as his thoughts ran through his mind.

Prug'stall: /No normal guyver can punch through a zoalords barrier./

The zoalord watched his opponent and the guyver's control metal lickered a golden color. The armored fist against the barrier suddenly opened and a slit appeared on the guyver's palm. The slit opened and an eye like organ circled around before it stopped and focused on him. Prug'stall felt a strange energy spread around him and he put all of his power into his barrier hoping to shield himself from what he assumed was an oncoming energy blast. He was suddenly struck with an enormous force and his mind could barely register what was happening. His sense of time was gone and nausea swept over him as he started to shake violently. His consious mind was shattered and his body instinctly held up his protective barrier.

Guyver One watched what happened but he couldn't make sense of what he saw. Denonu struck the barrier and then opened his fist. At that moment the zoalord dissappeared and the Kronos mountonous base erupted as a gigantic hole appeared boring itself clean through the mountain. Sho assumed that the zoalord was knocked backward and thus caused the hole but he couldn't see him or sense the zoaform using his guyver's compound sensors. He stood watching as Denonu leapt toward the base's new opening and entered inside the Kronos facility.

Denonu landed upon rubble, he feet crushing rock and artificial material beneath him. The control metal on his forehead flickered violently and his posture loosened up. When it stopped, Denonu awoke to find himself in unfamilar surroundings. His mind returned to him and the past events flooded him as if someone had pressed his own personal rewind button. The past few minutes came to him and he stared at his blood soaked armored hands. Denonu saw the organism twich and tighten around his arms in between the armor. Wondering in disbelief he thought he himself.

Denonu: /What the hell is this thing. Whatever it is I will figure it out later./

Shaking his head he focused on his friend, the one he was here to rescue. He surveyed the area and found collasped stairwell. Continuing on he jumped broken concrete stairs heading down floor after floor. As he decended he discovered that nearby emergency lights had turned on. Soon he came to a door marked B1 and he lauched himself into it. The door buckled under his strength and he entered a brightly lit hallway. He saw doors and people everywhere and an elevator at the end of the hall. It looked like a dormatory or living quaters. The people were dressed in jumpsuits and looked shocked as they saw him. The shock wore off quickly as the people began to transform into various zoaforms. Instinctivly Denonu's vibration blades protruded and emitted a soft hum as he dashed towards the zoaniods. Energy blasts, teeth, and claws assulted him and using his speed he cut down each target in his path. As he reached the elevator the doors opened and he saw a brown haired woman before him. His armored arm grabbed the woman up by the throat and hoisted her off her feet into the rear transparent wall of the elevator. She stared into his armored face frightened as his grip tightened around her.

Denonu: Where do you keep your prisoners. Answer me and I let you live.

The woman heard his cold metallic voice and the thought of lying didn't even cross her mind. She spoke with whispers as Denonu loosened his grip on her neck.

Elevator woman: About fifty floors down near the processing area.

Denonu released the woman and she fell to the floor gasping for air. He stared through the rear glass like wall and saw a huge chasm which headed downward into the darkness below.

Denonu: Fifty floors huh.

Raising his leg Denonu kicked the wall and it shattered into large glass like chunks. The woman screamed as he did this and he looked at her. His gaze never shifted from her eyes.

Denonu: Thanks for not being difficult.

After speaking he leapt from the elevator and a second later he was in freefall heading down as gravity pulled him toward the blackness. A smile crept across the woman's face and a laugh escaped her lips.

The filtered air rushed past Denonu as he descended down into the unknown. Thirty floors later Denonu began to hear mechanical noises. Sounds of metal grinding upon metal. Looking down he saw a large metallic shutter closing across the large area blocking off his decent. The saiyan could tell that the shutter was a few feet thick and Denonu cursed before shifting his body around so he was falling head first. Cocking his right arm back his muscles clenched as he closed the distance between the shutter and himself. Metal warped, the elevator glass shaft shattered and everything around him shook violently as Denonu puched the shutter with tremedous force. A shockwave of force rocked the facility continuing upward and downward across the large chamber. The shutter exploded away from the guyver, coning inward before destroying the wall which held it in place. Breaking free from the wall the shutter began to fall and Denonu followed it further down into the Cronos base. A few more floors later Denonu dug his armored fingers into the wall griping the concrete and steel as best he could. Scraping the wall he slowed his decent, his hand breaking up the concrete and steel creating claw marks into the wall. After he stopped Denonu saw elevator doors beneath him and he dropped down onto the frame of the doorway. Using he hands he began to pry the elevator doors open using his hands. The mechanism which held the doors in place fought loudly as sounds of grinding was heard. A couple of seconds later the doors broke open and the guyver had access to this new floor. Cold air washed over his armored skin filling the vacuum that the elevator doors held in place. The bio armor regulated Denonu's body temperature so he only felt the chilled air for a short second. Denonu suddenly heard screaming and pounding noises. He found himself facing a long corridor lined with what he assumed was cell doors. But upon closer inspection they looked more like storage rooms or meat freezers. Large metal doors and frames each with a panel next to it containing a screen and a number keypad. Destiny's scent washed over him and the saiyan urgently sprinted down the corridor heading towards the scents origin.

Tetsouro pounded on the door excitedly hoping that his friends would hear him. With all the shaking and emergency sirens sounding he figured that the base was under attack. Finally his best friend Sho had found him. He had been here for weeks by himself until someone had dropped off a woman into his cell. Staring at the red headed woman he remembered when she was brought in. She struck her jailor in the head and he hurt her some kind of way before throwing her onto the ground. Tetsouro figured that she was injured internally somehow because she hasn't moved since the incident. She hugged her chest and her breathing was in short gasps. He soon figured out that she spoke English but he only understood a few words. He was taught English in school but only for a couple classes and only a little bit of it stuck with him. The woman repeated word Destiny, so he gathered that to be her name. He tried to comfort the woman as best he could. Giving her his jacket as a makeshift blanket when it got cold. Her clothing was tattered and she was more nude than dressed. When the temperature suddenly dropped he tried to get someones attention but no one came. He talked to his new cell mate off and on trying to keep her awake. He told her about how he got here, about Sho, the guyver, anything he could think of. Then after she would try to tell him about something called Denonu. He figured it was a name giving how often the woman mentioned it. Perhaps Denonu was her boyfriend or husband. Tetsouro also noticed that during the conversation that the woman was developing a fever and soon she passed out and he was unable to awaken her. Considering it a bad sign he started to pound on the walls as best he was a few hours ago, now his fists throbbed painfully as he sat on the ground bleeding. The edge of his hands were heavily brused and lacerated. Frozen blood stained the metal cell door running down its length. Looking at the bronze skin woman Tetsouro gathered his remaining strength and stood up onto his feet. Raising his fist he prepared to pound on the door. Just as his fist was about to slam into the door, a loud sound reverbed through the cell and his cell shook again. Tetsouro smiled as he realized that the sound was coming from the cell door and that someone was pounding on the door from the other side.

Tetsouro: Sho, I'm in here!

He watched as the cell door was ripped from the surrounding wall and its frame. Concrete dust filled the air and his vision began to haze. The door was thrown away and he heard it slam aganst the floor. Through the dust he saw a figure standing there and his smile got bigger for a second when he realised that the figure was a guyver.