My head was lowered as I looked up at the man before me I laughed and threw my head back tears stung my eyes as I looked t him, I swayed on my feet as I took another mouth from my vodka drink, "Why?" he said

"Why what?" I laughed with a smile

"Why do you drink?" he said moving closer to me

"Why…why…why ummm good one alright I drink because my mum and dad fight every night and then she cries and he cries and I don't WANT TO CARE!" I smiled swaying even more, I walked over to him and placed his hand on his chest "I can't bear to see them crying I had enough of them and want them to stop, this helps sooooo much." I laughed again and then the tears burn my face.

He shook his head and he cupped my face, "You can't drink to stop not caring, Morgan you need to stop." I looked at him his eyes shining with fresh tears

"Then make them stop, I don't want to hear them any more I can't stain it…I pulled his jacket as I dropped my glasses… I can't they are killing me." I said, crying on him, his hands rubbed my back to comfort me,

"Morgan this will do you no good."

"AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!" I screamed tears still burning my eye, L smashed his lips to mine that it was so painful that it made me forget why I was drink, my hand's gripped his black messy hair and pulled him closer to me, his tongue broke pass my teeth and into my mouth and took over everything in my mouth, I moaned into his mouth as he pulled back he held my face

"I'm going to fuck you." I looked at him and smirked at him

"That will work."