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For nine straight hours, Heero Yuy sat behind a big oak desk in a massive office deep in concentration. His brows were in knots as he studied the pile of papers in front of him, turning from one page to another, and back again.

Weekends had always been like that for two years since he was elected into presidency for the new L1 Colony.It was the only time he could get some paper work done. No matter how prompt he was, still it kept piling up every week.

The office was usually quite, but there were times when the office door would bang open, shattering the silence of the room. "Heero, my man," Duo greeted and slammed the door shut again. He sat down on the cushioned leather chair in front of Heero's desk and interlaced his fingers above his navel.

Heero gave him a brief look and sat back on his chair. He closed his eyes and pressed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. "What emergency do we have?" Heero asked with dead serious voice.

Duo raised his shoulder then crossed his feet on Heero's desk. "Nothing that I cannot handle. Everything is sailing smoothly, there's nothing for you to worry about," Duo replied offhandedly.

Heero straighten his back, expelled a deep breath, and brought his attention back to his work again. "So, what brings you here?"

"A lot of reasons."

Duo picked up a wine decanter from the table beside him and poured two drinks. "First, to give you a break," Duo started. "In case you haven't noticed--- did you banned clocks here too?" Duo exaggerately exclaimed and sighed as he saw the grandfather clock at the farther side of the room. "As I was saying, you've been working for hours again without having a break. Hell, you've been working for years without having a time off for yourself! Geez, man," Duo made his funny expression he never outgrew whenever he gets exasperated with Heero. "Get a life, pal. Go out, have fun. It's not a sin or a crime, you know."

Heero saw that this was coming, Duo trying to reform him again. For years, he had been doing that. Heero had learned to ignore him instead of taking offense. It was always a wonder how they ended up becoming friends when they have contrasting personalities.

"Why do I ever…?" Duo trailed off. For years I've been trying to put sense into his head. Why do I even bother?… "Second, my beloved wife asked me to invite you for dinner tonight. She said she prepared something special which she knew would be to your liking."

Still not moving from his work he said, "Tell Hilde thank you. I really appreciate it."

"So, you're coming over?" Duo asked and drank his wine. "I don't want you disappointing my wife."

"After I'm done, yes."

Duo let out a deep sigh. Hopeless man….But I won't give up on you… He pasted a lopsided smile and placed his drink on the table beside him, picked up Heero's drink and placed it right in front of him on his paperwork.

"Relena is coming," Duo simply stated.

Heero's head suddenly snapped up, his eyes registering surprise. Duo's guess was right. Behind that armor lies a man after all…

Duo sat back again and interlaced his fingers behind his head, his grin grew wider.

"Don't joke around Duo," Heero said after gulping the contents of the goblet. He quickly erased the emotions, which crossed his face when Duo mentioned Relena's name. He turned his attention again to what he was doing, only this time, his mind was not on his work.

"These things are not to be joked about, my friend. Relena is really coming over. I received a call from the Reformed Earth Sphere Alliance asking your permission to hold a peace treaty conference here next week." Duo pointed at himself. "I, being your second-in-command during your hibernating days, accepted in your behalf. We will be expecting delegates from other colonies and from the earth, including Prime Minister Relena Peacecraft of the Cinq Kingdom."

Of all the interfering… Heero expelled a deep breath. He should have seen this coming. He could not escape the fact that sooner or later the two of them would meet, especially with the path he had taken.

Heero stood up and went over to Duo's side to pour himself another drink. "Why wasn't I told about this?" he asked in his usual serious deep tones.

"I believe I just did," Duo replied still grinning.

Heero flashed him a deadly look. He did not utter a word as he went to the window, looked down at the soldiers on briefing, his left hand holding aside the curtain to the pane.

"There's nothing to worry about, it's just a peace conference and it will only last for a week. Security, accommodations and everything else have been taken care of.

"Unless… you are worried about meeting her again after so many years."

Heero still stood motionless for a several heartbeats.

For seven long years he had shut all doors for Relena. Well, that was what he was trying to do. He devoted his time setting his life on the right track, working for a future. A future he thought he would never have. He used his skills to atone for the sins he committed; he studied and led. A path he never dreamt of taking.

For what reasons? For the thousandth time Heero asked himself. "I don't know," Heero voiced out gravely just when Duo thought he would never speak again.

Duo smiled. He pitied him, his comrade, a man who could handle the worst scenario but not the gentlest emotion.

"Admit it or not, my man, but you are what you are now because of her," Duo said. "Deny it if you want but it won't work. Don't you think it's about time you take off your armor completely? It will only make your life more miserable."

To break the ice, Duo stood up and slapped Heero on his shoulder gently. "About that dinner," Duo said jokingly. "don't you dare disappoint my wife. I'm warning you."

"I'll be there," Heero confirmed softly.

"It's getting late. I'd better get home. Don't worry about anything else, it's been taken care of," Duo said and went towards the door.

Duo paused by the door and looked at the silhouette of the man still unmoving by the window.

"An advice from a friend, my man, don't wait until you loose her before you realize how much she means to you." Duo's parting words before he closed the door.

Heero leaned his forehead to the window. Visions of the young lady with blue eyes and with dream of peace invaded his thoughts. Nobody knew how much he pushed himself to the limit during the day, just to forget the lady that invaded his dreams during the night.


Many times he was on the verge of following the dictates of his heart, but fought against them because he knew it was not meant to be. A vast distance separated heaven and earth. She was above there, high on a pedestal. He was a nobody wanting to be somebody.

"It is not meant to be," he voiced his thoughts softly. Then why in the world did I follow this path? For seven years he asked himself that question.

And for same number of times he told himself, "I don't know."

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