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Chapter 1

Lily Turner sauntered along the dock, occasionally nodding to a friend she passed, she was quite aware of the admiring looks bestowed on her by the sailors that lined the dock – they were part of the reason she came this way on her morning walk.

She adjusted her lace parasol to guard her face from the glaring sun and smiled coyly, a mere tip of her full lips, at a staring dock-hand.

Lily looked unbelievably like her mother, Elizabeth, or so everybody told her. She was beautiful, with creamy skin and large, expressive brown eyes framed by long, dark eyelashes, her cheekbones were sculpted and her lips were full and shapely. Her beauty was devastating and she knew it.

However she was not at all like her Mother. Her Mother had brought her and her twin brother Will up alone – they had a Father of course but where he was was a mystery, their Mother would never say – she was not at all sensitive as a Lady should be but seemed to have a number of male friends and didn't fit in with the other ladies in Port Royal, she was quick to anger and to laugh, her spontaneous temperament being another reason she was set apart.

Lily pushed all thoughts of her Mother from her mind as she tossed a chocolate-brown ringlet off of her face.

"Can I help you with something Miss?" It was the dock-hand she'd smiled at, a good-looking young man with raven black hair.

"Oh no, thank you, I am simply walking." She answered, smiling and tipping a slender shoulder. His eyes fell to her exposed collarbone as she did so and then slipped to her breasts before he hurriedly looked back at her face.

"Well you want to be careful Miss, there are rough folk that come to these parts." He said, stepping closer to her, she had to crane her neck slightly to meet his gaze and she did so, looking up at him through her veil of dark lashes.

"Well thank you for your consideration." She said, arching an eyebrow.

"Oh I don't mean to scare you off Miss." He said quickly.

"No." She breathed, "Obviously the people round here aren't all bad."

Lily enjoyed the blush staining his cheeks for a while before waving flirtatiously and walking leisurely back the way she'd come.

She was halfway up the dock when a strangely strong gust of wind tossed the bottom of her dress, Lily frowned slightly – it was the midst of summer and the Caribbean - but kept walking. Gradually the wind grew and all around her people were looking round in puzzlement, Lily turned to see what was going on and her parasol was swept out of her hand just as she noticed a large ship approaching Port Royal. Gasping she picked up her skirts and ran towards it, praying she would get to it before it rolled into the water, she was so focused that she did not see the young man before they had collided and it was too late.

"Oh I beg your pardon." She said, flustered then looked at him when he did not respond. He was well built and tall with proud posture, he wore sailors garb, trousers and a baggy black top that showed off a statuesque physique but the most striking thing about him were his eyes – perfect almonds they were the color of sapphires and they were currently narrowed...at her.

The strange wind picked up again, sending ripples through Lily's long hair and she remembered her parasol just in time to see it roll over the edge of the dock and into the waters.

"No!" She complained, running to the side and leaning over to see if she could still save it.

"No point." She turned around at the deep voice and saw the youth she'd bumped into leaning casually against a pole.

His dismissal (as well as his lack of apology) irked her and she tossed her hair, turning back to the task at hand. She was sure the parasol was within her reach, she leaned over a little more, reaching out a hand and straining but she could only just touch it. She shuffled forwards slightly and leaned over further when she saw the ship again – huge with black sails – it surely couldn't have moved that fast! Just as she thought that a particularly strong gust of wind took her by surprise and made her lose her footing, she was just about to tumble into the water when she felt a strong arm catch her by the waist and hoist her back to land.

"Are you stupid?" The young man asked bluntly as he abruptly let her go.

Lily's mouth opened in surprise and she smoothed her hair somewhat shakily.

"No I am not." She replied indignantly and he rolled his eyes, she noticed his brown hair was tied back in a loose ponytail as he scornfully turned his head.

Footsteps made them both look round to see the boy she'd flirted with before running up to them.

"Are you alright Miss?" He asked earnestly, "You were almost in the drink!"

Lily placed a consoling hand on his arm,

"I am fine, thank you for your concern." She said, giving him her prettiest smile and then looking pointedly at the young man who'd saved her – that was how young men should behave.

"Well I'm right glad. And – and if you ever fancy a walk up this way again just ask for Toby and I'll see you come to no harm." He said, beaming at her.

"Thank you Toby, I'll be sure to." She replied and he hurried away.

She looked askance at the other young man to see if he was jealous but he merely looked bored, Lily suppressed frown with difficulty, it was all very odd. She really should leave, she thought, but something about the abnormality of his behavior fascinated her and she found she couldn't turn away.

She cleared her throat and he looked at her.
"Oh I do hope you haven't caught cold from your brief encounter with the great outdoors." He said sarcastically, crossing his arms. Lily, caught by surprise, could only stare at his rudeness before straightening up.

"No. I was merely hoping to absolve the awkwardness of the situation as you seemed unwilling to contribute." She snapped.

"And what made you think you had to stick around to absolve it?" He asked, his voice rough. Lily once again was momentarily lost for words – was he mad?

"Decency I suppose." She countered angrily and he laughed shortly.

"Ah yes because you rich people have that by the bucket load don't you? You haven't even thanked me for saving your life." He said, never losing his casual demeanor.

"Well there wasn't much room to in-between you calling me an idiot and Toby expressing his heartfelt concern but, if it makes you feel better, thank you very much." She retorted, injecting as much sarcasm into her thanks as humanly possible.

To her surprise he laughed and shook his head slowly, causing several strands of hair to fall into his face.

"You people never can admit you're wrong." He said and Lily stepped closer to him.

"You do not know me yet you are very quick to judge, sir." She said, trying to control her rising temper.

All at once he stopped laughing and straightened up to his full height, Lily's breath caught as she realized just how much bigger he was than her and she went to draw back but he gripped her arm roughly.

"Maybe after you've seen one spoilt little rich girl you've seen them all." He growled and released his hold on her arm, walking quickly away.

Lily put a delicate hand to her arm where he'd held her and sighed with frustration before turning on her heel and hurrying back home – somehow her appetite for the 'great outdoors' had been depleted.

Elizabeth had been standing on the balcony when the wind had picked up, an unnatural type – she'd thought at the time and now she was sure – she'd felt it mess her hair from side to side and billow her dress, it had been as if nature was bestowing to her again the breath that her damned corset had taken away. She had closed her eyes and leaned into it, even reached out a hand to touch it; it felt like freedom.

Shortly after her daughter Lily had returned from her usual walk all of a flutter over some argument she'd had with a sailor, typical, the part of her story that interested Elizabeth was the bit in which she described a majestic ship; a ship with black sails.

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