Title:Never Gonna Give You Up 2/3

Author: theblackrose16

Beta: elsa_kallan

Artist: v_son_sayian

Summary: Sam has always believed in angels and nothing anyone has said has ever convinced him otherwise. Dean has always wondered how his brother could be so sure, to speak as though he knew beyond a doubt that there are good forces in the world, that angels do exist especially with all the crap that they've dealt with on a daily basis. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Sam has a guardian angel he never told anyone about?

Genre: Semi AU | Slash

Pairings:Sam/Gabriel, hints of Dean/Castiel

Warnings: slash, references to child abuse/molestation, violence, character death, language, adult sexual situations, spoilers from season 1 through 5

Rating: PG-13, NC–17 for later on

WordCount:8, 574 this part (23, 075 total)

WrittenFor: sabriel_mini bang 2011 on livejournal.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.



Loki, who had ceased going by the name Gabriel a very long time ago, paused as he was putting the last finishing touches to his latest plan for a sleazy business man in South Dakota. The man loved pressuring his young secretaries into doing "favours" for him. Loki felt that the man's actions warranted his attention and the just desserts heading his way shortly, but that wasn't his main focus now.

Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and sent his senses out into the world, searching for what had disturbed him. Almost immediately, he sucked in a sharp breath, shocked even though technically he didn't need to breathe, but after hanging around humans for so long, he'd picked up a couple of their habits.

He couldn't feel Sam Winchester. At all. After having the youngest Winchester at the edge of his senses for so long and now to feel nothing, was enough for him to descend into full blown panic. For the last two decades he'd been protecting Sam, always there in the shadows but now he felt absolutely nothing. He couldn't sense his mate!

Without even bothering to snap his fingers, Loki simply disappeared and reappeared in the living room of his home, his sanctuary, in one of his little pocket dimensions outside of time.

He tried every ritual he could think of, one after the other to find Sam and one after the other failed, and he had accumulated knowledge on many with how long he had been around. He was becoming desperate, his panic and desperation rising to new levels. His bond with Sam wasn't fully formed so there were limitations on what he could do to find him.

Between one second and the next, his awareness of Sam reappeared and he was horrified to find that the young man was dead, his soul even now moving towards Loki's location.

Tenderly, he met him half way and grasped Sam's soul, cradling it against his very being as he accessed Sam's memories of the last 24 hours without thought, acting on instinct. As each second passed, he felt himself growing angrier but his anger would have to wait. First order of business was bring his Sam back from the dead.

In the blink of an eye, he re-appeared cradling Sam's soul in Cold Oak. His arrival went unnoticed by the hunters.

"SAM!" Dean screamed in anguish.

Bobby rubbed Dean's shoulder in comfort as tears streamed down his face at the loss of the boy whom he had come to think of as a son.

Loki walked forward towards Dean who was clutching his baby brother's lifeless, limp body tightly as if he could bring him back by sheer force of will alone. Loki knew that Dean was going to make a deal with a crossroads demon to bring his brother back. He couldn't allow that, Sam would never forgive him especially when he was planning on bringing him back himself.

Before either hunter had a chance to register his presence, Loki reached out, pulled Sam's body away from Dean with little effort and surprising strength, lifted his hand and pressed his forefinger and middle finger to Sam's forehead, pushing his soul back into his body.

"What hell are…?" the rest of Dean's outraged demand was drowned out as Loki concentrated on bring Sam back, his eyes fairly glowing in power.

Bobby put a hand on Dean's shoulder to restrain him and silently warned him to tread cautiously. The older hunter had no idea how the Trickster had survived or what he was doing; but he figured that things couldn't really get any worse than they already were.

The sky rumbled as lightning streaked across the sky once again before it became silent. The sound of someone inhaling sharply and then coughing broke the night time quiet.

Dean stared incredulously from where he was kneeling in the mud as Sam began coughing a foot in front of him.

"Sam? Sammy?" he whispered, afraid to believe his eyes, sure that he must be dreaming.

Wide brown eyes looked up to stare at him in confusion.

"De…Dean? How…?"

His older brother launched himself across the short distance between them. Sam blinked in confusion as Dean wrapped him up in a tight, bone crushing hug. Bobby dropped onto the ground beside them and swept both the brothers in a hug, relief pouring out of him.

Reluctantly, Dean pulled away and helped Sam and Bobby to their feet. Once all three of them were standing, he turned to look at the Trickster, who by the way was supposed to be dead as far as they knew. The Trickster was watching their little reunion with an odd look on his face, almost wistful and sad.

Sam stared at the figure of the Trickster before them, something niggling at the back of his mind as he tried to work out what was going on.

"Th…thank you," Dean choked out.

At least being indebted to the Trickster was slightly better than making a deal with a demon, Dean reasoned silently with himself because that's what he would have done if it had meant getting Sammy back. He hadn't had to sell his soul but he had yet to hear what the Trickster's price was for saving his brother.

Sharp caramel eyes never left Sam's face as Loki spoke to Dean, "I didn't do it for you."

A cloud passing overhead, moved in front of what little light the moon was providing, casting a shadow over the Trickster's face and something inside Sam's mind finally clicked at the familiar picture.

"It's you. It was you all this time," Sam breathed, astonished at having found him after all this time, "I remember you."

Dean turned to look at his little brother sharply, having overheard the whisper.

"Sammy what are you talking about?"

"You remember," Loki quietly stated.

"Remember? How could I forget?" Sam answered breathlessly.

He had finally found his invisible guardian. It had never crossed his mind that his protector was the Trickster and could not think of a single reason why he would be guarding him all these years. They had "killed" him a while back so why did the Trickster save him or bring him back or whatever it was that the being had done?

"Sam?" Dean asked, a number of questions all conveyed with that one word.

Sam ignored his brother for the moment, desperate for answers that had evaded him for years.

"Always jumping in with both feet heedless of the dangers, hey Sammy Sam?" Loki teased before becoming more serious.

"We need to talk, kiddo," he told Sam.

Sam nodded even as Dean shook his head in outrage.

"Oh hell no! Thanks for saving him but that doesn't mean that he's going anywhere with you," Dean informed the supposed to be dead Trickster, taking a step forward in front of his younger brother in order to protect him.

Sam placed a hand on his brother's shoulder in the vain hope of calming him down.

"It's alright, Dean. He won't hurt me."

Dean spun around, poking Sam in the chest to emphasise his point.

"He's a Trickster Sam. How can you know he won't hurt you? He tried to kill us before or am I the only one who remembers that huh?" Dean's voice grew louder as he spoke.

Bobby spoke up from their left for the first time, having been observing all that was happening.

"Your brother's right, Sam. He may have saved you but we don't know why and he is still the Trickster."

Sam sighed. This is what he got for keeping quiet all these years. He couldn't explain everything to them until he had answers and to get them he needed to talk to his guardian turned trickster.

Loki had watched them argue amongst themselves with amusement but he also wanted to get Sam alone to reassure himself that the young man was indeed alright now and relatively in one piece.

At the end of his patience, he snapped his fingers, instantly moving them from the haunted town to the porch of Bobby's house along with Dean's precious Impala. He didn't need to give the older Winchester anymore reasons to want to kill him than necessary.

"Sam-I-Am, time to go," he addressed the youngest Winchester, holding out his hand as he turned to the older hunter and other Winchester.

"I'll have him back shortly, Deano."

Only stopping a second to consider the consequences, Sam placed his hand in the Trickster's outstretched one and with a snap of his fingers, the pair disappeared, leaving behind an angry Dean and a worried Bobby.


They reappeared in a room that Sam immediately identified as some sort of a living room. The room was a warm beige colour with polished wooden floors. Deep wine red sofas were positioned around the room, against one of the walls was a large flat screen T.V. while a fire burned in the fireplace in the opposite wall.

"Where are we?" he asked, turning to find the Trickster watching his surveying of the room with something close to amusement.

Loki spread out his arms with a grin on his face.

"Welcome to my home. It's in a separate pocket dimension so don't worry that pretty head of yours about your brother. We can go back to a few seconds after we left, so take your time."

Sam's eyebrows rose in surprise, though it certainly was a useful piece of information. He hadn't realised that Tricksters were that powerful. Speaking or thinking of which, it was getting really annoying referring to him as the "Trickster" all the time.

"What's your name? I can't keep calling you Trickster," Sam asked curious despite himself.

Loki sighed.

"Guess there's no easy way to start this is there? We're going to need sweets and probably alcohol for this conversation," he muttered, more to himself than anything.

Sam frowned at his response. He hadn't thought that asking a simple question such as a name would be so difficult. He barely resisted jumping in surprise as, with a snap of his fingers, an entire dessert buffet spread appeared out of thin air.

"Grab something and have a seat, Sammykins," Loki said while indicating the sofa behind Sam.

Sam frowned at the nickname.

"Can you not do that? My name is Sam."

Loki flashed him a quick grin before curling up in his armchair.

"Sure it is… Sammybear."

Despite the situation, Sam was hungry, he hadn't eaten since the Yellow Eyed Demon had kidnapped him. He quickly grabbed a large salad and some tacos before making his way over to a sofa.

Loki waited until Sam was sitting opposite him before he began.

"The first thing you should know is that I have many names. For the last couple of millennia, I've been going by Loki."

The name was familiar to Sam who couldn't resist asking, "The Norse god, Loki?" between bites of his salad.

"Give the man a popsicle," Loki cheered, a popsicle instantly appearing in Sam's right hand.

Sam shook his head in exasperation before the rest of what Loki had said caught up with him.

"Wait, you said the last few millennia. What about before that? What did they call you then?"

Loki took a deep breath and looked Sam straight in the eye.

"Gabriel. They called me Gabriel."

Sam's eyes widened in shock. There was only one Gabriel that he could think of off the top of his head but that was just impossible.

"Gabriel? As in the Archangel Gabriel? Angel of Justice and the Messenger Gabriel? That Gabriel?" Sam managed to choke out past the sudden lump in his throat although he was grateful that he hadn't taken a bite of his tacos or he would have choked on that.

Gabriel looked at his hunter in fond amusement.

"Glad to know that my reputation precedes me," he quipped.

Sam lowered his eyes to the ground. He'd always believed that angels existed, hell he'd prayed to Gabriel often enough. Suddenly, he felt extremely dirty. Azazel had revealed that he had demon blood in him. He wasn't worthy to stand in front of an angel who had protected him all these years, let alone Gabriel himself.

Gabriel watched the shadows chase across the younger Winchester's face and could guess as to where his mate's thoughts were going. Making a decision, he pushed up and sat on the sofa beside Sam. The young hunter was so engrossed with his thoughts of self-recrimination that he didn't notice Gabriel until a hand was placed on his thigh.

"Sam," Gabriel spoke softly, "don't."

Hesitantly, Sam peeked at Gabriel beside him, uncertain eyes partially hidden by the hair hanging in his face. He looked a little ridiculous and Gabriel would have felt justified in laughing if the situation wasn't so serious.

Sam was startled to see Gabriel looking at him, really looking at him, like he could see into his very soul; which, considering that he was an archangel, he probably could. His thoughts were whirling a mile a minute and he took a few minutes to take a couple of deep breaths and sort through all the questions buzzing through his mind.

Gabriel, for his part, sat patiently beside Sam, hand still resting on Sam's arm, unnoticed by the pair.

"Why me?" Sam almost whispered, not sure if he really wanted the answer to his own question but a lack of information had caused a lot of damage in previous experience for both himself and Dean, and ignorance was not always bliss, not in their case.

Gabriel frowned at the question not quiet understanding what it was that the young man was asking. He hadn't read Sam's mind out of respect for his privacy but it was making things a tad more complicated, and the potential for misunderstandings was ever present.

"I'm not sure what you're asking Sam," Gabriel said, angling his body to face Sam completely, giving the hunter his undivided attention.

Sam, for his part, was now determined to get answers. He didn't notice that his empty plate of food disappeared into thin air as though it hadn't been there.

"Why are evil sonsofbitches so attracted to me? What does Yellow Eyes want with me? Why did you save me? Bring me back? Why have you been protecting me for all these years? I have demon blood in me," he spewed, clearly agitated, "Shouldn't you have destroyed me on sight not saved me?"

Gabriel stroked his thumb in circles where his hand lay on Sam's arm in an attempt to sooth and calm him while he answered the barrage of questions.

"What do you know about angels? I mean really know?"

"What does that have to do with anything? With me?" Sam demanded.

Gabriel felt a small smile tug at the corner of his lips. His human was beautiful when he was all fired up.

"Just bear with me here. We're not these fluffy, joyful, winged creatures from the fairytales. First and foremost we're warriors. Or at least, we're supposed to be."

Gabriel let out a deep breath before continuing. Sam placed a hand over the one on his arm in silent support. Whatever it was that Gabriel was going to tell him, it was obvious that it was painful for him.

"I'm sure you know the story of the rebellion, how Lucifer became the devil as you humans call him. When Lucifer betrayed us and rebelled, Michael cast him out. There was so much fighting amongst us, it was civil war up there. It tore our family apart. I couldn't choose sides. I loved both my brothers equally and then they each wanted me to choose a side and help kill the other and I couldn't do it. So I left, I ran away to Earth and hid here amongst the pagans. I became Loki as a form of my very own witness protection, and after a few centuries they stopped looking for me and assumed that I was dead."

Sam nodded to show that he was following but he was still confused as to what this had to do with him. Gabriel, meanwhile, was staring blankly at the wall above the fire place, lost in his memories. He sighed, another human trait that he had picked up, and turned his attention back to the human beside him.

"All angels have a mate, a bonded. You only have one for all eternity. When an angel finds their bonded and they accept each other, it's an amazing thing or so I was told. A fully formed bond transcends any other power or force. They're linked, can sense when their mate is in danger or hurt. They can find each other anywhere; there are no wards powerful enough to hide a bonded from its mate.

After I ran, I never expected to find my mate. I thought I'd live for eternity alone or until one of my siblings caught up with me and killed me. Turns out, Dad had other plans. Nearly twenty odd years ago, I felt a tug on my grace, one of the first signs that an angel's mate is around or has been born."

Sam was scrambling to grasp what Gabriel was saying, calculating even as his mind was rejecting the very possibility.

"It was you, Sam," Gabriel confirmed what Sam's stunned thoughts had concluded.

"You were just a baby, such a small and bright, pure soul despite the taint of the demon blood that Azazel had forced on you. After all that time, centuries on my own and then there you were barely four years old. You're human though. A human that is an angel's mate is very rare and is a major magnet for all the supernatural things that go bump in the night. Mostly before the bond has been fully formed and in place, because that is when they're at their most vulnerable.

There's more but I think sparks will fly out your ears soon, your brain is working so hard. So let's call it a night and I'll tell you the rest in the morning. You can sleep on it. Okay, Sam?"

Sam nodded dazedly. It was a lot to process and Gabriel had said that there was more. At this point, he didn't think that there was much else that could surprise him.

Gabriel stood and pointed at the hallway leading off the living room.

"There's a bedroom down that hall where you can sleep."

"You're not taking me back?" Sam asked, once again bewildered, which was happening far too often lately for his liking if he did say so himself.

"Nope. Time works differently here, Sammy Sam. We can stay here as long as we need to and go back to your brother just when we left him. You need the time to rest and process everything."

Sam rubbed his hands over his face suddenly too tired to deal with anything.

"Bed, Sammykins," Gabriel's voice came from behind him as a hand settled on his lower back, gently prodding him forward and down the hall.

Sam silently allowed himself to be led into a large bedroom. He barely took note of the light blue walls and soft moonlight bathing the room in warmth. He did notice when between one second and the next, he changed from wearing his jeans, white button shirt and brown jacket into his favourite old grey sweat pants and white T-shirt that he usually slept in.

Gabriel gently guided Sam to the large king sized bed in the middle of the room, that with barely a thought Gabriel turned down. Sam was so exhausted that as soon as he reached the bed, he crawled into it, settling in immediately.

The bed was the softest thing Sam had ever lain on; it almost seemed to mould itself to his body. He could barley keep his eyes open so it wasn't surprising that he didn't notice when Gabriel left the room turning the lights down on his way out.

Despite all that had happened, Sam was asleep within seconds of his head touching the large soft pillow. Apparently fighting for your life, dying and then coming back as well as finding out that you had an archangel for a mate took a lot out of a person.


Gabriel sat once again in his armchair in the living room Sam had recently vacated facing the fireplace and brooding. It was uncharacteristic of him but he was doing it none the less. He had almost lost Sam. If the bond with his mate hadn't been partially formed already, Sam would have died and his soul would have moved on, and not moved towards Gabriel instead.

Even though he could feel Sam in the next room, Gabriel was driven by the need to actually see his mate. Out of habit more than anything else, he snapped his fingers and reappeared in Sam's room. Silently, the archangel approached the bed and gazed at the figure sprawled under the covers.

"Mmmm," Sam groaned, barely awake and squinted in the dark at the figure standing beside his bed.

"Shhhh, go back to sleep," Gabriel whispered as he reached out a hand and tenderly ran his fingers through Sam's hair.

"Gab'il? Wha'?" Sam asked sleepily.

"Shhh… I almost lost you today, Sammy. Just wanted to check on you. Go back to sleep," Gabriel murmured soothingly.


Without any warning, Sam's right arm shot out and he grabbed Gabriel. One strong tug sent Gabriel tumbling down onto the bed into the space beside Sam. In the next moment, Sam wrapped himself around his angel and pulled the covers over them both.

Utterly bemused, Gabriel allowed himself to be manhandled by his human mate.

"Stay. Sleep. We'll ta'k in da mor'ing," Sam muttered into Gabriel's neck, warm breath tickling the nape of his neck.

In the next moment, Sam was once again sleeping, snoring softly while Gabriel lay in the circle of his arms, perplexed at the recent turn of events. Even though sleep was not necessary for him, Gabriel found his thoughts drifting, going over all that would need to be done now to keep Sam, and by extension Dean, safe.


Consciousness began to return to Sam in stages. He couldn't remember when last he had slept so well or woken feeling rested and safe. Taking stock of his surroundings, Sam also became aware of the fact that he was wrapped around another warm body and with that realisation; the memories of what had recently occurred came flooding back. He also vaguely recalled pulling Gabriel into bed with him at some point during the night.

Sam blinked a couple of times, his eyes adjusting to the light before focusing on the angel lying in his arms.

"Morning Sasquatch," Gabriel chirped.

"Morning," Sam returned, fighting to hide the blush working its way up his face.

"Sorry I dragged you in here with me," he muttered, causing Gabriel to chuckle.

"I'm not complaining, Sam. You can haul me into bed anytime you want," he added with a wiggle of his eyebrows, smirk firmly in place.

Sam made a choking sound somewhere between a laugh and a groan as he buried his face into his pillow.

Gabriel smiled at his human before sitting up, exclaiming, "Breakfast!"

A second later Sam was alone in the bed and he could hear Gabriel banging pots around in the direction of where he assumed the kitchen was located.

"Gigantor, get your ass in the shower and then in here before I eat your pancakes too," Gabriel shouted from the kitchen.

Bemused at his situation, Sam took a quick shower, put on his clothes that he had found lying spread out on the now made bed and, following his nose, walked in the general direction of the kitchen.

He stopped short at the sight that greeted him. Gabriel was standing, manually making pancakes, but as surprising as that was, it wasn't what had stopped Sam in his tracks. The man was wearing a full on white chef's uniform except for the large neon pink apron with black letters saying "KISSTHECOOK" in the middle.

Sam was already laughing before he could stop himself. Gabriel turned and gave him a mock glare but in truth he loved the sound of Sam's laugh and wanted to hear it more often.

"Get in here and make yourself useful Sasquatch," Gabriel ordered, brandishing a spatula.

"Why don't you just snap your fingers and conjure them up?" Sam asked curiously even though he was moving to help Gabriel.

Gabriel pulled an overly outraged face at the suggestion.

"Pancakes are a very important meal, Sammy. They deserve some effort," he drawled teasingly.

Breakfast was different to anything he had previously experienced to say the least. Sam had never seen one person consume so much sugar first thing in the morning or at any other time of the day. Gabriel all but drowned his pancakes in syrup or chocolate sauce and then still added various other toppings. The Trickster Angel also regaled Sam with stories of some of his travels all over the world but was careful to leave out any mentions of killing, for which Sam was grateful even though he had no delusions that they had occurred. Once they'd both eaten their fill, Gabriel led him back to the living room from last night.

The pair once again sat on the sofa opposite the now empty fire place, each angled towards the other, giving their full attention.

Sam was much more alert now that he had eaten and surprisingly he had had a good night's rest. He was still struggling to wrap his head around the mates' part of Gabriel's speech from last night but for now he would push it to the back of his mind.

"Why does Yellow Eyes want me so bad? Why does he want one of us psychic kids to lead some army and how did both Jake and I get out? I thought that only one of us could live," Sam asked frustration and anger in his voice at being in a situation so far out of his control, one that had nearly cost him his life.

Gabriel winced at the last question.

He reached out and laid a hand on the young hunter's knee, feeling his warmth even through the denim jeans as he quietly informed Sam, "Only one of you did, Sam."

"Gabe, that doesn't even make any sense. I'm sitting right here and I know Jake made it out," Sam pointed out; puzzled as to why the Trickster turned Archangel looked pained.

"Sammy, you died," he whispered.

Sam shook his head even as he remembered Jake coming from behind him, a sharp burning pain in his back, Dean shouting and then darkness.

"No, no… I can't…you…why…" The youngest Winchester was at a loss for words.

He turned confused and scared eyes to the being seated beside him, needing answers.

"I brought you back. Because of the bond, instead of your soul moving on, it came to me," Gabriel spoke softly.

Sam took a deep breath, trying to pull himself together. Even having been raised around the supernatural, things were getting way above his pay grade and he didn't evengetpaid.


Gabriel tilted his head to the side, silently questioning.

"Why did you save me? Bring me back? I mean I get that I'm your mate but couldn't you have just moved on with me? Why bring me back?"

Gabriel was slightly stunned. His mate didn't think very highly of himself if he thought it would have been better for him to stay dead. Gabriel found himself even more determined to make Sam understand everything that was going on and added to that, just how much his loved ones would suffer without him.

"You and your brother have drawn the proverbial short straws on life. You've been manipulated by outside forces so much and to such a degree, and neither of you deserve what's coming.

My brothers seem to be having a bit of a temper tantrum and unfortunately you and your brother are caught in the middle. I have had it with my brothers' shenanigans and you're my mate, I couldn't let you die, especially when it's all one big, elaborate trap."

"A trap for what?" Sam asked, a sinking feeling in his stomach. Whatever it was, it was going to be bad, and he and Dean weren't going to like it one bit if the pinched look on Gabriel's face was any indication.

"The Apocalypse, Sam. Heaven and Hell are trying to bring about the Apocalypse and free Lucifer."

"Wait, Lucifer's real? What am I saying? Of course he is. That's just brilliant," Sam interrupted sarcastically, feeling completely overwhelmed, "You know, now I'm really not sure I want to know what's going on."

"I sincerely doubt you do, kiddo, but you and your brother have to be prepared. When Lucifer was cast out, he was put in a cage in the deepest part of hell…" Gabriel trailed off as a pang of sorrow at what his brother had become went through him.

"Gabe?" the nick name rolled off Sam's tongue unnoticed as he placed his hand over the one resting on his knee, drawing Gabriel's attention back to the present and his hunter mate beside him.

"There are seals on the cage. Think of them as locks on a box. There are over six hundred of them but only sixty six of them have to be broken for my brother to walk free," Gabriel paused, allowing this information to sink in before continuing.

"Some seals can be broken by anyone but there are two that have a very specific set of requirements; the first and the last seals. The first has to be broken be a righteous man spilling blood in hell. That would have been your brother. The two of you are extremely co-dependant, and if I had stayed away, Dean would have made a deal to bring you back, playing right into their hands."

Sam shook his head in denial even though he knew deep down that it was exactly the kind of thing his big brother would do. Dean was absolutely selfless when it came to keeping Sam happy and safe. The thought was chilling though; that his older brother would sell his soul and go to hell for him and, as far as Dean was aware, it would have been to be tortured for all eternity.

"Eventually he would have broken," Gabriel told him apologetically, "Everybody does in the end and time works differently there. For every month here topside, it's about ten years downstairs."

Gabriel smirked suddenly at Sam, which was slightly unnerving given the serious nature of their conversation.

"By the way Sammy boy, you're not the only Winchester that is destined to be dipping into the angel pool."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sam demanded indignantly.

"Dean also has an angelic mate. That's the angel that would have been sent to break him out of hell. We've already changed the rules of the game, but that's one that we can't interfere with. Not the hell part, just the meeting part," he added as an afterthought to reassure Sam.

"There is, however, another demon you have to worry about. Her name is Lillith, she's the first human soul that Luci corrupted. She's very eager to let him out. She'll do everything in her power to see that the seals are broken and she has quite a bit of power. The demon bitch, ironically enough, also happens to be the last seal."

Sam listened to Gabriel attentively, eyes wide with information overload. He had never seen the angel so serious, granted he hadn't actually seen him all that much, except when he was in trouble, and then there was that time a few months ago when he had posed as a janitor. However, that was all beside the point.

For some reason he believed everything that Gabriel was telling him. There was no reason for him to make it all up, and he had been protecting him for as long as Sam could remember, which made it all the more believable. Dean was going to be the difficult one to convince. Sam mentally winced at the mere thought of that conversation, pushed it away and listened as Gabriel continued to explain.

"The last seal is also where you come in, Sasquatch. Lillith has to be killed be a man with demon blood in him. After that, it's time to roll out the red carpet and welcome Luci back," Gabriel declared, a wicked little grin lighting his face.

Sam frowned, showing that Gabriel's warped sense of humour was not appreciated at the moment. It was an acquired taste, and now was not the time.

"Is there a way to remove the demon blood from me?" Sam almost begged.

The thought of having demon blood inside him made his skin crawl. He was also dreading having to tell Dean that their mom was dead because she had interrupted the demon feeding him said blood.

Gabriel smirked at his human.

"If we were to complete the bond, my grace would burn away all trace of the demon blood, the bond wouldn't tolerate anything it would sense as a threat. I would also be able to find you no matter where you are, no matter the wards and you would be able to call me with merely a thought," he added sounding oddly like a bad sales pitch, all that was missing was the enthusiastic hand gestures and offers of free samples.

"A bond is the angel version of getting married, right?" Sam began slowly; wanting to make sure that he fully grasped the situation and that there was no fine print that he was unaware of.

"Got it in one, Sammy Sam," was his answer as his… well his supposed mate snapped a twizzler into existence and happily started munching away.

Sam rubbed his eyes as he sighed. Opening them, he was greeted with the site of a chocolate bar being waved under his nose. A short chuckle escaped him. They were discussing the end of the world, and marriages that really did last forever, and here Gabriel was still concerned about his sweets.

"It's not really the best reason to get married is it? Especially in light of the fact that it's forever. I don't think angels have divorce courts do they?"

Gabriel laughed at the picture that popped into his head at Sam's question. He could just picture Michael or Raphael sitting behind a judge's desk listening to a mated pair arguing back and forth, wearing one of those old white wigs and banging a wooden gavel.

"No they don't, kiddo. We mate for life. But just look at me," Gabriel declared, jumping up to strike a pose in front of Sam. One hand on his hip, the other stretched out before him, presenting Sam with an apple he summoned with added flourish.

"Wickedly handsome, phenomenal cosmic powers, a brilliant sense of humour. What more could a guy want?" Gabriel proclaimed, puffing out his chest in an over exaggerated manner.

A laugh escaped Sam before he could sensor it. Shaking his head, he smiled at the Trickster, as Gabe took up his seat again, this time closer to Sam so that his knee brushed the one that Sam had folded underneath him on the sofa.

"Wadda ya say we get out of here, Sammykins? Oh…oh I've got an idea," Gabriel exclaimed, almost bouncing in excitement while Sam eyed him warily.

"Gabe…I don't know. I was actually gonna look for something to nibble," Sam feebly protested.

Gabriel reached out, grabbed Sam's hands in his own and hastily informed the hunter, "We'll get you your food there. Don't worry your pretty little head, Gigantor."

One moment they were sitting on the sofa and in the next, Sam found himself standing with Gabriel holding his hand behind what looked like a canvas wall. He could hear a lot of noise, music and shouting coming from just out of sight and he dreaded what he was going to see even as he followed Gabe into the melee.

Sam froze temporarily in shock at the sight that greeted him when he reached the front of what was apparently a large tent, Gabriel tugging insistently on his hand. They were at a carnival. There were stalls all around them as far as Sam could see. Half were covered in some game or another with plenty of stuffed animals for the prizes. Others were covered in foods of all kind. There was music playing from a number of the stalls, each overlapping each other until it was all just one loud ruckus. People were walking around everywhere, laughing and talking.

Gabriel turned and grinned mischievously at the young man, a wicked thought occurring to him.

"Don't worry, Sammy Sam. I'll protect you from all the evil killer clowns," he sniggered.

Sam immediately pulled what Dean had dubbed his bitch face. This one clearly said I-don't-find-you-funny-in-the-slightest-mention-it-again-and-I-might-kill-you. It just made Gabriel snigger all that much harder.

Gabriel laced his fingers with Sam's and tugged him to the stall a few feet in front of them. Catching sight of the stall, Sam almost lost it. They were standing before a candyfloss stall, of course they were, as if Gabriel would have put them down anywhere else.

"Oh, we'll take two," Gabe informed the man behind the counter, an excited smile on his face.

Sam looked at his mate beside him. Gabriel was grinning and bouncing on his toes like a kid at Christmas as he waited for the candyfloss to be spun. Sam stood with a hand resting on the small of his mate's back in an attempt to act as an anchor for Gabe's sugar excitement. He wasn't in the least surprised that they had landed mere feet from a stall with some type of sugar product. He was almost ready to swear that the smaller man had a sweet-dar.

"Here you are, Sammy," Gabriel offered Sam one of the large candyfloss covered sticks while he happily began munching on the other one.

"Where to first?" the angel enquired after swallowing a mouthful of sugar.

Sam shrugged, taking small bites of his candyfloss.

"Oh come on, Sam. There must be somewhere you want to go," Gabriel wheedled.

Sam looked around himself at the chaos. To the right, there was a man breathing fire, to the thrilled exclamations from the surrounding children. There were a number of stalls in a row to the left. Deciding that with his luck, he'd probably end up on fire, Sam made his choice.

"Let's go that way," he said, point down the row of brightly, multi-coloured stalls.

Gabriel beamed at Sam as he pulled him forward, not once having let go of the hand he was holding even when he'd been getting his candy.

A group of children ran past them and Sam had to move quickly to avoid being hit in the face with the brightly coloured balloons trailing behind them. His move put him closer to Gabriel, touching him from shoulder to thigh. A chuckle escaped Gabriel, making Sam look down into his laughing face. Sam bit his lip as a light blush crept up his face, his heart beating faster.

A little girl's shriek from behind them broke the spell, causing Sam to take a step back nibbling at his lower lip self-consciously. Gabriel gave him a smirk dripping with mischievous delight towards the young hunter, before they resumed walking.

A while later, Gabriel stopped, yanking Sam to a halt as well. Confused, Sam turned to look at his mate, and then followed his line of sight. The angel was eyeing a giant, fluffy, neon purple cat. Sam stared at it, looked at Gabriel and then back at the stuffed animal.

"Seriously? You want that? Oh who am I kidding, of course you do. This is you we're talking about. Can't you just snap your fingers and create one for yourself though?" Sam asked, bewildered at his mate's strange tastes.

Gabriel tugged on his hand, pulling him forward as he answered.

"Where's the fun in that, Sammy Sam Sam," Gabriel asked as though it was the most obvious answer in the world.

"It's Sam," he gave a token protest, even though he knew that it wouldn't make any difference. It was more of a habit than anything else.

"Come on, Sammy," Gabriel entreated the young hunter as they reached the booth.

Giving in to the inevitable, Sam rolled his eyes at the picture the archangel made pouting. He paid the guy and picked up the toy gun with a slightly maniacal grin on his face. It probably was highly unfair. He had a major advantage; he could probably hit all the targets with his eyes closed but Gabriel wanted the stuffed cat so it was probably just easier to give in and win the thing.

Ten minutes later, the pair walked away from the stall. The neon purple cat was clutched in one of Gabriel's hands, while his other arm was wrapped around Sam's waist as they continued walking through the crowds, occasionally pointing out something to one another. Sam glanced down at the figure tucked against his side, surprised at how easily they fit together, and that he wasn't freaked out at how they were around each other, as though they had been together for years instead of just starting out. He supposed that it had something to do with the bond but Gabriel had said that the bond didn't force or fabricate feelings. It only reinforced existing feelings within them.

They spent the rest of the day walking around the carnival going from stall to stall, playing games and enjoying the occasional ride. Sam got food for himself while Gabriel just got more and more sugar. By unspoken agreement, they didn't mention anything about the outside world or the bond. It was a day of fun and relaxation and Sam enjoyed every minute. After several hours, Sam was out of ideas on what to do next.

"Let's go there," Gabriel suggested pointing at the enormous Ferris wheel back-dropped by the late afternoon sun.

They made their way over to the short queue in front of the wheel and after three other couples; the pair settled themselves on the bench seat. The young man operating the ride came forward and secured the metal bar in front of them.

Gabriel grabbed Sam's arm and drew it around his shoulders while Sam watched him in amusement. The Ferris wheel gave a jerk before they started moving backwards. It stopped and started a few more times until the ride was full and then began to turn without stopping.

Sam squeezed Gabe's shoulder as they leaned back, enjoying watching the sun set. It had been one of the best days he could remember having in a very long time, one with no worries.

"Thanks, Gabe. I needed this," Sam murmured into Gabriel's ear, his nose tickled by the angel's brown hair.

Gabriel laid his head on his human's shoulder, unusually quiet as he enjoyed the sensation of having his mate's arm around him after being alone for so long.

A few minutes later, the Ferris wheel jerked to a stop with them halting right at the top. Sam looked sideways at his companion incredulously.

"Really?" Sam asked him, thinking that it was too much of a cliché even for the Trickster.

"Oh come on Sammy, the oldest tricks are often the best," Gabriel smirked at him as he placed a hand on Sam's cheek, thumb moving in small circles.

Sam gazed down into hazel eyes and found himself drawn in. His eyes flicked down, landing on Gabriel's lips. A sudden, overwhelming need to taste those lips came over him. Seizing the moment, Sam lifted his hands and cupped Gabriel's face, tilting it upwards as he leaned down. He brushed his lips against the ones underneath his, once, twice. Gabriel wrapped one arm around Sam's waist while the other hand slid to the nape of Sam's neck, fingers playing with the soft, brown strands. Gabriel pressed his lips firmly against his human's while he used his hand to keep Sam in place.

There was nothing gentle about their next kiss. Sam ran his tongue along Gabriel's lower lip before licking his way into the shorter man's mouth; delving deep, tasting the chocolate and other sugary sweets that he had consumed during the day. There was something just so Gabe about he taste that Sam gave a small moan as he nibbled on Gabriel's lower lip, wrapping an arm around the smaller man's waist bringing them into even closer contact.

Sam's head was buzzing with desire and things began to get fuzzy as he once again captured Gabriel's soft, sweet tasting lips. He was so consumed with tracing every inch of the angel's mouth, that he didn't notice Gabriel move until a warm hand slipped under his shirt to skim across the muscles of his lower back. His breathing hitched as he broke their kiss in an attempt to get his oxygen deprived lungs some air.

"We…oh…can't do this he… here, Gabe," Sam panted into the angel's neck while Gabriel planted open mouthed kiss along his neck.

In the next second, the hard, metal bench disappeared from underneath them to be replaced by a soft mattress, with Sam and Gabriel sitting on the bottom of the bed. A split second later and Gabriel was sitting, straddling Sam. Large hands settled on Gabriel's waist and moved upwards, taking with them the angel's black shirt up and over his head to land somewhere on the floor.

Somewhere along the way Gabriel had lost his jacket but Sam couldn't bring himself to care about it at that moment in time.

Gabriel placed a hand on either side of Sam's head as his mouth closed over the young hunter's soft, pink lips, eliciting a groan from the man beneath him. Sam tightened his hands on Gabriel's waist as he became dizzy and his blood heated.

The angel appeared to have forgotten that he had powers when he reached down and tugged insistently on Sam's white shirt, wanting it off, desperate to touch the skin beneath. Sam slapped Gabriel's hands out the way and then yanked the shirt off and over his head, letting it drop to the floor on top of the angel's own discarded shirt.

Remembering himself, Gabriel pulled his mouth away with a growl and in the next instant all their clothes were lying in a pile on the floor leaving him naked, straddling an equally naked hunter.

Immediately, Sam surged forward, capturing Gabriel's now slightly swollen lips in another kiss as the trickster turned archangel wrapped his arm's around his mate's neck, burying his fingers in the mass of silky chocolate brown hair. Their kisses became hotter, deeper, more.

They had time for finesse and slow later; at that moment Gabriel was just desperate to have his mate. Gabriel ripped his mouth away to pant his demand.

"I... want... you... inside me," he told Sam in no uncertain terms. "Now."

It came out as an almost growl. There was no way that Sam could resist that. It was an order that made him all the harder, which should have been impossible.

"Lube?" he barely managed to control himself enough to gasp.

A small open tube appeared on the bed beside the young Winchester. With lightning fast moves that came from being a hunter for so long, Sam smeared a generous amount on his fingers before plunging one into his mate above him. Gabriel let out a keening wail as his human hit his sweet spot on the first stroke. A second, then third finger joined the first quickly stretching Gabriel open. Sam swallowed the gasp that escaped his mate's mouth.

At the end of his patience when Gabriel let out a particularly loud moan, Sam pulled his finger out, slicked himself up, grabbed the small man's hips and then slowly guided him down. Neither stopped moving until Sam was buried to the hilt. He tried to hold himself still while Gabriel adjusted to the feeling, and when he thought he couldn't out any longer against the tight heat, Gabe moved.

They moved together. It was hard, fast, heat and passion all rolled into one mind-numbing sensation of being joined, of being one. Gasps, moans and half broken pleading echoed through the room, neither noticing anything but the other. The pleasure was more than anything Sam had ever experienced in his life.

All too soon, Sam felt his climax building up. He wrapped his sweat covered, muscled arms tightly around Gabriel's back as he buried his face in the crook of the angel's neck, inhaling the smell of candy and something uniquely Gabriel. A few more thrusts; and he was coming harder than he had in his life, muscles tensing and spasming, Gabriel a second behind him. Each moaning the other's name as they went over.

A blinding flare of light momentarily flashed through the room as the bond snapped into place and dispersed a second after it appeared.

A shudder ran through Sam and he fell backwards, his back hitting the bed, pulling Gabriel down with him. He wiggled, managing to manoeuvre both himself and his mate up the bed to rest amongst the large, comfy pillows.

Their breathing still ragged, Sam tucked Gabriel's head under his chin even as he wrapped his arms securely around his mate's smaller body, bringing the angel to lie half sprawled over the hunter's rapidly rising and falling chest, ear resting over his heart.

Gabriel nuzzled his nose into Sam's chest as the singing in his blood died down into a low hum. He snuggled closer, content for the first time in millennia. Without a thought, Sam carded his fingers through Gabriel's brown hair, lightly massaging his scalp which caused his mate to make a sound that sounded suspiciously like purring. Sam smiled at the thought that Gabriel apparently had a lot more in common with the purple cat Sam had won for him than he'd originally thought, not that Sam was going to say so out loud, at least not now.

Gabriel pressed a soft kiss to Sam's chest before whispering, "You know you're mine now, no take backs, no exchanges."

It was more of a statement than a question but Sam responded anyway.

"As long as it works both ways, Gabe," he replied, placing a soft kiss to the angel's forehead.

Gabriel tightened his arm around Sam's waist in response as he conjured a blanket that settled over them.

Sam smiled sleepily to himself. There were a lot worse things than being bonded to an archangel.

When Gabriel was sure that Sam was asleep, he looked up at his mate's face, moonlight dancing across his features.

"What am I going to do with you? You've dug your fingers so deep into me that I can feel you every time I breathe, and I don't even need to breathe, Sammy," he whispered to the sleeping human as he sighed, happier than he had thought possible.