It's been ten years since Gamma and Smith split off from Elwood and Wolfina. It took Elwood about three years to gather all the rings of the dead he needed to bring his sister back to life. During that time Wolfina found that she was growing attached to Elwood in more ways than one. After dating for several years they got married. It was a day both of them would cherish forever. Even Gamma and Smith showed up, and despite Smith beating him at poker 10 times in a row they all had fun. Wolfina got pregnant about 2 years later and gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The girl was named Rose after her mother's favorite flower, and the boy was named Gamma, after the man who changed his father's life. They named Angelle and Gamma as the godparents. As the family huddles together the new parents can only silently thank the Gamma for everything he did for this to happen.

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