I don't own JAG.

A short JAG oneshot. Trying to decide if I want to make it into a story. What do you think?

Harmon Rabb, Jr. watched Sarah MacKenzie's face from the next cart over. Her eye's were narrowed, her body slightly tensed, and she was chewing on her bottom lip. She was completely focused. And Harm found her adorable. Suddenly she sped ahead of him.

"Goooo, Uncle Harm," a small voice urged.

Harm quickly pressed the accelerator, sending his go-cart flying into action. A squeal of delight came from his pint sized passenger. Harm steered expertly, barely braking for bends in the track. By the time Harm had done his allotted laps and pulled over, Mac was already out of her go-cart, with her helmet off. She walked over to his go-cart and propped her arms on the top bar, leaning down to casually look at the passengers.

"Next time I'm gonna ride with Aunt Sarah," little A.J. pouted, "She really knows how to drive."

Mac laughed, "That's right A.J.! Stick with me."

Harm scowled slightly, making Mac laugh more. Hiding her face from Harm, Mac helped A.J. out of the go-cart. She slid off his helmet.

"Did you have fun, A.J.?" She asked.

"Yeah… I woulda had more fun if I'd been driving with you." A.J. looked up at Mac, dropping his voice to a whisper, he added, "Uncle Harm doesn't drive that fast."

The boy's eyes darted over to Harm. Harm and Mac shared a smile over A.J.'s head.

"Well, A.J., why don't we go have our picnic with your Mom, Dad and James, and then I'll take you for a spin around the course. How's that sound?" Mac asked A.J.

A.J.'s face lit up, "Yay!" He ran up the hill to the picnic area.

After watching A.J. until he arrived at his parents blanket, Harm turned around and caught Mac around the waist.

"So, Mac, I demand a rematch."

"Ooh no! I beat you fair and square, Flyboy."

"That wasn't fair! I had to be careful because I had A.J. with me. And you distracted me!"

Mac laughed, "Distracted you? How? I think you are just making excuses!"

"You just looked so cute, in that helmet, all focused, biting your lip." Harm's voice trailed off as his eyes fell to Mac's lips. Mac laughed again, blushing slightly under his intent gaze. She tucked a strand of hair behind one ear.

"Race you to the picnic!" Mac called over her shoulder as she took off up the hill.