The next day…

"Do you think you could be happy flipping a sign all day?" Gibbs glanced at Ziva who was sitting in the passenger seat as they watched Tony interview Russell Nash's old roommate and tattoo artist, Gary. His thoughts of McGee interrupted. Luckily Damon wasn't with them, and he wasn't back at NCIS with Tim. He was off checking on his men and seeing if they had seen Paulson or had any clues that they didn't.

"I don't know." The real answer to that was a big fat hell no.

"I think you'd get bored."

"Wouldn't be too sure about that."

"Well look at your time in Mexico. Even down there you're building things, keeping yourself busy."

And wasn't she the little observer.

Ziva shook her head. "I'm just saying, a man of your drive and ambition needs a certain kind of—"

"I'm not staying, Ziva."

She gave him a sad smile. "That obvious."

He just gave her a smile in return. Gibbs knew his old team wanted him back, hell, he was beginning to want back. If not for the job then for Tim. He was remembering. These dreams were memories, there was only so many he could have before knowing they were memories. Not to mention the flashes he got. Even if he wasn't remembering, he would have wanted to stay for Tim. He was always thinking about him, he was attracted to him, and he found himself getting jealous whenever someone got too close to him. Hell, his emotions were already deep for the younger man.

Now, he just had to talk to Tim.

The back door opened and Tony slipped in.

"So, how did it go?"

"I'll tell you in 20 seconds." He dialed Abby's number and she picked up.

"He's already making a call."

McGee's voice followed. "Putting it on speaker."

"Hey, you got Nash. Leave a message after the beep."

"I'd say that went well."

"Hey, Nash, it's Gary S. Now I know you told me to call you here never, man, but there was some feds here and they were asking question about that tat. At least I think they were Feds. I never heard of no N-C-C-I-S."

They heard a beep and Abby. "Got it. 82 West Pratt Street, apartment 12."

Tony hung up. "I know it—40 miles north of here."

Gibbs paced the autopsy room as Tony and Damon watched Ducky perform the autopsy on Russell Nash with the assistance of Palmer. He didn't really see what Damon was doing there, but didn't say anything as the case wasn't going right and his thoughts were all over the place.

"The end is never pleasant," Ducky stated as she popped Nash's shoulder back into place. Tony and Damon cringed while flexing their own shoulders. "For this young man, doubly so."

"At least he had a great view on the way down." Tony looked down at Nash's body, Gibbs himself still pacing.

What was he missing? Where was Paulson? Would Tim take him back?

"I doubt he enjoyed it seeing that his jaw was broken as well as six of his fingers and his knee. And all this before he fell."

Gibbs glanced at Ducky. "Killer beat him first."

Damon shook his head in denial. "Think it's more like interrogated."

He stopped and stared at Damon, looking at the man who was trying to take Tim. Damon stared back before Ducky spoke. "I will have to concur with Mr. Werth."


"Damon," Ducky nodded. "This damage is too methodical, too calculating to be a simple beating. Whoever did this was after information. And when he got it…he repaid his victim with these." Ducky handed Gibbs the bullets.

"Guess we can rule out suicide," Tony commented while Gibbs took a look at the bullets.

"Yes, unless Mr. Nash was able to shoot himself in the back three times in a row."

Tony and Damon cringed again as Ducky popped the knee back in place. Both men shaking their legs out as if to reassure themselves that their knees were in place. "Uh…do we have to do this now?" they asked together.

"The slugs are Winchester hollowpoints." Gibbs looked around at where Abby's voice was coming from. "Winchester hollowpoints. Hey, Gibbs. Gibbs. Cool huh?" He walked over to the new webcam thing on Ducky's desk where Abby's face was. "They were fired from the Colt that Baltimore P.D. found near the scene."

"Abs, did you run the serial number?"

"It's the same gun that Paulson took from Mickey Stokes' house. He tried to wipe it, but I found a partial print."

Gibbs sighed and rubbed his face as that made absolutely no sense. The whole case wasn't making sense and he was tired.

"So the gentleman who asked us to prove his innocence…just killed the one man who could exonerate him."

"Nash didn't frame Paulson—they were painters until Nash double-crossed him."

"Our ex-Petty Officer didn't want to clear himself, he was looking for the money."

Abby talked then, showing that she was still there and listening. "And he used us to take him straight to the bank. Smart kid."

"But if your gut says Paulson's innocent, then maybe we're missing something."

'I'm missing Tim.'

"The only thing that I am missing right now is happy hour at Carlos's Cantina." He walked out the room, leaving the others behind, and got into the elevator. His old conference room.

Why did Paulson do it? His gut was telling him Paulson wasn't after the money. So why…like Ducky said…kill the man who could exonerate him? What the hell did Tim see in Damon?

Frustrated, Gibbs slammed down on the power to stop the elevator and give him time to think. He remembered their first date; he remembered other times as the flashes were becoming frequent today and almost on top of each other. It was a wonder he could work.

The date went better than expected, especially with how awkward it had been in the beginning, and Gibbs had never had more fun. Watching the way Tim would blush when Gibbs made a comment, the way those eyes were bright with amusement or happiness, the way those lips pouted. Oh he loved those lips.

He walked Tim out to his car, and watched as Tim unlocked the door and opened it. For the first time, Gibbs wasn't really sure on what he should do. He really wanted to taste those pouting lips, suck and nip on the full bottom lip, but he also knew that Tim wasn't really one to kiss on the first date.

Surprisingly Tim made the decision. "I really had a good time Jethro." Then he leaned over and pressed those soft lips to his cheek. "See you tomorrow," he said before getting in his car and driving away.

It had indeed been a good night, followed by more dates. Most were still fuzzy, it would take time before they cleared, but he knew there were good times, some not so good times.

"Tim, I'm sorry."

"Sign of weakness."

Sighing, he came up from behind Tim and held him as close as possible. They hadn't touched in a few days because of a fight that he had started in the first place, all because of jealousy.

"I know, Tim. But I…"


Pinching Tim's ass as he could hear the smile in the younger man's voice, he held tighter and buried his face into his neck. "Yes. I just don't like…I don't like people touching you."

"It was Tony!"

"Doesn't matter."

"He was only messing."

"I know!" Taking a deep breath, he turned Tim around and ran his fingers down his sides. He needed Tim to look at him. "I know it was Tony and that he was joking, but I…" He was never good with words and describing the feeling he had when Tony said he could just kiss Tim for finding the last clue to a cold case he had been stuck on, and then preceded to, it was hard to describe. "All I can say is sorry."

"I know." Tim smoothed his hands through his hair and as Gibbs sighed in pleasure, Tim leaned forward to give him a kiss.

"I have something for you. Sort of a…"

"Insurance I really am forgiving you?"

"Yes smart ass."

Tim smirked before starting to get bouncy and hyper at the idea of a gift. "Okay. What is it?"

He walked him over to where Tim kept his computer set up and showed him the game that he had gotten him. He never realized how expensive computer games were.

"Oh my God! How'd you know I—"


Flipping the power back on, he waited for the elevator to get to the right floor and didn't wait making his way to Abby's lab.

"I already told you why, Tom!"


"Never mind. False alarm." Abby hung up the phone she had been on before hugging him. "Gibbs, oh my God. I was so sure that you'd be halfway to Mexico by now." He didn't even hear the click. She held up her arm, pulling up his as well to show them handcuffed together. "Sorry, you're a flight risk."

"Abby!" This was a bit much…even for her.

She walked over so she was in front of her computer. "We're going to figure this case out, Gibbs. We always do! Then, I'm going to make you remember what you aren't! You have to remember what you're missing Gibbs before it's too late!"

He stared at her, feeling such warmth that she was not so subtly telling him that he needed to remember Tim.

"You already figured it out."

"No, but you're going to. I want to know how Paulson knows."

"Knows what?"

"Everything. Everything that we seem to."

He watched her slowly grin before giving him a hug, his arm going back since their hands were handcuffed together. She gave him an awkward but all out Abby hug before pulling back and grinning, going to her computer before looking back at him.

"You also remember McGee."

"Yeah Abby I do."


"Some are still missing and most are fuzzy, but I remember Abby. Now, we need to figure this out so that we can finish this case." She nodded in excitement and started to turn to her computer. "Abs."

"Yes?" He held up his arm and shook it. "Oh! Sorry."

After she uncuffed them and let him know how Paulson would know everything they did, he headed up to the bullpen just as Tony's campfire was ending.

"Where's Gibbs?" Ziva asked.

"I don't know."

"Anything wrong?"

"Uh, well, actually, yeah, there's quite a lot wrong, Ziva," Tony said. "Aside from Damon who can't stop checking out Tim's ass," Tim blushed and quickly sat down in his seat while Damon glared at Tony, "we have a dead man who shouldn't be dead, an innocent man who isn't really innocent, and a trail that's about to run cold because our perp has managed to stay one step ahead of us since this whole thing started!"

Gibbs walked in before Tony decided to pass out from speaking without breathing. "You're just noticing that now, DiNozzo."

"Oh, no, it's kind of a theme."

He tried to open the stupid recorder, banging it on the desk, the others coming over to see what he was doing. "Careful, that's, um, easy to…" Not waiting for that, he just whipped out his knife, glancing up at Tim when he heard his breath hitch and smirking as he squirmed, he popped open the back. "…break."

Gibbs held that up, staring at Tim who again wasn't making eye contact, and asked, "What do you see?"

Tim's brows furrowed with that little line he got when he was thinking, his bottom lip sticking out a bit more. And he wasn't the only one staring at that pout. Gibbs stared at Damon, reminding himself that he couldn't kill the guy.

"It's a bug. Abby needs to see this."

Tim was in the observation room with Tony and Damon and watched as Gibbs took Ziva's place. He was still feeling a bit hot from watching Gibbs whip out his knife earlier. He didn't have a knife kink, but he had, and apparently still had, a kink for when Jethro was impatient.

He gasped as Gibbs kissed and licked his neck, tugging on the collar so his neck was more exposed. "Jet-Jethro," he panted.

"Tim," he growled and before Tim knew it, Jethro had his knife out and was cutting his shirt, grabbing it in his hands and ripping it off.

He came right then.

He squirmed at the memory. "Now, this should be quick."

"Better be," Tony said, still on the phone. "We got a fugitive on the run with a pretty big lead." Tim silently cursed and hoped Tony wasn't about to make the connection. "The Fugitive…" No luck.

"I love that movie," Damon said and Tim rolled his eyes as Tony looked like he just found his soul mate.

"And here, all this time, how could I have missed it?" Tim said a silent thank you when Ziva walked through the door and joined them. Now, he didn't have to listen to this himself. "It's that simple."

"Missed what?" Ziva joined Tim on his other side.

"Gibbs is clearly Tommy Lee Jones. Right, I mean there's no argument there. Which meakes me Joey Pants; initially, I was a little…"

Ziva whispered in his ear, "What happened? We've been avoiding the word fugitive for the last two days."

"He made the connection himself."


They ignored Tony and Damon talking about the movie and back to Gibbs and Springer. Springer continued to talk about rights and how he didn't need to answer questions. It was rather annoying and he would love to just turn off the volume. Finally he stopped and Gibbs spoke.

"I got this little girl…who wants to go home to her dad. And that's not going to happen without your help. So…please."

Tim almost smiled and while Ziva and Damon stared, Tony dropped his phone. "Did Gibbs just say…?


And that was all it took for Springer to open his mouth and give them answers.

They silently pulled up in front of Mickey's house and started putting on their bulletproof vests.

"Got eyes on the target, Ziva?" Gibbs asked as he knew she had left a few minutes ago to do just that.

"I did; suspect's in the house and he's not alone."

"You sure?"

"I heard Paulson's voice."

They started moving and Gibbs silently ordered Tony and Ziva to take the back. Damon, Gibbs, and Tim went up the front, kneeling behind the bushes and listening in on the inside, Mickey speaking.

"Let me give you some more money, in the case you need it."

Gibbs stood behind Tim and watched the feed of the two men inside.

"I won't," Paulson replied.

Damn Tim smelt good.

"In position, Boss," Tony's voice cut through his thoughts.

"Then here, take this."

They watched Mickey pass over a gun and that was their move. "Go, go."

They burst through the door, Ziva and Tony coming from the back, and Paulson took the gun, aiming at them. Gibbs almost sighed when Paulson only skimmed it over Tim to finally land on him. He'd rather get shot than Tim.

"Hold it. Hold it!" Mickey cried.

"Don't do it Derrick, we will shoot you," Tony said. Paulson looked at all of them, realizing his situation and that he really had no way out.

Gibbs stared at the young man. "Tony, McGee, put your weapons down." He waited until they did. "I was wrong. I know you're innocent, Petty Officer." He lowered his weapon, Paulson doing the same as he looked at him. He then turned. "But you're not, Mickey. DiNozzo."

"You're under arrest for the murders of Russell Nash, his two accomplices in the Greater Virginia Bank robbery. And last but not least the Greater Virginia Bank robbery."

"Is your porch light on? First, your wrongly accuse Derrick and now me."

"We also found the bug you planted in our forensic tech's lab."

Ziva spoke from the back. "We were almost as surprised as you look now, when the guy you bought it from pointed you out in that photo, instead of Paulson."

Gibbs felt bad for the kid as he stared at Mickey, betrayed.

"This is ridiculous," Mickey said. "Do I look like I got five million bucks laying around?"

"If he set me up, where's the money?"

"Yeah! They don't know what they're talking about."

Tim finally spoke up, looking at a desk. "It's here. It's been here the whole time. It's a Rosewood Bureau Plat desk, 19th century. That's $38,000." Gibbs had no idea how Tim knew this, but he found himself a bit hot. He always loved Tim's knowledge and brilliant mind. Damon seemed to like it to which Gibbs scowled at. "First-edition Huckleberry Finn, $20,000. And it looks like in the bedroom here, you've got a Chippendale mahogany case clock. That's six figures, easy. Mickey, you don't collect this stuff on a Navy pension."

Paulson raised his gun again but aimed it at Mickey, Damon raising his own at Paulson.

"Whoa, whoa!" Mickey held up his hands. "A-Agent Gibbs…"

"Don't talk to me, I think he should shoot you. Except he's never been a killer. And I don't think you're going to start now." He reached up to switched the safety on the gun, Paulson releasing that breath he was holding.

"And miss his trial? Not for the world."

Tony escorted Mickey out in handcuffs and Ziva walked up to Tim. Giving him a look that had him blushing. "Antiques Roadshow."

"Oh," she chuckled.

"Pretty sweet memory you got there Tim," Damon said, throwing an arm around his shoulder and walking out of the house, Ziva smiling and following. Gibbs watched them go.

Gibbs walked into Jenny's office. She gave him a smile. "I was just about to come see you to tell you that Derrick Paulson has been cleared of all charges. You saved that boy's life."

"He did most of the work."

"Don't sell yourself short. Or is it too late for that?"

"This supposed to be some sort of pep talk, to get me to stay, Jen?" She smirked before looking away and folding her arms. "You don't want me back."

"No, I don't."

He shook his head. "Worried you won't be able to handle me, Director?"

"No, Jethro… I'm afraid you won't be able to handle yourself. You've already been in two comas. You might not come out of a third. The fact is, you're good. The best. When you're as good at something as you are, when you can make a difference like you can, you just don't quit."

Staring at her, he needed to do some thinking. He headed back out and down the stairs.

"So Tim?" Damon sat on the corner of Tim's desk, seemed to be his favorite spot. "How bout that first date?"

Tim smiled up at him amused and after looking at Ziva and Tony who were nodding, he gave his own nod. "Sure." He stood up and grabbed his stuff. Tim then frowned and looked down at himself. "Um, do you think I could go home and change first?"


"Well, look at me," he said and gestured to himself. Personally, Gibbs thought he looked handsome. He always did. But he was stuck watching the scene.

"Oh I'm looking." Damon looked Tim up and down. "And I see nothing wrong with what you're wearing. Come on. I know just the place."

Tim smiled again and after waving to Ziva and Tony, headed to the elevator with Damon, the other man's hand resting on his lower back. Gibbs watched, his heart plummeting as he watched the elevator close behind them.


He blinked and looked to Abby who was running up the stairs, her call bringing Ziva and Tony's attention; noticing that he was there and had probably been watching Tim and Damon. "Yeah Abs?"

"You're still here. We have to have that talk." She looked at the bullpen and frowned. "Where's McGee?"


Her head snapped back to look at him and she shook her head quickly, her eyes big and worried. "No. That can't be. You remember and Tim's been waiting all this time and even though the others are worried, I'm not. You're…you're Gibbs. You'll make this right, you'll make McGee happy again. This can't be happening, it just can't. You have to—"


She stopped and looked to Ziva and Tony who were standing at the bottom of the stairs. "Yeah?"

"I think that this kind of discussion is meant in private. Yes?"

Abby nodded. "Yes." She grabbed Gibbs' hand and started dragging him down the stairs and to the elevator, the other two following. As they all piled in, they rode it for a few seconds before Abby flipped the switch. "Guys, he remembers."

"Yes," Ziva nodded, "we heard."

"Isn't that great?" She grinned.

The others looked at each other, Tony speaking first. "Yeah, it's great. But the question is, what's he gonna do?"

"He gets McGee of course," Abby said frowning.

"I think I'd like to hear this from him."

Gibbs looked at Tony and Ziva, seeing older siblings worried about their younger brother instead of agents looking out for their fellow agent. He shrugged. "I want him back."

"Is this because you really do, or because you just don't want Damon to have him?" Ziva asked with an edge to her voice.

"I remember. Some are fuzzy, some aren't there completely, but I remember. And I want him back, I wanted him even when I woke up in the hospital after the explosion."

They all stared wide eyed at that confession. Yeah, he remembered his reaction to Tim when being in the hospital. How Tim took the chance of being on the end of his anger and hatred at the news of his family, how he stayed with him even though he didn't remember, how he helped him with things without him even asking for it. He remembered the jealousy he had felt at the smile he had worn when talking on the phone with Tony, though he hadn't known who Tony was at the time. He may haven't been able to remember Tim until now, but his heart remembered him and knew what it wanted. And that was Tim.

Who was now on a date.

Suddenly angry and frustrated with himself and the fact that Damon had swooped in before he could talk to Tim, he flipped the switch to get the elevator going again. He needed out.

Without a word he left NCIS and went to go see Fornell. To let him know what happened with Paulson and Mickey, to greet Emily and thank her for letting him use her bedroom the night before when Fornell's ex-wife dropped her off.

"You're welcome Mr. Gibbs." He smiled down at her. "Mr. Gibbs?"

"Yes Emily?"

"Are you staying?"

He tilted his head. "Why do you ask?"

"Because you need your family, and your family's here."

Smiling, he playfully tugged on one of her pigtails. "Yes Emily, I'm staying and hopefully will get my family back."

About two hours later, after an extensive tea party with Emily and Fornell, Gibbs walked into his house. He was surprised but not surprised to find Tim there since he had seen his car in the driveway, though it was apparent Tim was surprised to see Gibbs. His home, their home they had put together with each other. He missed it, the warm home feeling that had lacked since Shannon.

"Hello McGee."

"Oh! …Gibbs." He quickly stood from the leather couch and looked around at everything but Gibbs again. He didn't like that, but he didn't say anything as he finally understood it. "Sorry. You know, door's always open and all that, and I guess I found myself here."

"It's alright." He walked over to place his hand on Tim's shoulder but the younger man jerked and took a tiny step back. Gibbs let his hand fall limply to his side, trying not to think too much on the sharp jab that gesture took to his heart. "Sit."

"No. Ugh, I should get going. You're staying and probably want to get comf-"


Tim flicked his eyes at him for not even half a second before looking away with a nod and plopping down on the leather couch.

"How'd your date go?"

Tim gasped lightly in surprise before shrugging. "It was okay."

"Damon didn't step out of line did he?" He'd kill him.

"No," Tim shook his head. "It was good, great even. But it…" He shrugged again and didn't finish his sentence. "I needed to do some thinking, and like I said, found myself here."

"I'm not complaining."

Tim glanced at him again, a soft blush rising. It was silent between them, could feel the tension in the air and it was thick. Questions and things that needed to be said lodged in their throats, afraid to break the silence and say something that could easily bring them to a fight. Finally, Tim broke the silence and it not only surprised Gibbs but Tim as well.

"Why did you leave?"

"…I was tired of everything." The answer was honest and the only way he could answer Tim.

"And the second time?"

He heard the tremble in Tim's voice though he tried to hide it. And it hurt hearing it. "I had finished helping Ziva."

"So why are you still here if you're tired with everything and you've finished with this case? Usually you're gone by now."

Gibbs stared at Tim beside him and longed to reach over and touch him. It's been forever since he's touched him. A day without touching Tim was usually too long, and they had gone months.

"Because I remember."

"Well of course you remember," he said glancing at him, his hands trembling but he covered by playing with them. "You remembered when Ziva went to go see you in the hospital five months ago. You remembered this case too or you wouldn't have come to help Fo—"

Gibbs interrupted Tim's rambling. "That's not what I meant…Tim." Tim's big green eyes turned to look at him, finally looking into his eyes and Gibbs could stare into those beautiful eyes.


He nodded, finally reaching out to touch his love's face, and smiled when Tim melted in his touch, turning his cheek into his palm.

"I remember you Tim."

Tim's breath stuttered as he let it out. "I've missed you Jethro. So hurts."

"I know Tim. I've missed you too."

"You didn't even remember me," Tim argued back, his eyes closing and basking in Gibbs' touch.

Gibbs smirked, pulling Tim closer so their foreheads touched. "I still missed you, missed you the most of the team even though I didn't remember what we had…have."

Tim raised his hands to touch his face in return, staring at him as if he was going to disappear right before his eyes. Gibbs reveled in Tim's touch, humming as those long delicate fingers ran through his hair again and again.

"I tried Jethro," he whispered, his voice so pained. "I tried moving on, even my date with Damon was great, but..."


Tim's eyes locked with his. "He's not you. You're not an easy man to get over."

"...I'm going to kiss you now Tim."

Tim whispered, "Ye—"

Gibbs didn't even let him finish the word before he pressed their lips together, their first kiss in months and growled as Tim's lips easily parted under his own. Their kiss quickly soft and sweet, it became heated, tongues and teeth battling. Tim straddled him somewhere between nipping his bottom lip and removing both their shirts. The need and drive for skin to skin was at an all time high and no one could stop them.

Both attacked the other's pants, unbuttoning and unzipping as fast as possible without getting the zipper caught on something it had no business getting caught on. While Tim quickly stood to drop his pants, Gibbs meant to do his own, but was distracted by the nude Tim standing before him so beautifully. God he was gorgeous.

Tim seemed in no mood to wait, leaning forward and grabbing Gibbs' pants and yanking them off. Gibbs helped and after Tim grabbed the lube and a condom from the hidden drawer in the coffee table, he pulled Tim to straddle him again as soon as he was free. Their lips met, tongue battling until Gibbs won for dominance, stealing the air right out of Tim.

Gibbs' hand quickly fell down to Tim's erection that stood between them, hard and needy. Tim moaned and bucked into his hand, demanding Gibbs to continue touching him. Touching was all good and fun, but he fucking needed Tim now. And he was gonna have him.

He quickly lifted and twisted so they lied out on the couch, no longer just sitting on it. *Startled, Tim held on part of the way then fell against the armrest on his back, his glistening erection standing tall and a bit curved.

Gibbs grabbed his legs and pulled them to wrap them around his back. He leaned over to kiss some part of Tim's confused face, licked his throat, fumbling to roll the condom onto his own shaft.

Their cocks dueled for a moment as he bent down to get their faces close again, then yanked a cushion out of the way for more room. He knocked over something on the coffee table but fuck if he could be bothered to find out what.

He put fingers inside Tim's mouth and Tim licked at them.

The pleasure clutched at Gibbs, held his throat until he couldn't breathe unless their mouths were open against each other.

It was all Tim, under him, looking up at him, pushing toward him like a flame. Tim was trying to lift himself on the couch, but the sweaty lubed leather was too slippery.

Gibbs sucked Tim's spit off his finger and reached low to fumble at Tim's tiny opening, massaging it firmly as he'd seen Tim do it a lifetime ago.

'I know what you like. You taught me.'

Eyes bright, Tim tipped his hips and held his knees spread, giving full access so Gibbs could crawl closer and screw his wet finger, then fingers, inside. One, then two, slipping smoothly into the little opening.

The tip of his cock nudged Tim's balls, then beneath. "It's going in. I want it to," Gibbs growled at him.


"I'm not going to be able to control myself."

"Don't." Tim shook his head. "God…please don't Jethro."

Tim raised a hand to touch Gibbs' face. Gibbs nodded and kissed the palm roughly.

Gibbs searched for the lube, but he wouldn't look away from his man, and finally Tim put it into his hands and popped the cap and squeezed a palmful between them, smearing his cock with his own fingers. Whimpering, he slid a long finger in beside Gibbs' two, and together, lips brushing, eye to eye, they opened him up.

Gibbs couldn't take it another second; he slid his out, and Tim's as well.

He set his head right at Tim's perfect, grasping entrance. Waiting.

Tim finally nodded.

Gibbs pushed forward a little, barely breathing, but he stopped when Tim's eyes went wide and shocked.

"Agh! Okay…okay…" Tim nodded again. "Easy. Just go slow okay? It's been a while."

Gibbs took his time, just firmly pressing forward while Tim's hole opened millimeter by millimeter around the tip of Gibbs' cock.

All of a sudden the muscle relaxed and he popped inside. They both yelped. Tim panted between his teeth like he was running a marathon. He swallowed and licked his lips.

Gibbs froze with worry but Tim shook his head. "I want it. Just…" His ass flexed around him and his pulse jerked in his throat. Tim panted, and his ass slipped another inch onto Gibbs' erection, squeezing it like a fist. Tim shivered.

Gibbs' mouth was open on his shoulder, and he bit down on the salty muscle.

Tim shuddered and gasped. "Ah! Mmph." Tim was hunching his hips in little circles, trying to work Gibbs' erection deeper inside him.

Gibbs was lightheaded; sparks flickered at the edges of his vision. "Are you okay Tim?"

"Get inside me."

Suddenly Tim impaled himself on his cock; he just wrapped his legs around Gibbs' back and forcibly pulled it into him the rest of the way, shocking both of them. His blonde head dropped back, stretching his throat, and his breath came in short huffs.

"Fuh-uhhhk." Tim panted and licked his lips. His eyes were feverish slits. His mouth an O. "Pushed the breath out of me."

Gibbs kissed his collarbone gently, then pulled out a little, so little, and nudged in again, pushing firmly until he sank inside. "There it is."

Tim grunted and his shaft jerked involuntarily between them. He lifted his head so they could see each other.

"Someone liked that." Gibbs smiled down and smoothed wet blonde hair away from the gentle face.

Tim nodded, smiling. His eyes were watering and he was fighting to breathe normally. Gibbs moved with excruciating slowness. Savoring the feel of Tim again and wanting to make up for so much lost time. His arms shook with the strain of holding back. "Feel that?"

'That's how much I love you.'

Tim nodded with a gasp before Tim's tongue snuck out to lick his swollen lips, which was too much of a temptation. Gibbs folded down close to steal a kiss from those pouty lips. He looked right into those green eyes, brushing their mouths together. Against his navel, he felt Tim's erection leaking a continuous trickle of precum. Gibbs' smiled and Tim smiled back without knowing why.

He raised his blunt rough fingers to put them in Tim's mouth, and he bit them gently, sucking on them. Gibbs drilled in at a different angle—


A dark smirk crossed his lips as he continued drilling into Tim, knocking the breath out of him. Tim groaned as his pale hands slipped over Gibbs' wet skin, looking for purchase. They were too slick. Tim finally slid his arms around Gibbs' ribs and squeezed him. Between his cheeks, the tight knot of muscles milked the full length of Gibbs' erection; Tim's whole body squeezed around it. Tim's green eyes found his. "Good?"

"Ungh. Yeah. That. How are…?" Gibbs groaned and gasped his approval. "Keep doing—keep that."

Tim's pale legs squeezed around his back. The circle of his slim arms squeezing their chests together and Gibbs licking his throat again and again.

Tim's dick was trapped between them, slipping between their abdomens and leaking. Tim's mouth against his babbled nonsense. Every slam of Gibbs' hips forced the air out of him and he was pushing his hips up to meet the thrusts.

"Hard…harder." Tim's voice was hoarse and frantic. He was straining like he was climbing a sheer rock face, pulling himself up toward something impossible. Like he was trying to get away, but he wanted to take Gibbs with him wherever he was going.

"Do you feel that? Do you feel where I am? I'm fucking you Timmy."

Tim grunted every time he touched bottom, air whooshing out of him, his ass straining to accept him, his eyes watering. So stretched.

With one hand, Gibbs reached down to where they were joined, and ran a finger around that perfect stretched hole, tracing the exact ridge where his dick was wedged inside, stretching Tim so completely. Possessiveness and protectiveness consuming him as he felt them together.

Gibbs groaned and covered Tim's loose mouth with his own, driving his tongue in to steal the stars from his eyes, the fire from his mind. "Tim, open your eyes. I'm right here. Look."

Tim grunted, squirming closer.

Gibbs lifted an inch and spoke right into his mouth. "We should never be farther apart than this."

Tim's eyes snapped open and the love and desperation in them almost broke his heart. Tim panted and nodded. His eyes were wet, watching Gibbs', and a tear leaked out the corner of one into the sweat on the beautiful tender face. Tim's hot ass, kneading and milking hard pleasure out of him.

Their hips thudding together, Gibbs yelped at the heat. He felt like his skin had shrunk and his spirit was about to pop free. Gibbs licked the salty trail away and kissed both eyes, blonde lashes against his lips.

His fingers roamed over Tim, marking his skin with handprints, memorizing it. "This belongs to me. Only me. No one else can have it. Not even you. It's mine. You're mine."

Tim whimpered and nodded, pleading.

"Your spit is mine. Your skin. The way you smell." Gibbs kept fucking Tim like an animal, pounding him with savage punctuation. He needed to become one with Tim after months apart. All because of him. He had to fix this. He could feel Tim's nipples rubbed raw against his wet, hairy chest.

'This is what I need. This is who I am.'

Tim reached up, pushing his hands into Gibbs' pepper hair, his long body shaking and grunting with the impacts. Tim was crying and kissing him so hard that one of their lips was bleeding, the coppery taste in both their mouths.

Gibbs rubbed his stubbled face against Tim's smooth jaw, sucking and biting it like a tiger. "Those sounds are mine. Your cum. You can't give it to anyone else."

"Please, Jethro. Please!" Tim's eyes were scorched, the pupils dilated with need; his mouth was loose as he begged with his whole body.

"Say it. Look in my eyes and tell me. Whose is it? You hear? Listen to me." Gibbs could feel a spark in his lower back as his ass hammered at Tim.

Gibbs arched back, bracing one palm in the center of Tim's chest over his thundering heart so he could see everything that he's missed while he was feeling it, memorizing the way Tim's muscles shook with the thrusts and his hair twisted in the cushions, the whole couch creaking as he tried to make them into one thing, one thing, one thing…

"Something is happening. I can't stop—" Tim widened his eyes and spread his arms like he'd been thrown out of a plane, like the ground was rushing to meet him. He didn't touch his hardness. "Agh! What are you doing to me?"

'Loving you. Asking for forgiveness.'

Gibbs felt his balls drawing up, a hard knot at the base of his dick readying the load he needed to put inside Tim. "I'm not gonna leave you anymore. I'm not gonna let you be lonely or hurt or afraid. Ungh. Mmmph. Every part of you is mine, Timmy. All of it."

They slid and slapped against each other. The couch was soaked with sweat. Gibbs braced one leg for purchase so he could push a little closer, get a little deeper. Tim's vein-strapped erection jerked untouched between them, dark with urgency.

"Oh my God, Jethro! I can't—"

Gibbs drove himself into the flexing satin heat and stayed planted, so deep he was sure his hardness was nudging Tim's heart. And it was broken. He felt the slick muscle clamp along his length, milking him and pulling him that tiny bit closer. His arms buckled, and he let his full weight drive him full-length into Tim.

With that, Tim screamed—threw his head back, greedy and groaning and begging as hot spirals of cum splattered between them up to his mouth. His hands dug into Gibbs' flexed back. The smell was everywhere; salt, musk, and the funk of his semen. All Tim. The tang of it filled their mouths so that they could taste it in each other's kiss. Their torsos slid in it, smearing hot together as Tim gulped air and rode the feeling as far as he could, and it was starry heaven.

Gibbs fought his orgasm with everything he had. Still pushed deep and unmoving, he stayed rigid, trying to stop the inevitable, impossible to come. Even if he didn't thrust, he was going to come in Tim's flexing ass. He could feel that ball of lightning at the base of his spine and his hips hunched uncontrollably closer, a half-inch deeper.

At that, Tim's green eyes opened to look right into his ice blue, into him, and that was it.

Gibbs pulled back his full length once and drove his cock one last time into that tight, sweet ring, roaring and nailing Tim to the sofa and turning himself inside out as he tried to get deep enough—just emptying-emptying-emptying everything he had inside Tim where it belonged. Somewhere far away, it felt like Tim was coming again, filled with him.

The room was suddenly quiet. Tim panted and whimpered, his eyes closed. Sweat and semen slid hot between them.

Gibbs felt the room fade back into view around them as his focus on Tim softened, the whole world suddenly phosphoresced. Not even their first time had been like this. His own breath coming in huge gulps as he tried to slow the heart hammering behind his ribs.

A dog barked down the street.

Gibbs shivered. His skin chilled; his stomach knotted. And Tim wasn't looking at him, was actually trying to avoid looking at him. His cock softened and he slid out of Tim, holding the condom awkwardly. He stared at Tim before standing up to throw the used condom away, coming back to Tim curled up, and kneeled beside the couch.*

"Tim?" Nothing. "Tim, look at me?"

Tim continued to stay curled, his eyes shut. His body shivering.


"Are you leaving now?"

The question knocked him back in shock. After what they just did, what that experience felt like, Tim asked him this. He reached forward to smooth Tim's hair that was drying. "No. I'm not leaving. I'm never leaving you again."

Tim's head turned to face him, his eyes opened. And Gibbs saw what he had done to his beautiful lover. He had broken him, broken him so much by leaving not once but twice. Well no more. He was going to fix this and prove to him that he was there and he was going to stay.

"I promise."

Tim's green eyes stared at him, into him, before finally his lips turned up a bit in a small smile that warmed Gibbs' heart.

The End.

A/N: I would NEVER EVER do this, but it was perfect for this story and I had to. I was rereading Hot Head by Damon Suede (great m/m book with both men firefighters) and a scene was perfect. The way it was, was perfect for Tim and Gibbs getting back together. The * marks mark the scene. With a few changes to the apperances, a few omissions, and a few additions to make it work for McGibbs, I used the sex scene word for word.

I apologize if anyone has a problem with that since it's not my own, but I am saying who originally wrote it and like I said...when I reread it I immediately thought about this story and how perfect it was. I would rather do that and give the writer credit than write my own "reunion" sex scene that wouldn't have done their reunion justice. And I'm honest enough to admit that I wouldn't have been able to do those boys justice.

So...PLEASE REVIEW! They're appreciated and I hope you liked the story.

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