Chapter 3

The last class of the day was English, with Mr. Horn. Jag reached the class last and had to sit in front of Jaina. While Mr. horn was teaching, Jaina was seductively running her fingers through his hair and he just couldn't tell her to stop. It felt too good and he heard Jaina laugh form behind. She then moved closer behind him and whispered in his ear, " I thought you liked Anna, but it seems you want me," she said and then licked his ear. She quickly sat back down and Jag slowly turned around to see her smiling face. He turned back around thinking about what just happened and for the rest of the class all he could think about was Jaina's voice and the lick to his ear that accompanied it.

After school he sat beside Anna at a bench. He then said, " Want a ride home?"

" Sure and thanks," she replied. So they waited for Jag's sister, Wyn, to come and then they drove off

" So is this your girlfriend, Jag?" Wyn asked.

"No, she is just a friend," Jag replied sternly.

" Oooooh burn! Anyway, there is this guy I'm falling for," she said in a sing song voice, " mmmhmmm and he is so fine. His name is Anakin Solo."

" Well he's got a girlfriend so oh well," Anna chimed in.

" Oooh, more fun for me," Wyn replied before putting her earphones in her ear and proceeded to listen to music.

" There's no point in arguing with Wyn," Jag said as he drove to his house to drop off Wyn. Well, say what you like but Jag's house was magnificent, it was large and Anna begged for a tour. He showed her around the many rooms, the kitchen, living room, dining room and so on. Then she got a tour of outside. The tour entailed the large yard, the beautiful pool and the small but luxurious gym. There was also a tennis court and a garage filled with about seven cars excluding Jag's.

" Wow your house is awesome. Your a rich kid"

" Yeah so, come on you need to get home." They left for Anna's house and when they reached they said their goodbyes and Anna walked into her house. Jag sat in his car thinking about his first day of school and what he was going to do about Jaina Solo and her oh so tempting ways.

The next day, Jag drove off for school. He went to classes and sat with Anna doing all while thinking of Jaina in English class. Everywhere he went, Jaina, everywhere he looked, Jaina, everything he heard, Jaina. It was all about her, so when English class came again he just couldn't wait to see what she was going to do today. He made sure to sit beside her and luckily Mr. Horn was out sick for today so it was just Jaina and him because none of her followers were in this class. He looked towards Jaina and smiled.

" Do you want to do something naughty," she said.

" Yes!" he said quickly without thinking. They were at the back of the class to the left and Jaina looked around before hopping into his lap and looking up into his face. Jag couldn't believe his luck but here was Jaina Solo in his lap looking at him seductively. He was about to say something when Zekk walked towards them with an angry face and said, " Well look where the whore is now. In someone's lap. What a surprise"

" Get out of here you perve, before I sucker punch you out of here."

Jag was silent, not wanting to cause any conflict.

" You slut!" he said as he dragged her from Jag's lap and onto the floor before he ran off nowhere to be found. I was so shocked, I had no idea what to do, so I got up and helped Jaina off the floor. She quickly picked up her stuff and ran out the classroom with an angry look on her face, a look determined for revenge.

After the class, Jag went looking for Jaina with no success. At lunch he didn't see her at her usual table so he sat beside Anna and told her of the events of today's English class. To think all Anna could say was this, " Well the bitch deserved it, these things come to people like her. And she is so totally a whore." Jag couldn't believe his ears. Here was his friend who he thought to be oh so nice but her she was saying that Jaina Solo deserved to be called a whore and slut and to be assaulted. It was unbelievable.

" How could you say that. What did she ever do to you?"

" She is a total bitch, Jag. She so deserved it and she really deserved what should of come to her last year." Jag couldn't take it anymore of this talk of events of last year. He exploded, " What the hell happened last year!"

" Well, Jag! Jaina was being a slut and she knew of Zekk's feelings for her and she seduced him just like you, except Zekk's crazy. So at the Christmas party Zekk got drunk and she was seducing him as always and he tried to rape her! If it wasn't for Lowie and Jacen it would have worked! And it should have!" Jag so couldn't believe what he was hearing. No one deserves that. Anna was clearly crazy and he wanted to know why she hates Jaina so much, but she was gone and out of the cafeteria leaving Jag stunned at her revelation.

So after lunch, Jag caught up with Jacen and said, " I know what happened last year, but why do Anna and Jaina hate each other so much?"

" How did you find out? Did Anna tell you?"

" It doesnt matter, why?

" Well there was this guy named Wes Janson. He is in Senior year now. Last year Anna liked him and she found Jaina kissing him. She got upset and told Zekk that Jaina wanted to sleep with him and kept telling him that's why she kept seducing him- I know Jaina's crazy- and at that party she drugged Zekk's drink and he got all high and you know the rest. Tenel Ka beat the crap out of Anna until she confessed, then when Jaina found out, she hurt Anna so badly that she was in the hospital for three months."

" So why would Anna do that just because Jaina was with a guy she liked?"

" Because she and Jaina were once best friends.