A/N: I wrote this for my close friend, Viet Devil. This is the final part.

WARNING: This is an Elseworlds story

Nothing was like it was before. Dick Grayson knew everything had changed. But people change, that is just the way it is.

Dick leaped out of the batmobile. No one would know the difference from dear Bruce and him. Their build, their costume, and that costumed face, it was all so similar.

"If you could explain why?" Commissioner Gordon walked quickly to keep up with him, "Why are we here?"

Dick looked at Gordon threw the mask.

"You don't need to know anything." Dick said, "There is a situation and I am going to deal with it!"

"Tell us." Gordon said, "Tell us and we can help!"

"I don't need your help." Dick said, "I'm going in alone!"

Gordon stopped in his tracks, and watched Dick approach the house.

"You know, I've been pretty understanding." Gordon started, "I've put up with all the freaks, and the-uh, the mobsters- what will it take for you to see that you are NOT ALONE! I am and will always be your friend!"

Dick turned back, glancing at him.

"No, Gordon." Dick said, "I am alone. I am all that's left."

"Left from what?" Gordon asked.

He didn't want to. But it was a man's right.

"I'm sorry, Jim." Dick said, "There was nothing I could do- I- I am so sorry about Barbara."

Gordon frowned.

"Barbara? What the hell are you talking about?" Gordon raised his voice.

"Jim, listen." Dick said, "That son of a bitch that is standing inside of that house rapped and murdered your daughter. Please, let me end it."

"Who?" Gordon said, forcefully calming himself, "Who is in that house?"

"Jim, I will-"


"I don't think you have to ask that." Dick said, "I think you already know who it is."

"No." Gordon said, "I don't. I'm gonna kill him."


Gordon glared over at Dick.

"Why do you care? I bet you don't even know what she looks like, what she sounds like, how she dressed." Gordon said, "You never met her."

Dick felt that. How he had no idea how much he knew her. How naïve he was not to know the man beneath the mask.

"Jim, please, you're a police commissioner!" Dick exclaimed.

"I'M HER FATHER!" Gordon said.

As Gordon turned, and headed for that house, he heard the sound of a gun cocking, and then, there was but darkness. Dick was standing over Gordon, holding a pistol in his hand.

"I'm sorry, my friend." Dick said, "But I won't let you turn into darkness."

Dick entered the house.

The sound of laughter was consuming every inch of oxygen in the house. He heard it, he tried to pinpoint it, but it was simply everywhere. He glanced at the top corner in the kitchen. There was a speaker. Dick walked down the hall; in the top corner was another set of speakers. He rushed into the master bedroom, and there he was, standing in the dark, with a microphone.

"Hi there, bats." The Joker flashed a gritty grin.

"You God Damn monster, I'm going to kill you, you know that?" Dick said, oddly calm.

That disturbing smile never faded.

"I know what you did." Dick started to walk towards him.

The Joker just looked at him, and started to darkly chuckle.

"You're not bats, are ya?" The Joker said, "He never came back, you're just that boy!"

The Joker couldn't contain himself. He started to laugh harder.

Dick grabbed the Joker by his purple jacket. He looked him in the eyes. The Joker just smiled at him, with his red lips and pasty white skin.

"You're not gonna kill me." The Joker chuckled, "You're still just that boy- you can't fill his shoes."

"Is that what you REALLY THINK?" Dick yelled, "YOU DON'T THINK I'LL FUCKING DO IT?"

Dick threw the Joker to the ground, and aimed his pistol at him. The Joker just looked up at him, smiling his grand smile, starting to darkly chuckle. Dick pulled the trigger. One, two, three.

Dick looked down at the body of the man that had caused him so much pain. The man that was now slowly bleeding out, that man that was going to die. The laughter that once was coming started again. Dick looked at the Joker, glaring.

"You're going to go down, they'll do it." The Joker said, "-cause you're just like me, a freak, like him, a freak. People don't like freaks. They hunt them."

Dick glared at the Joker.

"I'm not like you." Dick said, "I'm not anything like you. I've got a soul."

The Joker started to smile and chuckle again. Dick looked down at him, then pistol whipped him, and he was out. And this time, Dick knew for sure, that he wouldn't be waking up again.

Dick Grayson sat alone in the main room of The Wayne Mansion. He sat alone in the dark, surrounded by the noises of urban chaos. The sirens, the faint screams.

The Joker was dead. Gordon was dead. Barbara was dead. Bruce was dead.

Dick looked down.

What did he have left to live for exactly?

Alfred walked into the room, almost silently.

"Master Dick." Alfred said, "Have you seen the news?"

Dick looked up at Alfred.

"Uh, no, no I-" Dick muttered.

Alfred switched it on. There was a newswoman on screen. Dick stood up suddenly.

"It was discovered early this morning that the famed villain known to the public as The Joker, is dead. His remains were discovered in a nearby sewer. It was also frightening to know that his killer was none other than Batman himself. He was seen entering the residence, after gunning down the beloved Commissioner Gordon. The question remains, has Batman finally lost it? Has he finally snapped? The GCPD have issued an arrest for Batman to finally pay for all that he has done. "

Dick frowned, as the woman's words fell into silence.

Did he have something to live for? In the words he listened to he now knew exactly what it was he lived for. Even if he had to seek justice is the most absolute of darkness, he would not give up on what Bruce started. He still had a job to do, even if for right now, he was alone in that fight. The Darkest day had passed; all that he had to do now is bring the first light home.