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Chapter 53

Callie's POV:

Finally scrubbing out of surgery, I look to the clock. …just after 8 pm. I am still feeling flustered from Arizona's little power play earlier. …the most unethical thing I have ever done, but god I was so turned on. Something about Arizona taking control, showing me what I really want does things to me that shouldn't be allowed. I am putty in her hands…strong, dexterous hands. I find my body reacting just thinking about those hands. …addicted, that's what I am. I am addicted to that woman. She can read me better than anyone I have ever met. She knows when no means no, and when my no means yes. …like any other drug, she'll either kill me or drive me crazy.

After doing some post ops, I decide to take another hit of my drug of choice. When I get to Arizona's room I can hear a roar of laughter from behind the closed door. …who would be visiting her? I knock on the door.

"Yeah!" Arizona calls between her own laughing.

I push the door open and find most of Arizona's team. Mark and George are occupying the two chairs in the room, and Teddy is sitting cross legged at the foot of Arizona's bed. All four of them are wearing huge grins.

The new arrivals greet me with a round of "Hey!" I smile at them all and give them alittle wave.

"What are you all doing here? Not bothering my star patient are you?" I ask playfully.

Teddy chokes on her piece of pizza. "Star patient? I know you aren't talking about Z, here. She was the worst patient I ever had." She nudges Arizona's leg playfully.

I walk to the right side of her bed as Arizona replies "You don't offer sex for good behavior." At this both Mark and George choke on their own pizza and they all erupt in laughter. Arizona then pulls me down to her lips for a kiss. "Hey…"

I pull back and smile, oblivious to our audience, seeing only the object of my desire "Hey yourself…"

"Ok, get a room." Teddy interrupts.

"This is our room. Broke it in earlier today in fact." Arizona replies to Teddy while sending a wink my way causing me to break out in a blush. …my first time in a patient's room…

Trying to get the subject away from me and my lack of ethics I ask "What is this?" I gesture to the small pile of pizza boxes.

"Dinner." Mark says through a mouthful of pizza.

"Arizona is supposed to be having ONLY healthy hospital prepared food." I give Arizona a stare.

"If you want to kill me, you're going to have to figure out some other way. But I am NOT eating that crap. …I suggest sex…try to kill me through lots and lots of sex." She says before taking a bite of her own piece. Seeing that I am still not playing she continues "Oh, come on Calliope. …Its really good. You know you want a piece…"

I am hungry…ok I'm starved. I end up caving and grabbing a piece. I go out to the nurses' station and steal one of their chairs and wheel it in to the room. The five of us have our own party. It's comfortable, they accept me and I can see why Arizona feels so strongly about them. Even Teddy who is actually newer to the group than I am. We spend the next few hours catching up. When I entertain them with a reenactment of Arizona waking up from recovery, I'm sure I'll have to steal a few oxygen tanks, no one in the room could breathe. Five set of eyes are wet with tears of laughter, Geoffrey the stuffed giraffe is being thrown around from person to person which just causes more outbursts of laughter.

Finally, we all calm down, everyone exhausted from the effort of all that laughing. Mark is the first one to speak.

"So I got a call today from one of your sponsors." He says, directing it to Arizona.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, they said they would pay you big bucks if you ride another season."

Arizona is fidgeting with her giraffe, trying not to appear interested in the offer but I know she is. "It's got to be a whole hell of a lot for me to even consider postponing my retirement" she says, only halfway playing.

"Two Million." He says flatly.

Every person in the room freezes, Arizona's eyes darting to her agents. "T…T-two? Million?" Mark just nods. "Which sponsor?"

"A small one…" Mark pauses letting the words sink in. "Imagine what we could get from Monster or Red Bull…hell, Ford wants a piece of you!"

Arizona just shakes her head slowly. I can see her wheels moving, counting, adding, figures being pulled up. …two million dollars? Jesus…no wonder she could buy that property like it was nothing. She's got to have more money than I do.

I break the tension, "Mark….are you asking Arizona to ride another season?" …I never liked him.

"I'm not asking anything, I'm just giving her the facts. The facts are…she is hot right now. Red hot. Surface of the sun, hot! We could put her face on a fucking bumper sticker and be millionaires. People work their whole life and wish to be half as known as she is. And she just walked away." Marks emotions taking the better of him, seeing all his hard work go down the drain.

"She didn't walk away. She retired…she needed to…"

"No, Callie. She walked away. And she walked away because of you."

"Alright! …Alright. Enough." Arizona cuts into the argument. "Look, it's late. I'm sure visiting hours are over and I'm pretty beat." Everyone agrees and goes about cleaning up and take their leave.

"We'll come back tomorrow." Teddy says before she follows the other guys out.

I move to sit on the side of Arizona's bed. She keeps her eyes on the giraffe, still fidgeting with it. I keep my eyes trained on her. We sit like this for ten minutes. Both lost in our thoughts of Arizona's possible future….about our possible future.

Arizona is the one to speak first "Callie…we need to talk."

I knew it.

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