This Means War!

A FanFic by Brahian

Chapter 38: Epilogue

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"So then, Filch just shook his fist and yelled, 'I'll get you for this, you darned kids!'"

Albus laughed at the story he'd just told them.

"Man, I wish I was there to see it!" he said.

"I saw it," said Lily, angrily. "It wasn't worth it." She had been in the bathroom whenever the Dungbomb exploded.

"What are we talking about?" asked Ginny, entering the room.

James held a finger up to his mouth.

"Nothing," said Albus.

"James set a Dungbomb in the girls' loo," said Lily.

Ginny glared at James.

"Hey, calm down," said James. "Haven't we had enough excitement for one year?"


"Do you, Edward Cullen, accept Bella Swan as your wife in matrimony? Do you promise to love her, and express that love by staring at her, in unsickness and in unhealthy, for sparklier or less sparkly, for bad or for worst, in sadness and in angst, in undeath and in re-death, for as long as you both shall not-live-but-still-sort-of-be-alive-for-all-of-eternity?" asked Alice.

"Oh, can we just skip this?" she suddenly shouted. "I don't need to see the future to know you're both gonna say yes!" Alice noticed her outburst and took a deep breath. "Continue."

"I do," said Edward.

"Do you, Bella Swan, accept Edward as bla bla bla all those other things?"

"I do," said Bella.

"I now pronounce you count and countess."

Edward and Bella leaned forward and kissed.

"RENEESME!" shouted Jacob over the various "AAAAAAWWWWW!"s and "EEEEEEEEWWWWW!"s of the vampire crowd.

"I can't stand to wait any longer! I've hidden my love for you for long enough! Will you go out with me?"

"Took you long enough," said Reneesme. "I was beginning to think you wouldn't ask for all of eternity."

"Guys," said Bella. "This isn't the time. I haven't even thrown the dead flowers yet!"

Reneesme zoomed over and grabbed the dead bouquet from her hands, then zoomed back to her seat.

"But you have! I already caught them!"


This is what happened. At least, that's what my memories say. But sometimes I feel like there's a gap in my memories, and no matter how much I try to remember, it won't come back. But I can't help but feeling there was something else behind this adventure. Something much moreā€¦ sinister.

Max looked at the last paragraph of her fourth book, which she was writing on Fang's computer. Then, suddenly, she highlighted the paragraph and clicked 'delete'.

You're doing the right thing, said the Voice. Patterson, and the readers for that matter, don't need to know that.


"Here it is," said Octavian, pointing into a large clump of teddy bear stuffing. "Four shall come together under spoils of war,"

"Wait," said Annabeth. "What happened to 'Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians alike?'"

"What are you talking about?" asked Rachel.

"When we went to pick up Esa," said Annabeth, "You started a prophecy. One that started with, 'Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians alike.'"

"Oh, that," said Apollo, suddenly appeared behind her. "That's another story."

Apollo's Note: ;)