Info About Story-Progress

First: I apologise to everyone, who thought this is a chapter update, but due my current situation it is the easiest why for me to give out the information I want everyone to know about this One-Shot.

Second: I thank everyone for the great reviews and I'm sorry I couldn't reply to everyone personally. I'm in the last semester of my school and I'll my finals in coming May, which means the teacher's are loading a lot of work onto our shoulders.

Third: Due to the positive reviews I have received, I decided to take up the suggestions of a multi-chaptered story, meaning the sequel is going to be multi-chaptered instead of a second One-Shot. I'm not sure if I'll be able to start writing the sequel until after my finals are over, but I'll try my best. If you have any wishes on what kind of interactions/scenarios/etc. you'd like to see in the sequel, just let me know with a PM. I can't promise anything, though.

Well, that's it with the information I wanted to tell you. I hope I'll have the pleasure of some of you reading and maybe review the sequel once I get it going.

Love Fon27 (Tatsu)