A/N: I watched The Phantom of the Opera all the way through for the first time last night and I was rather displeased with how it ended. I also was pounced on by a rabid plot bunny with Deunan's probable reaction to the movie and had to share. x-posted to Appleseed Stuff Community on LJ. Still don't own Appleseed, but I do have some fun things coming in I bought on ebay! Thanks to Other Half for looking this over for me.

"That movie sucked!" Deunan declared as soon as the trio moved beyond earshot of Hitomi's house.

"Including or not including the fact that it was a musical?" Briareos asked flippantly, intimately familiar with his girl's general and vocal dislike of 'girly' movies.

Tereus looked at the couple in confusion. "It was an old movie, but The Phantom of the Opera is regarded as a timeless classic. It's still critically acclaimed and that many people can't be all wrong."

"Fine," the blonde clarified with a withering look at the bioroid, "the ending sucked! I mean, what the hell? The girl runs off with the pretty boy she hasn't seen since she was seven instead of staying with the guy who looked after her, taught her, and loved her for, like, ten years! On top of that, she even went and gave him a glimmer of hope that she would stay with him only to hand him her ring, then run off singing how she and pretty boy are going to love each other forever! What a stupid, fucking cock teasing bitch!"

Briareos chuckled as he put an arm around her and pulled her close. "What about the part where he was killing people to get what he wanted?"

"He lived his whole life in seclusion! He didn't know any better! And if the stupid excuse of a girl had gone with the man who really loved her to begin with, he wouldn't have had to kill people!" Deunan carried on loudly, making her displeasure known.

"I'm feeling rather uncomfortable at the moment," Tereus offered quietly.

That got the blonde's attention and she stopped ranting to look at their companion before asking: "Why?"

"Deunan, are you with me because you're actually in love with Tereus and I threatened to kill him unless you stayed with me?" Still chuckling, the cyborg had a pretty good idea that the bioroid's discomfort came from drawing parallels between the characters in the movie and their little group.

"What? Hell no!" the lone female pulled back in surprise. After a moment she laughed, seeing what her man was saying. Reaching over, she patted the bioroid on the arm. "No offense, Tereus, but you're just not my type."

"Oh really?" Briareos asked drily, unable to resist the teasing opportunity.

Turning to slap the cyborg on the arm, Deunan gave him a mocking glare. "While they may have copied your hot body, they can't duplicate the part of you I find sexy, and I mean your personality, dumb ass." She added the last part before the cyborg could make any remarks about his attributes.

"Okay, okay," Briareos held up his hands in defeat before catching his girl again. "Then why don't we drop off the pretty boy so he can get his beauty sleep and then you and I can go home and make our own ending to the movie."

Tereus buried his face in one hand, "I can still hear you, by the way."

"Sorry, but at least you've been warned not to call!" Deunan said cheerfully, her mood shifting considerably with her man's proposal.

"Duly noted." The bioroid muttered, glad to leave the couple, and their increasingly heated glances at each other, at the next street.