Running. My feet hitting the sharp jagged ground at a alarming pace.

I had to keep running. My legs were killing me, my head felt like it weighted hundred pounds, my pulse was pumping extremely to high, my vision was becoming cloudy and all I could think about was to keep running.

I could hear him behind me, chasing, gaining ground on me. I couldn't let him catch me, I couldn't go back to that...life.

I was getting closer and closer to the more crowded part of the town. I had only been here once and the was only passing through. I just needed one person to notice me, help me, and most importantly believe me.

"Stop her!" He yelled behind me as I flew past some diners eating outside on a patio. "Stop her!"

Actually hearing his voice, knowing he really was hot on my tail, I somehow ran faster. My feet were bleeding now from all the rocks I was pounding my soles onto. I wasn't going to stop but I felt my limit was about to be reached.

As I made it to the only hotel in the town, I ran in, located and headed straight for the elevator. Ignoring all the people screaming and trying to get my attention. I still hear him screaming for someone to stop me.

Right before the doors connected I saw his face, he was pissed. Of course, he was.

I slammed my hand into the emergency button, bringing it to a sudden stop and jolting me onto the floor. I welcomed the coldness of the square tiles against my over heated skin.

I was breathing erratically and could feel myself being pulled into blackness by something I didn't have the strength to fight. It was so strong that all I could do was close my eyes and pray this wasn't my end to my story.

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