Wishful thinking.

I thought this part of the plan would be easy. Talk to someone, tell them my story, and be saved. I was wrong. So very wrong.

This man, whose name he told me was Edward, carried me to one of the couches in the lobby and sat me down. He smelled so good...clean. Fresh was not a scent I was used to being around. Rotten, moldy, just plain dirty was what I was more used to in what had become my everyday life.

Being in his arms was confusingly comforting; like nothing in the world could possibly harm me. I didn't understand this feeling but hoped I could hang on to it. His bright green eyes were soft with concern as he sat and placed my feet in his lap to examine.

In the back of my mind I was wondering why Marcus had not made himself known yet but I was sure it wouldn't be long. He was most definitely not going to simply walk away, that would mean the end of him as well as me. Hopefully when the time came this Edward would protect me even thought he didn't know me at all.

"Good god, how did this happen to your feet?" He exclaimed a little louder than probably necessary. It caused me to jerk my feet out of his lap but he grabbed my ankles not letting me go. "I'm sorry, your soles look really bad. I'm going to need my bag to clean them up. Let's go up and I can get you cleaned up."

"Your bag?" Oh, great. This would fricking happen to me; run away from one hell hole, literally, and then only to get kidnapped by some man trying to appear to be a good samaritan. He made me feel safe but not that safe. No way! "Umm..no that's...um..."

He cut me off. "I told you I wouldn't hurt you and I meant it. I only want to help but if your afraid, maybe we can have one of the hotel staff accompany us."

I could feel my mind wanting to flashback to another time when someone I didn't know brought me into a room alone but I wouldn't let myself go there. I needed to stay in the here and now; the present.

"A woman, perhaps, should that make you more agreeable." He pleaded with me not only with his words but also his expressive eyes once again.

I wanted to snort in his face and tell him it really didn't matter the gender of the person. Everyone has the capacity for pure evil in them. Some more than others, I suppose. Again, it was hard to stop the images from not to long ago from flashing in my mind.

The present...here and now.

A woman who I didn't know stepped forward from the small crowd standing around us. She spoke to Edward as if I wasn't there, something that I am very familiar with.

"Hay algo que pueda hacer?" Is there anything I can do? She was a friendly enough looking woman and the tone of her voice was soft but, once again, I knew that didn't matter either.

He looked at me once again. "What do you say? Will you come with me? She is offering to help you just as I am. I promise I will not let anything happen to you while you are with me."

While I was with him...did that mean he would simply tend to my feet and then send me on my way? I couldn't let that happen. I decided I was once again going to put my trust out there and see if it come back in my face. I did know that there was a reason Marcus had not come forward yet and maybe that reason was Edward's presence beside me. I was going to stay with Edward as long as I could.

"Okay." I said as he turned back towards the woman.

" Sí, gracias. ¿Puedes venir con nosotros a mi habitación para que pueda limpiar sus heridas?" Yes, thank you. Can you come with us to my room so I may clean her wounds?

Even though I have been in Mexico for a long time, I still did not understand the language at all. I just hope that the faith that I had placed in Edward would be worth it in the end.

"I am going to pick you up again. I do not want you walking on those feet anymore than necessary, alright?"

I nodded my acceptance as he stood and reached down to put me in his strong arms. I reveled in his scent once more as I laid my tired head against his shoulder. I noticed when I did this how his hold on me tighten. The woman was walking beside us towards a set of stairs in the corner of the room. She would glance at me every couple of seconds but it wasn't making me feel exposed like you would have thought. She was looking at me like my mother used to when I was younger and injured. It's was comforting to feel like someone had that much compassion to truly care for someone they didn't know.

I closed my eyes as we made our way up the staircase. The gentle rocking of my body caused by Edward's soft steps caused my eyelids to feel extremely heavy. There in his arms I found again that feeling of safety I had earlier. I couldn't have open my eyes if I wanted to.

A huge man I had never seen walked into the room where Alice and me where preparing dinner. I glanced at one of the guards by the other door before returning my gaze to the mystery man. It's was odd that someone other than us girls to be in the kitchen.

Alice walked over to me grabbing my hand as we both stared at this intruder. The kitchen was the one place, the only place, that we had to feel somewhat safe. Nothing ever happened in the kitchen. We were left alone in here to simply cook, probably because the people here were more concerned with their three meals than what they did to us. They wouldn't interrupt their feeding times, stupid animals.

"Turn off the burners and come with me." The man spoke with boom making there no room for argument, as if we would. We were not stupid and had been here a long time, we knew how things worked. "Now!"

We did as we were told and once again entwined hands with each other. We followed the man out into the hallway as he lead us to the living room that was lit with dozens of candles.

He instructed us to strip out of the shirts and underwear we were wearing, it was all we were ever allowed to wear when we were not naked. He walked over to two of tall slim candles, picking it up and handing them to me. He then striped himself and sat on the love seat in the middle, leaving us standing before him.

He started stoking his already hard manhood as he spoke. "Put them out on her nipples." He demanded.

I hesitated while I looked at Alice with tears in my eyes. There was nothing I could do but do it. We both knew the consequences were extremely worst than this. She nodded with her own tears in her dull blue eyes.

I figured the quicker I did it, the less it would hurt but I couldn't get my hands to work. This was my best friend. She was like my sister. All I had left.

"Now or I can go get Caius. Take your pick slut!" He shouted at me.

Alice didn't give me a chance to think about it though, she grabbed my wrists and did it for me.


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