The first time blair pretends she's a princess is when she's five and she's playing with serena and nate in her garden.

It was a saturday afternoon and, after finally telling serena she was tired of being the 'maiden', she put on a tiara and her mom's pearls. They were too big for her but she didn't care 'cause she loved the sound they made as she laughed and danced with nate.

Five minutes later, serena declares she's bored, and they don't really play princess again.


The second time blair pretends she's a princess is when she's thirteen and putting together her prom scrapbook.

She pretends she's planning for a royal ball, so she needs everything to be perfect. She looks for the perfect dress, the perfect hairstyle, and the perfect date- nate, duh.

She visualizes the way everyone would be staring at her, and think that she's pretty much the most beautiful girl they've ever seen.


The third time, Blair pretends she's a warrior princess, ready to fight for her kingdom.

It is the day Queen S comes back, and she wants everything to be back to how it used to be and she'll even ~let her~ keep the kingdom

They talk, and for a few hours everything's all right. But, then Nate tells her about how they slept together, and Blair wants blood

And a princess always know how to get what she wants


The fourth time, Blair pretends she's a princess of darkness.

She succumbs completely to her dark side and let's the worst parts of her show (what are you talking about? That's just how she truly is)

Chuck is her dark knight, and this way they belong together.

She didn't thought this would make her a princess of despair later


The fifth time, Blair pretends she's Grace Kelly

After a few bumps in the road, blair becomes engaged to louis. They talk, they kiss, they laugh. And she actually has a shot of becoming a real princess

Then, she almost ruins everything by sleeping with chuck and getting knocked up (shshsh its louis' baby)

Yet, by chance, her pretending is becoming reality and she starts to think dreams might come true

But she really wishes they weren't


So this is the time where Blair really doesn't want to be a princess anymore

She's walking down the aisle and she can't help but wish for this not to be happening

She looks at the faces of everyone present, not really recognizing most of them, and she stares at the lonely boy who promised to always be there

And she sorts of wishes she weren't about to become a princess

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